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Hitachi TRK-5280

Stereo Radio Cassette Recorder (1977-78)

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Hitachi TRK-5280


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Reviewed Jan 15th, 2019 by maniacminer

Very solid deck from the late 70s - good transport with a large flywheel giving consistent recordings. There's plenty of volume from the 2x3.5W RMS amplifiers, a perfect kitchen stereo (where mine came from) a quasi-expanded sound is on by default, an interesting effect that makes the unit sound much larger than it is.

My childhood stereo, it sat in my parent's cupboard for years, I was asked if I wanted it. Of course, it was stuffed in the cupboard after the tape deck died (belts disintegrated) and the tuner stopped tuning (tuning cord snapped)

I was its last chance, so I thought I'd give it a go. I bought the Service Manual, replaced the tuning cord using the very handy diagram and then replaced the belts, sorted the motor (if it runs fast, put the motor onto a bench supply and feed it increasing voltage until the motor suddenly slows - then it's fine) the stereo indicator is a small incandescent lamp.

To remove everything you'll need a soldering iron just to remove the wires as some parts are soldered, others are push-on connectors.

Clean the tuning indicator track and re-lubricate with silicone grease as when this stuff went hard it snapped the tuning cord when someone tried to go over a stubborn area. General lubrication of the cassette mechanism got it working as smoothly as when it left the factory.

To completely clean and service this radio/cassette takes about three hours. If you find one, give it a chance, it's got a good sound, good tuner and a good tape deck.



re: TRK-5280

My childhood stereo as well! TRK-5280RW is my model. Took it from my older cousins around 1988 when I was 11, they wanted to throw it away. My father payed good money for a thorough service back then. I used to repair it myself until the mid 1990s. Kept it stored until now, I remember that it used to sound really good. I was impressed that I could record my voice in stereo! Good radio reception as well. It now needs a new tuning cord, I repaired it 25 years ago using some addon pieces of string but it snapped again. Sadly, I can't figure out the original length. The spring has lost its original tension, I guess that if I shorten the cord length by a few mm in will work again. Any help concerning the proper length will be gladly accepted! I also need to change the belts, one of them has turned into hard plastic and snapped.

Edit: I managed to repair the cord, the length is about 70cm. Now I need to find new belts...

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