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Hitachi HiFi


  • Hitachi HiFi 1980-1981

    ACT-M2 mkII, D-22S MKII, D-3300M, D-35S, D-45S, D-5500M, D-85S, D-90S, FT-3400, FT-4400, FT-8000, FT-8000DB, HA-2700, HA-3700, HA-4700, HA-5700, HA-7700, HA-8700, HCA-6500, HCA-7500 mkII, HD-3, HD-S5, HD-S7, HD-S9, HGE-6500, HMA-6500, HMA-7500 mkII, HMA-9500 mkII, HS-1, HS-210, HS-25G, HS-3, HS-30G, HS-310, HS-33, HS-330 mkII, HS-430, HS-55, HS-630, HS-90F, HT-324, HT-40S, HT-41S, HT-60S, HT-6M, HT-860, HT-R10, HTA-7000, LA-50, LA-V4700, LA-V50, RM-1000, SDT-1000M, SDT-2000M, SDT-900M, SR-2010, SR-4010, SR-6010, System 1, System 2, System 3, System 4, System 5, System 6, System 7, System 8, UCM-10, UCM-8W, UDM-5

    Year: 1980-1981

  • Hitachi HiFi 1983-1984

    D-2200M, D-E1, D-E2, D-E3, D-E7, D-E99, D-MC50, D-MD1, D-MD5, D-RV7, D-W700, DA-1000, DA-800, ET-1100, FT-1, FT-2, FT-5500, FT-MD5, HA-1, HA-2, HA-6, HA-MD5, HCA-8500 mkII, HD-3, HD-M3, HD-S5, HD-S7, HGE-1100, HGE-2100, HGE-G2, HMA-8500 mkII, HMA-G2, HS-2, HS-20F, HS-3, HS-30F, HS-40F, HS-50F, HS-70F, HS-E1, HS-G2, HS-MD1, HS-W1, HT-1, HT-2, HT-500, HT-G2, HT-L303, HT-L33, HT-L5, HT-L55, HTA-2, HTA-3F, HTA-MD1, HTD-G2, LA-V1, System 1, System 2, System G2, System MD1, System MD5

    Year: 1983-1984



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