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  • CD100, CD202, CD303, EM6122, EM6126, EM6421, EM6721, EM8111, EM8411, EM8711, F2131, F2133, F2233, F2235, F2434, F2516, F3235, F3538, F4130, F4132, F4234, F4235, F4433, F4516, F6133, F6233, F6335, F6430, F6622, F7130, F7230, F7235, F7430, F7511, F9234, F9235, F9236, F9237, F9414, F9430, F9430, F9432, F9434, System 131, System 134, System 1530, System 231, System 235, System 433, System 516

    Year: 1983-1984

  • CD101, CD104, CD204, CD204R, CD304, F144R, F145S, F146S, F2235, F238S, F239S, F2434, F3238, F3434, F4238, F435S, F443S, F5232, F6335, F6430, F7235, F7430, F9432, F9432 DRC, F9434, F9434 DRC, F9638 MFB, FA141R, FA144, FA145, FA443, FB249, FC141R, FC144, FC444, FP142R, FP146, FP440, FT144, FT144R, FT145, FT444, LFD4276, LFD4286, MFB9638

    Year: 1984-1985

  • B862, B864, B960, B960, CD10, CD150, CD160, CD304 II-16, CD360, CD460, CD650, CD660, CD960, EM2000, EM2310, EM2510, FA561, FA564, FA568, FA569, FA860, FA960, FC561, FC562, FC563, FC565, FC566, FC567, FP563, FT561, FT564, FT565

    Year: 1986-1987

  • CD670, CD960, DAC960, FA564, FA568, FA569, FA860, FA960, FB563, FB565, FC565, FC566, FC567, FP575, FT564, FT565, RC560

    Year: 1987-1988

  • CD584, CD880, CD960, CDC875, DAC960, DFA888, FA564, FA568, FA860, FA880, FA960 mkII, FB563, FB565, FC565, FC566, FC567, FP575, FT564, FT565, FT880

    Year: 1988-1989



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