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Since the dawn of history man has tried to make music. Primitive instruments are to be found in museums the world over, which mark man's musical progress from such early attempts to imitate the sounds of nature with the Pan Pipes to the development of early concert instruments such as the pedal harpsichord and the forte-piano.

Fortunate for us, man has never been content to stand still, and even today, musical instruments of all kinds are still being developed and improved. So too are the electronic instruments which we know as HiFi, undergoing a similar process of development in order to reproduce even more faithfully the sounds made by musical instruments.

Marantz, one of the worlds leaders in HiFi development has over the years been instrumental in the introduction of many unique ideas which have sprung from continuous research designed to attain perfection in sound reproduction.


  • Marantz HiFi 1980

    1050, 1072, 1090, 1122DC, 1152DC, 1180DC, 1300DC, 1515, 1515L, 1530, 1530L, 1550, 1550L, 170DC, 1820 mkII, 2020, 2020L, 2050, 2050L, 2100, 2100L, 2110, 2110L, 2130, 2216B, 2216BL, 2218, 2226B, 2226BL, 2238B, 2238BL, 2252B, 2265B, 2285B, 2330B, 2385, 2500, 2600, 300DC, 3250B, 3650, 4025, 4025L, 5000, 5010, 5025, 5030, 6025 CT, 6170, 6270Q, 6350, 6370Q, AT-5, DC10, DC9, DS900, DS920, DS930, DS940, E1000, E1000 II, E5000, E5000 II, E8000, E8000 II, E9000, E9000 II, HD440, HD550, HD660, HD770, HD880, MR215, MR215L, MR230, MR230L, MR250, MR250L, MR504, MR505, MR605, Model 4 SPK G, Model 4 SPK G/3, Model 4 SPK G/C, Model 4 SPK mkII, Model 5 SPK mkII, Model 6 SPK mkII, Model 7 SPK mkII, PM-8, PM200, PM250, PM400, PM500, PM700DC, RM3100, SA230, SA247, SC-7, SD1000, SD3000, SD4000, SD6000, SD8000, SM-7, SR1000, SR2000, SR4000, SR6000, SS169, SS469, SS569, SS625, SS725, SS825, ST-7, ST-8, ST300, ST300L, ST400, ST400L, ST600, ST600L, TT2000, TT4000, TT6000

    Year: 1980

  • Marantz HiFi 1981

    3202, 4221, 6025 CT, 6370Q, AT-5, E5000 II, E8000 II, E9000 II, EQ-10, HD345, HD445, HD540, HD545, HP-24, HP-25, MR20, MR25, MR40, MR40B, MR50, MR60, MR60B, MR625, MR700, MR715, P1030, P1230, P830, PM-8, PM200, PM250, PM310, PM350, PM400, PM410, PM500, PM510DC, PM710DC, PMS7000, PMS7004, RMC-1, SA2020, SA2040, SA230, SA247, SC-7, SD-7, SD1000, SD1002, SD1010, SD1020, SD3000, SD3020, SD4000, SD4020, SD6020, SD6020R, SD8020, SD9020, SM-7, SP225, SP235, SP245, SR1010, SR2010, SR4010, SR6010DC, SR7000G, SR8010DC, SR810, SS140, SS169, SS625, SS725, SS825, ST-7, ST-8, ST300, ST310, ST400, ST450, ST510, ST610, TT 6000, TT2000 CT, TT4000 CT, TT5000

    Year: 1981

  • Marantz HiFi 1981

    3202, 4221, 6025CT, 6370Q, AT-5, E5000 II, E8000 II, E9000 II, EQ-10, HP-24, HP-25, MR625, MR700, MR715, PM-8, PM310, PM350, PM410, PM510DC, PM710DC, PMS7000, PMS7004, RA-5, RHA-6, RHA-8, RMC-1, SA2020, SA2040, SA230, SA247, SC-7, SD-7, SD1002, SD1010, SD1010R, SD1020, SD3020, SD4020, SD6020, SD6020R, SD8020, SD9020, SM-7, SR1010, SR2010, SR4010, SR6010DC, SR7000G, SR8010DC, SR810, SS140, SS169, SS625, SS725, SS825, ST-7, ST-8, ST310, ST450, ST510, ST610, TT2000, TT4000, TT6000

    Year: 1981

  • Marantz HiFi 1983-1984

    AT230, AT333R, CD-63, CD-73, EQ-20D, EQ130, EQ333, HD250, HD300, HD400, HD500, HD600, HD700, LD-20, LD-30 mkII, LD-50, LD100, LD200, LD300, LS-15A, LS-17A, MX250, MX320, MX500, PH-32, PH-32L, PH-52, PH-52L, PM-4, PM-5, PM-6A, PM230, PM233, PM330, PM333, PM420, PM433, PM520DC, PM550DC, PM630, PM750DC, RC430, RM333, SC-8, SC1000, SD230, SD233, SD330, SD333, SD430, SD530, SD630, SD720, SD820 DBX, SD930, SM-8, SM1000, SR220, SR220L, SR320, SR320L, SR430, SR430L, SR520, SR520L, SR620, SR620L, SR820DC, ST320, ST320L, ST333, ST430, ST430L, ST530, ST530L, TT120CT, TT130CT, TT221CT, TT320CT, TT333, TT420CT, TT433, TT530

    Year: 1983-1984

  • Marantz HiFi 1987

    CD-56, CD-65, CD-75, CD273, CD273, EQ551, HD270, HD480, LD-20 DMS, LD-50 DMS, MS1800, MX273CD, PM-26, PM-35, PM-45, PM-64 II, RX273, SD-35, SD255, SD273, SD275, ST-26, ST-35, TA-52, TT165, TT165, TT173

    Year: 1987

  • Marantz HiFi 1998

    AV9000, CD-14, CD-17 KI, CD-7, DR-17, DVD890, MM9000, PM-14, PM-17 KI, PM7000, PM8000, SR-14, SR7000

    Year: 1998



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