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Onkyo TX-SR607

Audio Video Receiver (2009-10)

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Onkyo TX-SR607


The TXSR607 continues Onkyo's fantastic reputation for feature packed, great value amplifiers.

The 607 features six 1080p capable HDMI inputs and video upscaling from all sources up to 1080i for HDMI output so that, whatever you're watching, it'll look its best.

The TX-SR607 really shines with Blu-ray and upscaled DVDs. Play them on your HD-ready plasma or LCD and enjoy stunning quality.


Tuning range: FM, MW

Power output: 90 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo)

Surround output: 90W (front), 90W (center), 90W (rear)

Frequency response: 5Hz to 100kHz

Total harmonic distortion: 0.08%

Damping factor: 60

Input sensitivity: 200mV (line)

Signal to noise ratio: 106dB (line)

Output: 200mV (line)

Speaker load impedance: 6Ω to 16Ω

Digital inputs: coaxial, optical

Video Connections: HDMI, component, composite

Dimensions: 435 x 176 x 329mm

Weight: 10.8kg

Accessories: remote control

Year: 2009


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re: TX-SR607

Thanks for the information everybody shared here and my 607 is now working properly again.

At first I thought it's only the display panel, so I went out and got a resistor and replaced it.
turned out the HDMI channel select is slow and can fail, plus the operation mode was also crazy so I went out again for capacitors.

I tried to replace all electrolytic capacitors but I forgot the 100uF so I just replaced all capacitors with parts in hand, but the OSD/Setup screen still didn't work.

I went out again for the 100uF and installed them, but the setup screen was still dead. When I gave up cleaned up my table I found a 100uF sitting in the corner....I missed one!

I took the 607 apart again and installed the one last cap and voila setup screen!

And I am sorry to hear mogga killed his 607 by putting a resistor to replace a diode... I guess it was a engineering change during the production and that's why it is not matching the maintenance manual. But it was working to begin with, there has to be a reason why it was changed. Changing component type without full understanding of the circuit is dangerous so please don't do it again.

re: TX-SR607

If you run a SR607 taken apart on your workbench, with the back panel off, it will just stay in Protect Mode. The relay will click on for two seconds, display will stay blank, then the Standby LED flashing.

This is due to a missing ground connection from the top MCU/HDMI board and the lower audio boards, normally provided by the back panel.
If you put a jumper in place from a top RCA jack to a lower one or spkr (-), the receiver will start up properly. You can take an ohmmeter and check continuity.

re: TX-SR607

hello all, I decided to take another look at my aging 607, faults as follows, no on screen display, no display on front panel, nothing working on the hdmi board, all the other inputs are fine just horribly annoying having no displays or indicators of any kind, so I opened the case and stripped out the hdmi board and the daughter board beneath, I also found a tiny chip laying in the floor of the case underneath the aux input board, obviously broken off from somewhere, the chip is about 4mm square with what looks like 4 tiny pins on each side and is marked WA6 98Z, I cannot locate where it has come from and suspect that this chip is what is responsible for the panel display resistor failing, so if anyone can help me to locate this chips position I will be grateful, anyway on with the tale, I decide to order some capacitors and a pack of resistors to replace the ones mentioned in articles below( I just looked at the resistor and the caps on the hdmi board, 2.2ohm 0.5w 5%axial resistors and a pack of 10no 470uf 16v high temp 105c capacitors, got them for less than £6 from rswww.com overnight post). ok one thing at a time, I replaced the resistor then reassembled to try, this brought back the front panel display, I tried the amp without fitting the hdmi board and the panel display stayed on but all that worked was zone 2, lost everything else, the caps on the hdmi board are coming tomorrow so couldn't change them yet, might add that they all look visually ok, I then replaced the hdmi board and tried again to see if the front display was still working, it wasn't, the resistor had blown again, I will replace the caps when I get them and try again, I suspect that the hdmi board and the missing chip are blowing the front panel resistor, if anyone is still interested in restoring their 607 then please reply here and I will let you know how I get on with the caps later, must be more than me wanting to sort this old banger out

