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Luxman R-115

Digital Synthesized AM/FM Stereo Receiver (1990)

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Luxman R-115


Tuning range: FM, MW

Power output: 70 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo)

Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz

Total harmonic distortion: 0.03%

Input sensitivity: 2.5mV (MM), 150mV (line)

Signal to noise ratio: 82dB (MM), 100dB (line)

Speaker load impedance: 8Ω to 16Ω

Video Connections: composite

Dimensions: 438 x 139 x 424mm

Weight: 11.6kg

Accessories: RR-115 remote control


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Reviewed Apr 21st, 2019 by sam08861

I have this and also it's big brother, the R-117. Amazing pre-section, and very full and smooth sound. Best deal in audio!
Same lightning, just a little less thunder!

Reviewed Oct 28th, 2018 by Rshawba

I love this receiver.
It has great basic features, power and sound quality.
I just wired up in my 2nd R-115 tonight into the stereo system and moved the old one to use as an amplifier in another system.
I use mine for their amplifier section even though the rest of the features still work perfectly after 30 years.
The sound is absolutely wonderful and tonally balanced with tons of detail, clarity and natural bass.
Maybe the sound is not as sweet as the 70's silver Luxman's but is virtually indistinsguishable when played side by side. I;ve compared it to a R-1120 and the twice as powerful R-1120 is probably better to my ears but barely so..
Not as powerful as its bigger R-117 brother, but unless you need 160wpc and 4.5 db of headroom to stomp your speakers righteously, then the R-115 is just as good.
For a remote controlled receiver this has probably not been beat since the late 1980's and early 90's.
I may buy a 3rd one just to store for spare parts someday because the Lux R-115 may be the last 2 channel stereo receiver I ever need!!
I wish they made good basic gear like this still (that's affordable)

Reviewed Dec 01st, 2015 by kw1999

This receiver is a MONSTER! It has so much power and sounds fantastic!



re: R-115 PN For Speaker and Protection Relay

Would anyone have a part number or cross reference for the speaker relay and protection releay? I believe mine is starting to go south, I'm really not a believer of just cleaning the contacts as I figure will I'm in this far already might as well replace w/ new


re: R-115

I have a dualcs5000 i connect... To m'y r115 , and i have no Sound ,i connected the ground and the two Cable in the phono input of m'y recv, and have nô sound, i check the stylus its seems to Be ok .....Any ideal. Plus i have an antenna connectedin the 75ohm input, i can ear at very high level. Some sound. But very low......any ideal

re: R-115 hookup to TV, help!

We have recently resurrected our Luxman receiver R-115. We have an LG, LED flatscreen TV.
Is it possible to hook the TV straight into the receiver to hear the sound through the speakers connected to the receiver? I have tried several configurations but with no luck. We did connect into the REC in/out red and white plugs and then put the other end into the headphone jack on the back of the TV but the sound is not good and cannot be controlled by the Luxman only by the TV.
Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

re: R-115 hookup to TV, help!

You'll need to identify a fixed, line-level audio output from either your TV set or the signal source component (cable or sat TV box, DVD/Blu-ray player, etc.).

Connecting to a fixed audio output on the TV is probably better, as you can use the same receiver input for all of your sources (cable, DVD, etc).

If you connect to the audio outputs of the source components, you'll need to switch between inputs on the receiver as well as the TV. So, switching from cable to DVD, you'd need to switch TV inputs as well as receiver audio inputs.

Look a set of RCA jack output connectors on your TV, most likely colored red, white and yellow. The red and white connections are for audio. Connect these to one of the line-level inputs on the receiver (tape, CD, audio input of the video connections).

If your TV set doesn't have these outputs, but does have an HDMI output, you can buy a converter box that will take and HDMI (video+audio) input, and make the audio portion available from line-level RCA output jacks.

