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Marantz 4400

Stereo and Quadradial AM/FM Receiver (1976-77)

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Marantz 4400


Tuning range: FM, MW

Power output: 125W/ch (stereo), 50W/ch into 4Ω (quadraphonic)

Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz

Total harmonic distortion: 0.15%

Damping factor: 40

Input sensitivity: 1.8mV (MM), 180mV (line)

Signal to noise ratio: 80dB (line)

Dimensions: 490 x 146 x 386mm

Weight: 51.6lbs


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Reviewed Jun 30th, 2016 by dgoulet

Fantastic unit that Marantz put together.
The sound is clear and crisp, I have a Technics
RS-858DUS Quad
8 track hook up to it and it is just amazing
playing Pink Floyd Dark side of the moon.



re: 4400

Hello there!
I decided to see what's wrong with my 4400 that sits around in my parents house the last 10 years.The light would come up,scope dot present but no sound! Changed just one busted fuse and its all perfect! The scope is really bright,in sync,the sound seems to be ok. I turned the volume half way up and I thought that my speakers would fry!
I cant believe that I got away just with one fuse! Is there anything else I should pay attention to? I'm not that experienced in the hi-fi thing, but I think that this thing works great(not to say as new!).
One small problem that seems to have magically disappear lately,was that sometimes I would get really low volume on one channel. Now everything's ok though,unless something gets on the vents in which case it happens again(oberheating I guess). Any suggestions on how to test the overall condition?

re: 4400 - Carbonized under the HVconnector

Here's a funky problem I found while repairing my friends 4400.
The scope wouldn't work and ultimately I found that there was carbon under the HV connector on the circuit board. Removed the connector and scraped it clean and I was all set.
Enjoy the music!

Marantz 4400

Thanks for posting the docs, I found very useful information for trouble shooting my scope.
Thanks again.

chuxgarage's picture

re: 4400

Thanks for this site! I've had my 4400 sitting in my attic for quite some time. About 10 years ago, a friend was going to throw it away and asked if I'd like it. When I got it, the scope didn't work and all the controls and switches needed cleaning, but it otherwise worked. The power switch had been replaced by something from Radio Shack, but I've located the appropriate switch and NOS button. Now with the help of this site, I plan to restore it to it. Wish me luck!

re: 4400

I've had a 4300 for a few years, and it's a great unit. The 4400 is top of the line and worth every penny to get it restored. I've spent some cash getting it restored and have had many of the more expensive Marantz units over the years. This unit is, well, absolutely the BEST. The sound is so mellow and smooth. If you can afford it, have it restored, hook up a great CD player to it or a Nakamichi Dragon Cassette tape player, you will be blown away. This baby pumps it out at high volume, and at low volume, its smooth and perfect. The sound is amazing. I know, you are thinking I can get a good stereo unit with all the theater stuff for a lot less money than a 3K restored 4400. Yep, you can. But, if you want true, beautiful two or 4 channel stereo with a power, precision and smooth sound you won't believe, you will NEVER find anything better than a 4400. Hands down. I'll have mine till I die. Never will change. Its that good. All the best!

re: 4400

I found mine on the side of the street New Year's Eve 2012. It has the wood case and SQA-2B quad decoder as well. I've taken it to a guy for restoration. It'll be a couple of months because of the repair man's backlog but I can't wait.

re: 4400

I thought it would take months for my 4400 to be restored but I finally was able to pick it up on Monday. So far, it's awesome. I currently have 4 B&W V201s connected to it so I can use it in quad. I'll definitely upgrade speaker wise someday, as well as possibly pick up a quadraphonic source and material.

Marantz 4400

I have just bought one in good condition. I have just cleaned the front face darkened by yellow smoke traces. One fused was damaged, the oscillo was sometime lighting. With a miracle CRC 2-26 on the pcb, it works perfectly. I only had to replace a SD1 600V by a 1N4007 for oscillo supply. The device is very easy to maintain with the diagram and manuals found here.
A great device ! One month ago I bought a 4140 in perfect condition.
I use both for my B&W 802 s1 with a DEQ+DCX+REV2496 with direct connection to speakers and an echo for the Bose 301 s III on back. I have ordered the lamps for the dial.

marantz 4400

Hi everyone,

I purchased mine in 1975 on the island of Okinawa, Japan. My first impression was how insanely heavy it is, something like 44 pound heat sinks as I recall, big enough to allow it to purrrrr without overheating! It never found sets of speakers that could tame it and pumped-out sweet sounds from the start.

So. California

regis-armellini's picture

MARANTZ 4400 Receiver & CD-400 Disc Demodulator (Manual)

Hi, I' from Brazil. And I got those equipaments on the "subject".
I was scare, because the receiver stop the SCOPE suddenly, and here in my country no body knows how to fix these kind of equipament HI-FI. Also I got the de CD 400 disc demodulator, wich one I don't know how it works on the receiver. I got from this site the downloads manuals.
Well! I want to say, THANKS! For this EXCELENTE site and I hope know fix my equipament to hear my sounds for a long good years.

Att. Régis Armellini.

re: MARANTZ 4400 Receiver & CD-400 Disc Demodulator (Manual)

Good evening Régis. I have a Marantz 4400 with its sound output damaged. I can not find the transistors 2SC1150 and 2SA746. If you know someone who has, you could let me know, thanks.

re: MARANTZ 4400 Receiver & CD-400 Disc Demodulator (Manual)

Caro Regis, vc ainda tem seus equipamentos? estou em SP e gostaria de trocar idéias sobre o Demulador

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