re: TX-SR607

just to recap, the existing caps on my 607 hdmi board are 5 no 470uf 16v marked at 85c, I intend to replace them with 5 no 470uf 16v with a higher temperature rating of 105c, I don't know if I should change the others yet as am going to try these first, although the hdmi board looks clean it may have been worked on previously (I got this amp in 2011 as it was faulty from a car boot sale for £10, all the phono type inputs worked fine but the hdmi and front display has never worked, it is now been used just as an amp for my cd and tv in bedroom, it still sounds lovely and I am hoping to restore it as best I can, the broken off chip I found worries me most, I'm ok with a soldering iron so the caps and resistor are easy enough but the tiny chip may yet be the downfall as I dont know where its come from yet, so if any of you buffs can tell me where its supposed to be, that would be great, once again chip size is only 2mmx3mm with 4 pins at each end and marked WA6 98Z, I don't know if I can solder this back as the pins are damaged and it is so tiny, but I will give it a go, just need to locate it

re: TX-SR607


i'm from Germany and had the same issue with the display of my Onkyo TX-SR-607.
Got the receiver in 2009 and it was working perfectly fine until early 2016.
From one day to the other the display just went dark, not showing anything anymore.
Receiver kept working, switching channels, changing volume, all good, just no display.

so... i found this threat here....
i opened the cover of the receiver, had a look at the resistor (pink base, red, red, gold, gold) all matching... so i purchased some 2.2 Ohm 0.6W 1% resistors for replacement.

First i replaced the resistor R9010...
started the receiver and had a double "click" of the relay. display still dark and the small red "standby" led at the front panel was blinking..... meh.

so, i replaced the diode D9001 next to it, with another resistor. also 2.2 Ohm, 0.6W 1%.
i read this in in this threat that for some people it was working....
so i started the receiver afterwards, no double "click" of the relay, red led went off, like standard operation.... but display was still dark. whats new, was the smoke and smell coming for somewhere below the hdmi board, followed by a "batch" sound..... meh.

display not working, too afraight to connect my devices to the stinky receiver and i ended up buying a new TX-NR646 as a replacement.

was not working out as planned. i killed it. ... meh....

re: TX-SR607

Just confirming the resister I need to swap out is red/red/gold/gold so that's 2.2 ohms 5% and is it also 2w? And is it on the board that is mounted just under the hdmi board??

Cheers Jez

re: TX-SR607

The one I replaced was pink and had 4 coloured rings, gold gold red red. It is on the board under the hdmi board.
It had D9002 printed on the board but nothing on the resistor itself.
This fixed my dead display.
I think you need to check the connections on this board again. I almost forgot to put back one flat cable myself.

re: TX-SR607

Well I think I just killed my amp deffo not 2w resistor someone else told me to use it and will be fine, now the amp just clicks, even if I resolder the old one back on :(

re: TX-SR607

Sorry to hear that it did not work for you. Front panel display stopped working on my amp and I was able to fix it just this weekend after reading posts here. I replaced the above said D9001 with resistor of 2.2 OHM 1/2W 5% AXIAL that I got digikey dot com and it fixed the problem. As Maxblast mentioned, it was pink and had red/red/gold/gold lines. Please check again if all connections are good.

re: TX-SR607

I have the same issues, my OSD stopped working a long time ago and the front display panel has also stopped working a few months ago.

My HDMI board is a bit different. It is labeled as BCHDM-0063 2514063C
I replaced the 5 capacitors 100uF and my HDMI inputs are ok again and also my OSD appears again so this is already a main improvement since I can now access my settings again.

Now for the dead display. I have not located the resistor R9010 or R9001 on my board where it should be according to the service manual so this is strange.

My board is a BCVD 0038 25140038 and acc to the service manual, the R9010 should be between the D9001 and connector JL8001A but it is not. On my board this is a D9001 so no resistor I guess.

However, there is a R9001 close to this area but not on the same spot. I replaced it anyway but no luck; no display.

This grey R9001 capacitor has the following markings: 221J 1W *91 and show a logo of a wolf (I think).

Out of ideas for now.....

re: TX-SR607

There is not much activity here but just in case anyone is interested....

My board is not clearly showing a R9010 restistor. The R9001 found on another spot on my board was not the one that caused my display to die.

The mentioned D9001 turned out to be the resistor responsible for a dead display. I simple replaced this one (eventhough it mentions D9001) and my display is working again.

Happy with the result and perhaps this information can help others.

re: TX-SR607

Hello Maxblast, I have the same board and the service manual says D9001 is a diode. Can you please mention the part that you used to replace D9001 with? It will be very helpful for me to source it from local RadioShack.


re: TX-SR607

I do not know why this is but on my board there is also D9002 printed (next to a D9001), where others have found and replaced the R9010 resistor.

I simply took the risk and replaced this thing (resistor or not) with a resistor mentioned in below postings. I live in Europe so we have no RadioShack but I just gave this to a local store

RES 2.2 OHM 1/2W 5% AXIAL

and they gave me a correct resistor. Replaced it and my display works again.

