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Marantz Life Amplified


This has been the passion of the Marantz company since the days of Saul Marantz building units by hand over half a century ago. This commitment to the reproduction of sound has motivated us to produce some of the finest audio components in the history of consumer electronics. Desire has pushed us to stay at the forefront of the industry, to build the best of today, and the legends of tomorrow.

Marantz has enjoyed setting the benchmark for both Disc Players and Amplifiers, then as we listen and learn more, design and build even better to set the bar even higher. Case in point, the Legendary Marantz Model 9 mono block amplifiers, so awe inspiring, NASA utilized a version of them in the Apollo space program. As monolithic as the Model 9s were in their day, the current incantation, the MA-9S2s are beyond belief.

The MA-9S2s serve as the flagship to a full line of Marantz amplifiers and are so well engineered, with sound quality as well as reliability in mind, that the "Marantz Sound" has become the choice of music lovers of all budgets, on all continents.

As impressive as our amplifier history is, our disc player heritage is even greater. For starters, Marantz introduced the very first CD player to the world, the top loading CD-63. A few years later, Marantz again introduced a first, the CD-12. The CD-12 was the first two piece CD player in the US, so once again Marantz sets the benchmark.

Some years later, continuing our desire to lead, and not forsake those music lovers on a budget, Marantz introduced the SA-8260, one of the least expensive players to ever reach popular magazines' Class A recommendations.

Yet another benchmark in Marantz's favour. In 2006, Marantz once again gave their engineering staff a dream assignment - build the world's best SACD Player - again. The resulting SA-7S1 provided just that. With multiple innovations, the SA-7S1 is destined to become another Legend.


  • Marantz Life Amplified 2006

    CC4300, CD5001, DV4600, DV6600, DV7600, DV9600, MA-9S1, PD4250D, PD5050D, PD6150D, PM-11S1, PM-15S1, PM7001, RC1400, RC5400, RC9500, RX7001, SA-11S1, SA-15S1, SA8001, SC-7S1, SR4320, SR4600, SR5600, SR7500, SR8500, SR9600, SR9600XM, ST7001, TT-15S1, VP-10S1, VP-12S4, VP8600, VQ2400, ZC4001, ZR6001, ZS5300

    Year: 2006

  • Marantz Life Amplified 2007

    MA-9S2, PM-11S1, PM-15S1, SA-11S1, SA-15S1, SA-7S1, SC-7S2, TT-15S1

    Year: 2007



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