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Marantz 2325

Stereophonic Receiver (1974-77)

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Marantz 2325


Its listening quality is superb with all sources. It drives speaker systems, including those with very low efficiency, to full clear sound even in large rooms.


Tuning range: FM, MW

Power output: 125 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo)

Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz

Total harmonic distortion: 0.1%

Damping factor: 70

Input sensitivity: 1.8mV (MM), 180mV (line)

Dimensions: 19-15/16 x 5-3/4 x 15-3/16 inches

Weight: 49.5lbs

Year: 1974


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Reviewed May 24th, 2019 by SMU1976

Maybe because I was 15 and this was a dream of mine and this brings back memories of youth, but probably because she just keeps on playing whatever you ask with authenticity. The guys owning the stereo store back in the early 1970s would let us listen for several hours when they were slow. Finally, I started acquiring different pieces, it started with 2320 at a garage sale in 1990, I asked the guy why he was getting rid of it, he said because it was old. I knew he was getting anything newer would take a couple of grand to sound better and the addiction started. Now with the king 2325, with a nice piano black finish case, my audio dream of Marantz (along with other models) has become a reality. Instead of different zones, I have different systems in each room. Did they really build these receivers to last 50 years? WOW. Now one has to spend $3-4K to get equal sound and with inflation, I guess that is about right. As commented in another post, these things just keep going up in value every year.

Now in my early sixties now and the wife wants to downsize. I am going to have an awful time letting my 2230 ever go, and like a fine piece of art, when that time comes, I want to make sure it goes to a good home.

Reviewed Mar 14th, 2019 by Sam Hill

Owning this collectors' item is owning a piece of history. This receiver's reign as king during the receiver wars was the longest lasting. For many months throughout the mid-70's, while this Marantz flagship sat upon its throne, countless hi-fi geeks the world over would dream of owning one. Some fortunate music lover bought this one - the one I'm listening to right now - all those years ago, and got to bring it home and experience hi-fi bliss. That's a cool thing to think about as I listen to its warm, silky goodness.

The one I own is fully restored. It's amazing how well it holds up even against today's hi-fi. It's a bit warm and colorful compared to today's top-end stuff (as is most hi-fi gear produced during the golden era), but that's exactly what I like. The 2200 series is the most enjoyable, least fatiguing series of receivers I've ever listened to. And in my experience, this series tends to match well with a broader array of speakers compared to my Sansui or Pioneer gear. It offers tight, controlled, yet rich, sustained bass, and clean, silky-smooth treble. My 2235b would probably be more suitable in my current listening space as the 2325 - being such a powerful beast - can get a bit boomy at times in a particularly small space. But if you have the space and the speakers, this flagship Marantz from the golden era of hi-fi will make for the perfect flagship piece in your vintage collection.

The value of the 2325 has been absolutely skyrocketing in recent years. Get one now and get it restored.

Reviewed Jun 26th, 2018 by Bikerbobo

The 2325 sounds great with any of my speakers, and especially with my Elac B6.2's, which only have an efficiency rating of 87db and are power hungry (amps not watts), and my 90db Boston Acoustics A150. The Elac's bass is amazing with the Marantz as opposed to my Rotel receiver, which I have to turn up to 70 out of 90 volume levels, whereas the Marantz is just past 9 O'clock on the volume knob. The only issue (as with other vintage receivers) is that the speaker connectors are the spring loaded type which don't accept large diameter wire or banana plugs. I can plug in a subwoofer from the Preamp Out jacks, add an equalizer, use a turntable/tape deck/CD player. I love the blue lights, the bass/mid/treble controls for each channel, the ability to change the frequency of the tone controls (or bypass them totally), and the tuner is top notch. I hooked up a cheap DAC to play files from my PC, and that's great as well.

Reviewed Dec 21st, 2017 by tgomes

Excellent well designed Receiver. They don't make them like they used to!

Reviewed Aug 06th, 2017 by sanjithjoseph

The best marantz unit I have ever owned.

Reviewed Oct 17th, 2015 by 0070julie

Ok, Wow! Just upgraded from the 2220, which I loved, but this one is loud, looks and sounds so great!! If you see one, grab it! NOW!! :)

Reviewed Aug 10th, 2015 by joemadonia

The best sounding and most beautiful nightlight on the planet! Smooth, warm sounding receiver from the golden years of 70s vintage audio. One of the best of the Marantz line, right up there with the Tandberg 2075/2080 and Sansui 9090 as a contender for the most desirable receiver ever made!

