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Nakamichi NR-200

Dolby B-C Type Noise Reduction System (1981)

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Nakamichi NR-200


The Nakamichi NR-200 incorporates the revolutionary Dolby-C noise reduction system (C-Type NR) developed by Dolby Laboratories, as well as the Dolby-B noise reduction system (B-Type NR) which has been featured in many cassette decks so far.

As against the 10dB of high frequency S/N improvement afforded by the B-Type NR, the C-Type NR achieves 20dB with virtually non-existent sound colouration.

Simultaneous record/playback with 3-head tape decks is easily possible, because noise reduction circuits are used for encoding (recording) and decoding (playback).


Channels: 4

Input sensitivity: 45mV

Output level: 600mV

Noise reduction system: dolby B, C

S/N improvement: 20dB (dolby C)

Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz

Dimensions: 482 x 71.5 x 268mm

Weight: 5.5kg


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NAKAMICHI NR 200 NO sound anymore

I wonder what happend. Since longtime i did not used my HiFi system and the NR200 cause on vacation. Now when returned home and turned the system on, the NAKAMICHI shows that there is a signal left an right on the display, but no output anymore from the AKIA GX 260 Tape to hear on the speakers. I installed the Taoe direct to the Amplifier (SANSUI AU X1) without the NAKAMICHI , and full sound is available. So the problem is the NAKAMICHI NR 200. No Output. I am right now in Germany and hope to get the problem fixed and check the controls. Hopyfully the OUTPUT is not broken or defective. I love that NAKAMICHI.

Anyone else had such problems ?

Nakamichi NR 200 No Sound Anymore

Hello mpwieland, sorry to hear about your problem. I have been in the repair buisiness since I was 13, and I don't believe in throwing stuff away if it can be fixed and is worth it to the owner. The info that I can give you with your description of failure would be the obvious, since I don't have it here in my shop. Make sure that your tape monitor switches are correctly set first. HOWEVER- Starting out with a different set of audio cables -even though it worked directly with the amp. w/o using the NR 200. It is possible that the connector(s) on the NAK itself are worn, dirty and oxidized or if the output connector(s) on the NAK happens to be soldered directly to the PC board you may simply have some cold solder there. Try shaking the connector or tapping on the rear panel and underneath the NAK. Don't be surprised if your sound comes back- make sure your volume IS set low. Cold solder is very common. Aside from this, your problem can be a dirty switch, perhaps a blown fuse in the output section. These fuses can and often will blow simply from normal usage due to age. Assuming all of your connections are tight (I'm sure that you checked) and cleaning your switches with tuner spray/ LUBE does not fix your problem, then you will have a problem in either: 1)the power supply (although you do get L & R signal indication) as the pwr supply feeds various areas of the unit. 2) The preamp stage -it is most likely a chip there, or transistors. This area fails too. 3) A problem in the Audio Output Section. If you have a single chip for this it will be a stereo output chip, (these do fail frequently) and you will of course still see an indication of signal on both sides- as you described because the signal indicater is not powered by wattage out, it is merely at a preamp level so it looks as if it's working. You may have Transistors for the output stage but keep in mind at this point- the failure still comes down to being at component level. If you know how to work with electronics somewhat, and feel confident to simply spray your controls and switches! SPRAY THE LONG THIN SWITCH if you have that type of switching. You can't miss it if you look on the board. Then check for cold solder! It really can be your only problem. I hope I have been of help to you. If it's above your level in this area of electronics, and you love this item then please have it repaired. Good luck to you, Sincerely, mrelectronics

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