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Marantz 1060

Stereo Integrated Amplifier (1971-78)

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Marantz 1060


The Marantz 1060 is a stereo console amplifier featuring three line inputs, one phono input and a tape loop.

The amplifier section is split into pre and power sections which can split for use with an external processor.

The unit has two sets of switchable sockets for main/remote speakers.


Power output: 30 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo)

Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz

Total harmonic distortion: 0.5%

Damping factor: 45

Input sensitivity: 1.8mV (MM)

Dimensions: 14-11/64 x 4-23/32 x 11-1/32 inches

Weight: 18lbs

Year: 1971


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Reviewed May 02nd, 2019 by AJ_Winter

This amplifier is a real gem. A total piece of history in the Hi-Fi world. Growing up, my Father had one sitting in the garage. As a kid I always thought of it as the basement amp, full of dust and nothing special. After striking an interest in stereos, I was quickly awakened to the special sound that lies within. I use two Jamo 7.5 floorstanding speakers built in the 2000s which are 4Ohms and really crave power. I use the Marantz as a pre-amp, connected to another Kenwood KA-791 Integrated amp. The Kenwood is a bareboned amp but does exactly what it needs to do, power the speakers at 120 Wpc @ 8ohms it pumps my Jamos and my Marantz does the tuning. I'm an audiophile but i'm also a college student therefore I don't have the capital to go DEEP.

The Marantz is now merely finished with it's second College experience. I use it daily and constantly find myself blown away at the simplicity and sonic power introduced by the Marantz. If you come across one, snag it! Note: I only rated 8/10 because the Amp is vintage and doesn't compete with modern systems available on the market today.

Reviewed May 21st, 2015 by mdompieri

Amazing amp. Mine is 40 y.o. and keeps on performing flawlessly. Pots and switches operate without any noises, with the exception of the volume button which does some scratching noise after the amp hasn't been used for some days, but easily fixed after some rotation cycles.
Bought used, there were some popping noises which were eliminated by replacing the input transistors of the power amps. Sound is sweet, bass is powerful, mids are clean and highs are extended, even though bandwidth is limited at 50kHz. Used with DIY loudspeakers (peerless/vifa), always amaze visitors with it's effortless program rendition (with good quality recordings, of course). Also, plenty of connections and flexibility. If you find one for sale, go for it and have the experience, I promise you won't regret it.

Reviewed Mar 14th, 2015 by Simon Spiers

Just a note on this 1060 model.
The output stage is capacitor couped, this itself is not really a problem but I trashed a pair of headphones by powering on the amp with them plugged into the amp.
There is a high DC offset as the capacitors charge, with speakers connected this charge rapidly diminishes, but headphones have high impedance and can cause damage.

Sound wise I thought mine always sounded to soft and lacking any dynamics. Uses a single rail supply as apposed to a twin supply found in better amplifiers, hence the need of the decoupling at the speakers.
Recapping would probably give a good sonic improvement, and there there is no speaker protection system on this amp as a shorted output transistor would never pass DC to the speakers unless the output cap was shorted.

Reviewed Feb 25th, 2015 by ilflaco

Mid could be better. Is sometimes lacking.

Reviewed Jan 31st, 2014 by Coach-Z

Work great as a headphone amplifier, which is what I use it for at the moment...

It has plenty of power to run even the most powerhungry headphones. Its cheap and it just keeps on going.

Great cheap goodlooking amp



re: 1060

Hi, I’m a spaniard, and I own a Marantz 1060 (if I’m not wrong one of the las models manufactured in the States) I am really fond of my amplifier, I don’t know a word about electronics but I love music, any kind of music. Recently I retired and changed to a new home were almost everything works domotically and I wish and must recover its protagonism. But besides that I’d like the advice of an expert about two main questions:
1rst. Are the amplifiers manufactured today better than those dating the 70’s?
2ond. Which technical data should I pay attention when choosing the baffles to get the best of the amplifier, considering that the 1060 provides 30 watts RMS output per channel (with both channels driven into 8 ohms)
I will be very grateful to receive your help.

Marantz 1060 Hooking Up to an IPhone


Had my Marantz gear 1060 Amp & 9G Speakers with Dual 1218 TT since circa 1973 still going strongly !

Blasted it on the weekend with Gregg Allmann tribute concert CD.

Is it possible to hookup up an IPhone to this system for playlist using spotify ?

Want to use it in this manner for my daughter's 18th Birthday party.

I'm an accountant not an electronics engineer ! Need help please.


re: Marantz 1060 Hooking Up to an IPhone

Not sure if anyone answered....this being about 1.5 years later. ;)
But sure can hookup an iphone...just get a 3.5mm audio jack (male) to left/right pair RCA jacks (male) and connect
to aux1.
And works on the TAPE (play/in) jacks as well. I have a 1060 as well.

