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KLH Twenty

Stereo Audio System (1965-67)

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KLH Twenty


The KLH Model Twenty is a newly developed, high-performance stereophonic music system.

It offers, in a compact and tasteful format, the basis of a complete home entertainment center.

It is scaled to fit into any living room, including one in which space is too limited for a conventional console or sound system.

And it is designed to provide, both initially and after many years of use, a level of performance far beyond any limits suggested by its size and price.


Type: Music Centre

Formats: tuner, turntable

Year: 1965


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Reviewed Jan 02nd, 2019 by nnicola

The KLH Model 20 was my introduction to hi-fidelity music systems in 1968. I loved it until I heard a neighbors AR turntable, Marantz receiver, AR3 loudspeaker system. Then I was able hear it's flaws. But for the money, the Model 20 sounded better than many component systems at the time costing far more.



JLPessell's picture

re: Twenty

I picked up a pair of Model 20 speakers (along with some others) at an estate auction last month. It took a little while to find an adapter for connecting speaker wire the the RCA plug on the speaker, but once I did, they sound great. They also cleaned up pretty nice since they are a real wood veneer instead of vinyl over particle board.

Sooty.star's picture

re: Twenty

Hi found this at an estate sale in upstate NY haven't played with it yet though. Have some Liquid cooled acoustic speakers at attach it to. A "person" ended up with the entire cabinet unit.

re: Twenty

I got me a Model 20 :) But it didn't come with the speakers. Can anyone recommend a speaker solution for it? Should I just get RCA to speaker-wire adapters and use any ol' pair?

re: Twenty

Where are you located? I just cleaned up a pair in Philadelphia that are looking for a home.

re: Twenty

You should be able to find a standard set KLH Model Twenty speakers on craigslist or eBay. There's an alternate set of KLH Model Twenty speakers - the KLH Model Twenty Tulip Base speakers that look really cool. These are harder to find but you'll occasionally see them listed on eBay.

If you like speakers that are designed by Henry Kloss, the K in KLH, you could look for a pair of Cambridge SoundWorks Model Six speakers. You can find Model Six speakers on craigslist or eBay. I've never used Model Six speakers with a KLH Model Twenty. [ I have used them with a Harman Kardon HK 3250 receiver. ] You'll need an RCA to speaker wire adapter to use Model Six speakers. Cambridge SoundWorks Model Six Speaker System Review is an extremely thorough review. http://www.hifi-classic.net/review/cambridge-soundworks-model-six-547.html

I've been a huge Henry Kloss fan since I grew up listening to records on a KLH Model Twenty with a pair of KLH Model Twenty speakers.

KLH Model 20 Plus

I am looking for the owner's manual for the KLH Model 20 PLUS. Does anyone out there have one?

By the way, thank you very much for the schematic - I have been looking for that for some time.

re: Twenty

Thank you very much. I have been searching for a readable scan of this for a long time. I have the AM/FM version of the KLH Model 20 and documentation is almost non-existent.

re: Twenty

Hello, I too just found a model twenty KLH receiver. were you able to locate a user manual for this one?

new to the forum and pleased there is a resource such as this.


karodimitrov's picture

re: Twenty

HI.I am user of this website like you.When i looking for something i go to LIbrary, then find the brand then find the model and...what is there.If something is missing-so it is not uploaded.If i have some information,like all others users-I will answer you or upload what you needs.If you can help me-suppose-
you'll do the same.Everything is free.Everything is collegial.Now I will look for a user manual of KLH.

re: Twenty

Do you know where I could get the KLH model 20 regular manual? Not the schematic manual.

re: KLH Model Twenty paperwork

I bought a Model Twenty complete with consecutively numbered matching speakers today, which included the User Manual, salesman's brochure; instructions for installing the optional dust cover; instructions for ''using the stylus gauge"; and instructions for "Setting up the Model Twenty."

When I get my crap together, I will scan all this stuff and share it here. :)

Hopefully - sooner rather than later. :)

re: KLH Model Twenty paperwork

I uploaded all this stuff today. :-)

Oh, the speakers are NOT consecutively numbered, but within about 20 or so.

re: KLH Model Twenty paperwork

Thank you, I picked up a FM only 20 w/Garrard today at a g'sale. Needs a new needle maybe a new cartridge.


re: KLH Model Twenty paperwork

please do, i just bought a beautiful one that has a bum left channel. i'm still not sure what all the bells and whistles do...
thanks in advance!
update: i opened it up and found a few surprises. most of the wiring is crimped to pins on the board, and most of these were loose, a couple completely detached. i went through and tightened them all, and that fixed the bum left channel. i also had an issue with the treble pot becoming un-ganged, so that turning the knob only adjusted one side. i found out i could adjust the other side by turning the nylon slot in the bottom, and that by applying pressure from the bottom, both would turn together. after some consideration, i macgyvered something with a rod cap and a metal hole plug that would keep pressure on the nylon bottom while still allowing it to turn.

re: KLH Model Twenty paperwork

Just remember to have the units serviced, because after 50 years the whole system has age related deterioration now.
The main unit - amp needs capacitors etc, the changer needs overhaulling and new lubrication, new rubber, along with the new stylus.
The speakers - lose their suspension seals, and need recoating.

Of the several that came into my shop, ALL were in need of service, and I'm sure yours will be no exception - unless of course it has recently been properly serviced.

re: KLH Model Twenty paperwork

oddly enough, mine doesn't appear to have been serviced in ages, yet performs like a champ. it does give me a womp-womp sound when i turn it up loud, and i'm guessing that's the 2 big orange capacitors, although they don't appear to be leaking. any help with what to replace them with would be appreciated. i may look into recapping the speakers, but i'm not sure it's necessary.

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