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Onkyo M-5030

Super Servo Stereo Power Amplifier (1983-87)

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Onkyo M-5030


Power output: 100 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo)

Frequency response: 1Hz to 100kHz

Total harmonic distortion: 0.005%

Damping factor: 100

Input sensitivity: 1V

Signal to noise ratio: 94dB

Speaker load impedance: 4Ω to 16Ω

Semiconductors: 8 x FET, 39 x transistors, 44 x diodes, 6 x IC

Dimensions: 450 x 174 x 417mm

Weight: 17.2kg


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one of the entry level models of the famous Onkyo M series, the M 5030 is an excellent amp, it has more than stated in the specs.. Onkyo did it just right, dual mono construction with separate power supplies for each channel.. with his original preamp the P 3030 it sounds just perfect.. good for lazy speakers too.. and i ll be free to state that it can easily go side to side with much more expensive amps from then and now. All my recommendations for this one :)

re: M-5030

Thanks for your comment gibonape, very helpful when you get no idea on how it sounds. I was looking for a
Technics SE-A900 with separated pre and power amplifier. I've been hearing how it sounded and I liked it so much.
Do you think Onkio may have a similar sound? (Or even better) Nice question! Isn't it?

re: M-5030

Hello Felixtenerife
i will be free to say that the Onkyo M series has certainly much better specs than the Technics you are mentioning. Much more power, better frequency response, better dumping factor, less distortion. All that together is sounding better for sure.. The Technics looks nice but this is the only pro i would credit it.. dont even think about that this Technics can match the Onkyo in any way, especially that this Onkyo 5030 is the weakest of the series. the 5060 and 5090 are even bigger beasts than the 5030.. To give you an idea of their reputation, some of these models are more expensive now to buy, than they where as brand new :)... Anyway if you have adequate speakers the Onkyo will bring you much closer to the "hi end" than the Technics.. also its very important that you have the matching preamp by specs from onkyo or another "good' brand but as closer as possible to the original pair of the amp. Me personally I have the m5030 + the p 3030 and I am driving a pair of vintage Infinity "quantum Jr" speakers.. The onkyo is rated at 165W at 4 ohms, the speakers can swallow 200W, and i find it a perfect match..
hope i have answered your question :)

re: M-5030

Hi Gibonape!
Thank you again for your reply. I'm trying to buy a second hand P-3030 and a M-5030, curiously, the same that you actually have! Well, after your competent comments, all my doubts finally disappeared. Maybe this week I will be listening to these two precious "state of the art" components. I really hope that they will be in good conditions and buy them!
I actually have a pair of vintage Epicure 3.0. Do you remember them? The ones with the famous reverse dome tweeter on the top. By the way, the woofers are gone, and I don't know if it is worth to repair them. It's only the cone rubber suspension. They told me about someone that can repair it, but I don't really know if they will sound like before.
Do you know, that solid precise bass...
Thank you one more time for your precious comments!

re: M-5030

Hello Felix,

I think that you wont regret it.. this is the cheapest model of the series and you can find it for a reasonable price now days, but its technologies is the same as the stronger models, the quality of the sound is certainly there..
i am not a technician, but from my experience with vintage HI-FI, almost everything is reparable.. Those Epicure speakers must have some info about material of the suspension (paper, foam, rubber etc) you must find out what material and then try to find spear on internet that matches this specs.. Any good Hifi technician with experience can repair this, i suppose that you can find someone in Spain that does it correctly and has some reputation. Even for the amp if its not in great shape.. some technicians know how to refresh this old stuff, it's not too complicated, it's mostly capacitors or diodes that has to be changed, volumes knobs cleaned etc. These Onkyo's are awesome but you have to consider that this stuff is 30+ years old and maybe needs some small investment to be able to deliver it's best...
Good luck with your purchase, feel free to contact me for any advice


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