At this timeframe I use Alexa Dot, My Media App, running a My Media server on a linux box streaming
about 1TB of my MP3 music.


re: Marantz 1060 Hooking Up to an IPhone

I’m sure it’s too late but all you need is a y cord. It has two rca plugs on one end and a headphone plug on the other. Here is an example.

re: Marantz 1060 Hooking Up to an IPhone

There are a few options . easiest one would be a blutooth dongle they start about $30 for a cheapy . or a google audio cast would give a bit more reliability for sound quality ( assuming you have a reasonable wifi setup at home already )


either way they can be connected through any of your amplifiers inputs apart from the phono inputs

[RESOLVED]Removing bass/mid/treble knobs

Hi all,

Recently my Marantz Model 1060's power button has started to malfunction. Whenever I want to power on, the button immediately 'pops out' again. Therefore, I am trying to remove the front of the amp, however, I can't find out how to remove the bass, mid and treble knobs in order to achieve this. Can anybody help me with this?

NVM: they just come off if you pull on them

re: 1060

Probably needs new caps all around. Do not use it until a knowlegable person looks at it. You could do more damage to other parts if you replace the fuses and try again.


1060 Right Channel Quiet

After my 1060 was stored in a humid environment for 3 years, the right channel is much quieter than the left. If you listen from the tape out jack, the channels are equal, but if you listen from the pre-amp out jack, it's quieter. Also at 0 volume the speaker makes a scratching noise. I used radio shack contact/control cleaner and lubricant on all the controls and repeated movement or fiddling with the controls seems to make no difference. The volume knob does adjust the volume, it's just much quiter and distorted at high volume. What do I do next?


I have a Marantz 1060. Love the amp had it for almost 20 years. Last weekend it stopped working. Found the fuse blown, replaced fuse and blows soon after power is turned on. Any help diagnosing this amp would be greatly appreciated.

re: 1060

Just fixed one with the same problem, two output transistors were shorted (NTE 180) but don't use NTE parts, they are junk. Find old stock or new old stock (NOS). 2SA897 (HITACHI) are the originals but I used 2SC1079 & 2SC1080 (SANKAN) from a Pioneer that worked just fine.

re: 1060

See my reply above. New caps needed in the output and power supply section. I recently rebuilt mine with new caps and it sounds terrific.
I doubled the capacitance rating in some areas.


grandparents marantz model 1060

I'm just recently moved out of the house to attend college and dad let me take my grandparents Marantz model 1060 and turntable. I have to say it is the best sounding amplifier I have ever heard. connected to the marantz is a pair of Fraizer super monte carlo speakers and they sound amazing whether I"m listening to metallica or johnny cash. I would not trade the marantz for any amp on the market today!

Marantz Model 1060 - Great old workhorse

Hello, this is Joydeep from Kolkata, India. After purchasing it from my old friend, I am regularly using this Marantz 1060 amp for the last ten years or so without a single breakdown. Believe it or not, my 1060 contains all the ORIGINAL COMPONENTS (as it was produced in the Marantz factory). This proves how solidly built it was and all about Marantz phylosophy behind it.

It is an amazing sweet sounding amp from the Golden Era of Hi-Fi (70's and 80's). I regularly listen to Classical, jazz and rock music (with audio CDs only) and appreciate 1060's warm,detailed and balanced sound. I am absolutely happy with it. I clean all the contacts and internal components every two years or so to keep it in top notch condition.

Right Output on both main and remote does not work

Hi all im looking for some advice or a solution to my problem.

Im 20 living with a friend, the dad has a marantz 1060 still in perfect condition only thing is that all right outputs dont work, The left channels plays but nothing is happening on the right channel.

Any1 know what the problem might be or have any suggestions on what to do?

Marantz amplifiers

I have recently had a spate of these amps in from friends and family. The problems all stem from either bad capacitors, dry electrolytics, and resistors that go open circuit. If it is a stereo amp. measur each resistor value and compare with the other channel. I didn't expect resistors to go open without signs of heat damage.
Mostly the transistors are obsolete and one has to do a bit of redesign to substitute.

I have the same issue but it's the left side not working

Any help available for this common problem? Thanks!

swetepi's picture

Marantz 1060 Right speakers problem

I am totally amazed that right off the bat I found someone else with exactly the same problem. I am the original owner and I am very sad to have this happen. I switched around the wires and the speakers, played with the balance button. I can't imagine what is wrong. I will say though that since 1972 the right side has always been a tad lower in volume than the left. I never had this problem before. I never had a problem before.

Did Jonathon90 find the problem?

swetepi334 at aol dot com

Did you ever figure this out?

Did you ever figure this out? Thanks!

Missing page 7 from owner's manual

I downloaded the owner's manual so I can make a hard copy but I've found that page 7 is missing. Anyone else notice this? Anyone have a copy of page 7? Table of contents describe it as: Technical Description/Function then subsets as: Selector Switch/Tape Mon Switch/Balance and volume controls.

I can figure out how to make things work but still would like the hard copy as well.


Missing page 7 found!

I just inherited my brother's 1060, and amazingly he still had the manual in pristine condition. I scanned page 7 for you.

This one still works nicely, but the power switch is worn and won't stay depressed. I tried taking it apart and bent the little piece that's supposed to travel in the groove, but that only worked until I put the entire thing back together again. Arg! Anybody know where I can buy a replacement power switch?