Here is one example of such a convertor:

Marc Lalonde's picture

Luxman R115 power supply cord

Would changing the power supply cord on my R115 improve the sound? It is used with 2 pairs of IMF speakers, TLS50's and Compact2's, Cambridge Audio DVD99 universal (SACD) unit, FONS CQ30 turntable (SME 3009 tonearm), Arcam rDac D/A converter, Transparent and BIS cables. I bought the R115 back in March 2012. Sounds great! I'm a fan of Luxman since the mid-70's when I first bought the TLS50's and a Lux R800. The technician at the store tells me changing the power sup cord would increase sound quality. Anyone care to comment?

Luxman R-115 Power Supply Cord

No. Changing the power cord on this device would have no measurable effect on the audio output signal. With the gauge of power cord wire, length, and current draw of this device, you would better spend your money elsewhere.

Marc Lalonde's picture

re: Luxman R-115 Power Supply Cord

Upgraded to Win 8 and lost several of my favorites and other stuff on my laptop...just got back on this site. Thanks for your response. I was quite surprised when I was told that upgrading the supply cord would improve the sound. He said it had to do with the flow of electricity. Cable manufacturing companies tell me the same thing (I was at the Montreal Son & Image show in late March) but I'm no expert in the field of electronics....:)....

Luxman R115 power supply cord

I am a technician. Have repaired more amp's than could fit in a container.
Never I heard that the main cord will improve the sound quality. If the powersupply has to be upgraded, the only thing I can think of is new Buffer capacitors. New capacitors have the same measurements but the capacity is much larger.
Fast recovery diodes can help.
But the best is to replace the couple elco's (these are the elco's wich are used from one stage to the next) by MKT, MKH or MKS capacitors. This is the best improvement in every amp.
In the eighties is was not possible to make them so small.
I have rebuild a Sony TA-5650 (is now 200W per Channel) only the pre-amp is the same, exept for the couple elco's.
It is now better than a TA-8650 with more power.

Marc Lalonde's picture

re: Luxman R115 power supply cord

I wasn't to sure if I could believe what I was told when I bought the receiver myself. I was at the Montreal Son & Image show in late March where I was told the same thing by some cable manufacturing companies who actually sell replacement supply cords which are said to upgrade the sound. They even sell replacement electrical wall outlets which they say will improve the sound without even replacing the supply cord. But I wouldn't argue with....:)....

re: Luxman R115 power supply cord

I know this is an ancient thread but I had to comment. I think through experience that a different power cord could and would improve the sound. My experience in playing around with various power cords on equipment that is about the same as the Luxman to much higher end equipment has shown to improve the sound. As was said else where in this thread I fully agree with tweaking out your power supply first. It would do more for the sound and likely cost less.

Don't ask me how or why this is, but I have heard it many of times.

Greg Ferguson's picture

Luxman R115 Power Supply Cord

I can't imagine that it would. One has to assume that it was selected appropriately when the unit was designed. I would ask the "technician at the store" to elaborate on how replacing it would increase the sound quality. As long as the unit's power supply can receive enough average energy from its mains to keep its big filter capacitors charged, changing the supply cord wouldn't change a thing. I just picked up an R-115 the other night that my little sister asked me to troubleshoot for the dentist she works with. There seems to be some following out there for these units.

Marc Lalonde's picture

re: Luxman R115 Power Supply Cord

I think the reason for these units being popular (somewhat) might be because it's an inexpensive way to experience the ''Luxman sound''. In my case I bought the R115 partly because I had bought the R800 receiver back in 1975 (new) and had it stolen in a house burglary many years ago. Since I still had my IMF TLS 50 speakers (also bought new in '75), in storage for what must have been 15-20 years, I was looking forward to teaming them up with a Luxman amp again. As for the power cord upgrade, I was told it has to do with the flow of electricity or something similar but am not sure. Cable manufacturing companies sell replacement supply cords as upgrades (I believe).

Thanks for getting back to me...and sorry for my delay.

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