I have not knowlegde of electronics but looking back I am prettyy sure this is the R9010 resistor, regardless of what is printed on the board. If I can send you a PM, I will send you some pictures I made of the resistor on my HDMI board.

TX-SR607 power auto shut down


I like to ask if anybody have encounter with
the above model. Is it a common problem
& anyway to get it repair?

Thank you!


re: TX-SR607


Glad I found this post, I was about to offer my 607 to the bin.

I have the same issues, my OSD stopped working 3 months ago and now the front display panel has also stopped.

I am well versed in the use of a soldering iron but before I attempt the fixes and to make sure I am attacking the correct boards post some photos of the offending items.

A picture paints a 1000 words and they are always in your native language.



re: TX-SR607

Many thanks !!! I've just replaced the r9010 2.2 ohm resistor and my front panel display works again ! Really I love Internet and again many thanks to the contributors of this thread. I bought 2 resistors for a total cost of 0.20€ in a parisian shop at the place of the nation.


re: TX-SR607

came across this thread whilst searching for an answer to my tx-sr607 no display problem, nothing to lose so off to maplins for a pack of 2.2ohm half a watt resistors, total cost £1.35p, hardest job is the strip down to get at the board, took board out, tested the resistor in question, it was dead, nothing getting through, remember that I am complete amateur with no soldering skills, I cut the resistor legs off to remove the dead resistor, then for my first solder attempt I used a pen gas solderer and soldered the new resistor to the old resistor pegs, yep, looks a pigs ear and fell apart whist I was reassembling, so tried again (I know I should have removed the resistor altogether but didn't trust myself near the circuit board with only a butane solderer, if it works then will take board into a tv repair shop and get them to solder it properly,) ok so second attempt to solder it and this time it held, ok its dodgy but it held, so anyway I carefully reassembled, plugged it in and hit the standby, OH YES, display is on good as new, its been on and off now for the last 3 days and worked perfect! ok now I,m gonna have to get that resistor soldered properly cos its bound to fall off soon, but bottom line is that this fix worked for me, you can easily get at the resistor to test it by just removing the top shield (7no screws), you can see the resistor just under the hdmi board, its a bit daunting doing the strip down but not too bad, this is well worth doing, saved a dead machine and not so bothered if the hdmi board goes down as that's even easier, just pop the board into your local tv repair men, might cost a tenner but got to be worth it,
big thanks to all who contributed to this thread, any member needs to know exactly how I did it then mail me, thank you all

re: TX-SR607


How do you locate the resistors that need replacing?

I have a TX-SR607 with the same problem so I'd like to try and fix myself



re: TX-SR607


As described in the thread even my display went out of business i while ago. I was a bit confused, but still solved the problem. On my board, the resistor was named R9001 (maybe different specs in different countries?), the servicemanual named it as R9010 mounted in the same position.

I changed the R9001 to a new 2,2 ohm 0,5w resistor and the display lit up just as I was hoping for. Wow!

Thanx a million for all you brainiacs out there who have the knowhow and interest in solving these kind of problems!

TX-SR607 Display Problems

I know that there are some fixes concerning the display.

I got a broken Onkyo TX-SR607 from Ebay. As i bought it, i knew that the frontdisplay was not working. So that was ok for me. I found a fix, and so that should solve my problemes, I thought.

BUt after checking the resistors placed on a board connected to transformer I was disapointed.
the AC voltage was ok, and there was a voltage drop on the resistor, so there should be around 100mA for the heater of the display. Hm 4V directly on the panel. So this was not my error.
And I couldn't find open solderings.

So these were the fixes I found.

Than I found the service manual here on hifiengine.
today i googled a little how this kind of display work.
I remembered that a voltage called VP or VP- (sometimes with sometimes without - in the manual)
was about 3.4V on my board.
Hm one of the voltages on the board should be negative I thought......

So I found a discreet voltage regulator
on the analog videoboard BAVD-0038/U0032 under the HDMI board.

AND I found a broken resistor called R9010 which should be 2.2 ohm 1/2watt
it was about 2Mohm. So I resoldered 2 4.7Ohm in parallel to have something around 2.2 ohm and the one i had where 1/4Watt, so everything was fine.

And I am back in the game, Display is nice and bright,

But I think his receiver gets really warm inside, I will use a fan inside.
I hope that the receiver will work a little longer.
The capacitor inside especially the smd soldered on the HDMI board don't like heat.

