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Kenwood Spectrum Series


  • Kenwood Spectrum Series 1987

    AT-55, AT-56, DP-460, DP-560, DP-860, GE-36, GE-46, GE-56, GE-76, JL-355, JL-655, JL-755, JL-955AV, KA-36, KA-56, KA-76, KC-106, KC-206, KD-26R, KD-36R, KD-56R, KD-76F, KM-106, KM-206, KT-36, KT-56, KT-76, KX-36W, KX-46C, KX-56CW, KX-56W, KX-66CW, KX-66W, KX-96W, LS-P9000X, LSK-310, LSK-510, LSK-710, RA-56, S-3X, SC-75, SRC-36, SRC-56, SRC-76, SRC-96AV, SS-96

    Year: 1987

  • Kenwood Spectrum Series 1991

    CM-01, DP-491, DP-M991, DP-R791, DP-R891, GE-291, GE-49, GE-891, JL-411, JL-611, JL-711, JL-911AV, KA-59, KA-691, KA-891, KC-991, KD-291R, KD-491F, KH-1000, KH-3000, KH-5000, KH-535, KH-757, KH-959, KH-D9, KM-991, KRX-591, KRX-891, KT-591S, KX-W59CW, KX-W791, KX-W891, LS-P7300, LS-P9300, LSK-333, LSK-535, MC-31, MC-51E, RA-59, SRC-411M, SRC-611M, SRC-711M, SRC-911M, SS-79

    Year: 1991

  • Kenwood Spectrum Series 1992

    CM-01, DP-492, DP-M5540, DP-R792, GE-292, GE-891, JL-422AV, JL-722AV, JL-922AV, KA-59, KA-892, KC-992, KD-291R, KM-992, KRX-792, KT-592S, KX-59CW, KX-W892, LSK-343, LSK-545, LSP-7300, LSP-9300, MX-500, SRC-411M, SRC-722M, SRC-922M, SS-592, SS-992

    Year: 1992



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