Reviewed Oct 27th, 2014 by ealseal12


Reviewed May 09th, 2014 by wizardman

I've had my 2325 for quite some time now someone threw it out worked fine. Has the wooden case took in for cleaning and recaps etc. now it's like brand new. Best reciever I have ever owned!!

Reviewed Feb 02nd, 2014 by glennsmga

This is the Rolls Royce of 70's vintage Marantz receivers! It has 125 watts per channel RMS of extremely clean, low distortion sound. It has enough controls and inputs to allow for almost any user needs. This receiver weighs almost 50 pounds and is built like a tank. These units seem to go forever with only basic maintenence being required once in a long while. Occasionally a bulb or two will need replacing, along with a cleaning of the pots to eliminate crackle. These units are getting old, and some will begin to need component replacement, especially filter capacitors, and other age deteriorating items. Such replacements can be costly, bt are well worth while. Try to find ANY modern receiver that can equal the amazing specifications of this receiver, then look at the PRICE! Even a Marantz that needs some repair is a bargain in comparison! beside all that, the 2325 with its silver faceplate and blue dial looks incredible! All vintage Marantz 22 series receivers are exceptional units, but the Marantz 2325 truly is a sonic and visual work of art. If you manage to snag one in good condition, hang onto it! These will do nothing but appreciate in value!



Is a wattage meter modification on a Marantz 2325 possible?

I love Marantz receivers but the signal strength/FM tuning meters bug me a bit. I love the way they look but I mainly use my receiver for listening to vinyl, so they're kind of pointless for me. If I could switch one thing from the Pioneer SX models it would be the Wattage meters. So I'm wondering... how difficult would it be to switch out the signal strength/tuning meters for wattage meters on say a Marantz 2325 (or any vintage Marantz for that matter). I'm not a tech guy at all, so sorry if this is a ridiculous question. I'm just wondering if you think it'd be possible and how much work it would entail?

2325 Owners Manual

I have had no success locating the 2325 owner's manual; however, this site has the 2330 owner's manual which covers many of the same features available in the 2325. They are very similar units.

Marantz 2325 owner's manual

Same as everybody else. If anyone has the 2325 owner's manual in PDF, I would greatly appreciate a copy.


Hello, if anyone can email me

Hello, if anyone can email me a copy of the 2325 owners manual I would appreciate very much.
Thanks john

Marantz 2325 Owners Manual needed

Hello, if anyone can email me a copy of the 2325 owners manual I would appreciate very much.

re: Marantz 2325 Owners Manual needed

You can download them right here. Scroll up ;)

Barlaam Corona M.'s picture

Manual de Usuario

Hola, estoy busacando el manual de usuario de marantz 2325 y 2238B. si alguien los tiene agradeceré mucho su aportación.

atte: Barlaam

Owners manual 2325


I too, am in need of a Marantz 2325 owner's manual. If anyone can share a .pdf copy I would most appreciate it. Thanks.


Marantz 2325 Owners manual


Did you ever find a source for a PDF owners manual for a Marantz 2325?

I have looked everywhere and still can't find one.


marantz 2325 owners maual

hi I'm looking for the owners manual for Marantz reciever 2325, does anyone have it, I would greatly appreciate it Dave thanks

Marantz 2325 Owners Manual

Hey Guy's
Could anyone e-mail me a link, or a copy of a 2325 owners manual Please! Thanks, Denis


Hello everyone...I am tryin to get my hands on the owners manual for the Marantz 2325. If you have the manual in pdf format I'd greatly appreciate it if you could forward this information to me. My email address is "darerick@hotmail.com" .

Thanks in advance ;-)

marantz 2325

Hi, I have trouble with my receiver. Can somebody email me the owner's manual pdf for marantz receiver 2325? Thanks a lot.

2325 Owner's Manual

I'm looking for an "owner's manual" as well. Can anyone help? Please e-mail me if you would be so kind. I'd seriously appreciate it. PDF, Word, Powerpoint, etc. Any format will work.------ Thanks ahead of time! ---------

Owners Manual For 2325 ?

Does anyone have one available in pdf? Thanks

marantz 2325

Thank you

Maratanz 2325




marantz 2325



marantz 2325

Hii, were you able to locate a parts list for the Marantz 2325? In particular I need the stereo indicator bulb size.


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