Marantz 1060 amplifier

I have very fond memories of the 1060. I bought it in high school in the early 70's. I have bought a Sony receiver since, but can't find it in my heart to part with the solid, elegant, simple 1060. It had enough power for me in my downstairs bedroom with attached Bose speakers (they finally gave out in the 90's.)
The volume control has, for years, had dust or something on it making it make a big scratching sound every time. I don't know if I dare take the amp apart and see if I can clean the volume control.
I still use it, I still love it. It cost $199.00 when I bought it.

May my wonderful 1060 live on

In college in the early 70s, with summer savings in my pocket, I shopped and shopped to find the best amp for the best money. I wanted a good one to power up my new AR2ax speakers and AR turntable and decent cartridge. I listed around at the stereo stores and decided on the 1060. I never regretted doing it. It became the most popular amp in the dorm, the speakers too. That sound was sweet, downright rich with a good record. 30 watts was way more than plenty for a dorm room, and later plenty adequate in my home's living room. The 1060 showed how nice a carefully-made transistor amp can sound. and that nobody should shy away from a great low-power amp.

I bought everything from a discount mail-order hi-fi warehouse in Texas. I think $200 for the amp, $100-something for each speaker, like $70 for the turntable, and half that much for the cartridge.

It all was stolen in 1981. The 1060/1090 amps were no longer made and used units could not be found in my neck of the woods - ebay didn't start for almost another 15 years. I replaced it with a new monster Kenwood, but after a while the big power got boring and for classical it was too shrill on the top end. So I gave it to my nephew and got something else, whatever it was (too muddy), and so on. None of them was good enough for my close listening except for another vintage Marantz.

Now I want to DIY the 1060 and so need the schematics.

Marantz 1060 Amplifier

Same here friend, amazing engineering for its time and great value with pre-amp output and mid-range control to name a few.

Channel Power Loss

Thanks very much for the documentation I have downloaded.

Before I start fault finding I thought I'd ask for any comments or suggestions as to a possible cause for my near complete loss of output from my RHS main amplifier.
The LHS power amp performs perfectly.

I suspect a capacitor related problem as some power output is actually only heard for a few seconds after I turn the amplifier off with the MP player still connected (as it does for the LHS amplifier).

Use of the remote speaker output reveals the same problem.

Any suggestions much appreciated.

Marantz 1060

I've just had a similar problem with my 1060. The problem was in a switch, or control potentiometer, it fixed it's self while troubleshooting it. I find a lot of stereo problems here.
Try a different speaker or swithch them If you haven't, plug all cables in and out several times to kind of clean them, especially the jumpers from the preamp to amp on the back, try different wiring to speakers if you've not done so, work the switcher in and out many times. Sometimes a switch contact will cause your problem. I doubt if it is a capacitor but anything is possible.
Cleaning switches, controls--remove them If you can do so, they can be cleaned without it.
Put a wad of paper towels under the switch or control while installed to catch the cleaners. Squirt a little WD 40 into whatever you are cleaning, work it in/out, on/off; spray it again. If you have some air, blow it out then use some electrical contact cleaner or denatured alchol to remove the WD 40. Blow it out again and let it set until dry. CAUTION-a switch turned on or off can creat a small spark internally between the contacts; if there is any WD 40 in it, IT WILL CATCH ON FIRE.
If you don't find a problem here then it's troubleshooting time. Leave a post if this don't help and if you can do a little troubleshooting and need help here, I've got a cheap easy trick here. Good Luck Bob

Marantz 1060 Channel Power Loss

If you still need this advice: this is probably due to aging of the capacitors and can be repaired easily and cheaply by an electronics expert.

C 715 and C 716

My PCB has two electrolytic capacitors with caracteristics C 715 and C 716, that are not included in the schematic. Someone knows their correct values and because it contained? Thanks and hope to watch the response. Regards Charles

"mistery" unvealed for caps on marantz1060

1060 and 1030 models, have the same PCB ( number P700 )and there are some differences.
The two capacitors C715 and C716 are mounted only in the 1030 model, and NOT in the 1060.
Their value is 100 mf.
They shunt the emitter resistances of H703 and H704 that in the 1060 model are 33ohms and in the 1030 are 100ohms.
So: don't worry and let everything as is. It's all OK!


Thanks Dave, and sorry! another Questions

When you turn the balance towards the left channel is heard and no serious or small means, to return to the center is more or less normal in both channels. Without more careful your response and hope very happy for you. Charles Regards

balance in a 1060

I'm not sure having get the question. I read several times your question, and may be you mean no result when rotating the balance control full counterclockwise. If so, then the control doesn't run.
May be a faulty potentiometer, but not only.
My question is: in center position a stereo program can be normally heard?
Check for any dry soldering on the PCB under the pot.
Then check with an ohmmeter when rotating to full left and right , if central tip goes to ground or not. Check tracks.


Thanks for everythink

Thanks for everything Dave, I resolved to change the connectors I disconnected some wires baffle. Greetings

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