I hope some could fix his onkyo to. And I hope to hear of that

regards Nils

re: TX-SR607 Display Problems

Thx a lot for this fix ! It works fine !

I made some picture to help other people to repair it

You must open and retire the HDMI mainborad:

Here is the brocken resistor:

And here the repaired resistor (I used 2x 4.7 Ohm directly solded on old resistor I cut)

My display is back again!

re: TX-SR607 Display Problems

Thanks for this, Nils. I located R9010 and found it was completely dead. I replaced it and I now have my display back.


re: TX-SR607 Display Problems

Registered just to say thank you for this post.
With limited electronic knowledge I managed to fix the LCD display on my father-in-law's Onkyo TX-SR607 by replacing the 2.2 ohm 0.5 watt resistor R9010.
All in, a two hour job. It took longer to go down to Maplin and get the right resistor!

Once again, many thanks. Without this post the amp would have been binned.


re: TX-SR607 Display Problems

Would it be possible to add some photo's of the repair.
Thank you Olan.

re: TX-SR607 Display Problems


My TX-SR607 had an issue where the On Screen Display (OSD) stopped working and then a few months later the front display also stopped working. I found this post while doing some research to see if any others have encountered the same types of problems.

I want to thank you because I have now fixed both problems based on the information here as well as information from other forums regarding Cap replacement on the HDMI board.

To fix the front display problem, I tested R9010, which is on the board under the HDMI board. In my case this resistor tested bad (over 10 Mohm). I ordered a pack of 2.2 ohm 1/2 watt resistors from digikey and replaced the resistor (Part #2.2H-ND - RES 2.2 OHM 1/2W 5% AXIAL). Voila, the front display lit up (Horray!!!).

While I was in there, I replaced 10 caps from the HDMI board (also ordered from digikey) and doing so fixed the problem with the On Screen Display (Horray!!!).
Part #565-3047-ND - CAP ALUM 100UF 10V 20% RADIAL
Part #493-1522-ND - CAP ALUM 470UF 16V 20% RADIAL

My unit is back up and running and again I thank you for the valuable information provided here!!

re: TX-SR607 Display Problems

I am wondering if anyone has been able to fix the front panel display problem that has happened to the sr-607 reciver. I am at a loss as to where i can find the the 2 resistors that need to be replaced
After reading the above thread i am wondering if i was to replace R9010 with a 10-ohm 1W resistor
will this solve my front panel display problem

Please i need to be able to fix this asap

Onkyo TX-SR607

The following was posted by HUNT on avforums and after following the instructions I managed to find the fult(the resistor was failing).

The display module of this model uses an FL (florescent) glass tube. For the display to work, the FL module (Q7002) must be supplied with low ACV to powerthe heater/filaments. Almost always, a no display condition would indicate low or missing ACV supply.

Proposed diagnosis / repair approach:

check continuity of R950 (8.2Ω / ½W) and replace if open;
presence of ACV between terminals P950 & P951 of the main transformer;
presence of ACV on pins 1-2 and 58-59 of Q7002;
in most instances, it would be a cold-solder condition. Fix is to re-solder.

R950 and the terminals P950 & P951 are on the small PCB board marked U0012 soldered to the main transformer;
Q7002 would be on the front panel display PCB marked as U003.

The value of R950 a reason:

8.2Ω - to limit the voltage current to the filament/heaters. Anything lower and the display goes brighter but heats up faster; higher and the display is dimmer but not as hot;
½W - serves as a sort of thermal fuse; anything higher and it will not burn up quickly enough; lower and it would constantly go open.

Thank you all very much for

Thank you all very much for donating information , very much appreciated , really useful.

Dave Pentin.

Sadly: it is great while it works, but it is not reliable.

This amp, as several other Onkyo AV receivers seem to suffer from common problems, as is apparent when searching the web:
1. The front panel display fails quite soon.
2. The HDMI board fails, manifested by long connection times or inability to switch inputs.

There are several threads on fixing the HDMI board - it seems some capacitors overheat and pack up, but sadly I have found no threads with a fix for the first problem. And guess what, my display has packed up after 2 years.

So I will steer clear of Onkyo products as it is not just this model that suffers from these problems; several models have the same problems.

Thanks for the service manual, I might be able to find the fault.

HDMI board

I have the same issue with the HDMI board. Would get it repaired but not worth it

re: HDMI board

i have replaced all caps but still have a blue screen when setup i get the osd no problems my setup im familiar with had the unit 5 years.

smd caps replaced 16v 100uf x5 and 6.3vf 220uf x5 black negative to the flat side of the square. dnt know where to go from here pls help

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