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Onkyo T-4850

Stereo AM/FM Tuner

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Onkyo T-4850


Type: Mono/Stereo Tuner

Tuning Bands: FM, MW

Tuning Scale: Digital

FM Tuning Range: 87.5 to 108 MHz

MW Tuning Range: 522 to 1611 kHz

Sensitivity: 0.95uV (FM), 25uV (MW)

Signal to Noise Ratio: 80dB (FM), 40dB (MW)

Distortion: 0.2% (FM), 0.7% (MW)

Frequency response: 30Hz to 15kHz (FM)

Output: 750mV (FM), 150mV (MW)

Dimensions: 455 x 90 x 364mm

Weight: 4.8kg



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Reviewed Jan 15th, 2018 by Wolfman11

To cut it short, this tuner with timeless, classical Onkyo design has all you need to be completely satisfied with listening to FM. If you dislike a lot of push buttons, look for another machine. This one has about 41 of them. Read the manual!

The reception is excellent, if you don't get a station tuned in, most probably it is because it is not there.
In real live you find more stations than you are able to sort, so you will activate all filters there are, just to reduce them to a limited number. Anyway, 40 presets you can name manually (like some kind of RDS lite), will be enough for most people.

Second is the sound. Onkyo has not only optimized the tuners reception, they have worked on the sound just as careful.
While in most cases it is annoying to listen to the modern FM tuner sections of even relatively expensive receivers and AVR´s like a 2013 Onkyo TX-NR818, the T-4850 is simply fun to listen to.
You don't feel the urgend need to switch to a CD any more.
I'm not so good in writing esoteric listening reports. For me a good CD player is the reverence, usually my Marantz CD67 MkII OSE has to be challenged. Most FM tuners lack 3 things: Fine detail in the high range, punchy bass and spatial illusion. With the Onkyo there is not much to complain, top and bottom are there and nothing lacks in the middle or disturbs the sound. The stage is wide and deep, instruments and voices playing in a reasonable position between the speakers. Of course, there are differences to a CD player, FM has some kind of physical disadvantage, but the longer you listen to the 4580, the more you enjoy the lively and surprisingly powerful sound.

The downside, as with all good HIFI equipment, is the source becoming more critical. Stations working with low data rate MP3 are unpleasant to listen to. Often a station you enjoy while driving in the car, sounds extremely disappointing at home. Obviously some stations have much better mixing and broadcasting gear than others.

A minus remains, the condenser/ battery that serves the memory does not last for ever. If you buy a new 5$ gold cap and install it, the problem is solved for another 15 years. If you have this operation done by a professional, he might charge much more than you pay for a good example from e**y. A quick fix is to disable the old gold cap and connect the new one with a short wire. Changing it, in a 100% perfect way, demands good skills in DE-soldering sensitive parts, as these block the access to the cap. Better go the easy route than ruining the whole thing.

The price when new was around 500-700 Euros /US$. I don't think you can buy anything of such quality for that money today. The missing RDS will not be a problem, once you have named the relevant stations manually.



re: T-4850

I have to correct myself on the price when new: It was about 400 US$ or 700 DM in Germany, =350 Euro.

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