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Philips N4407

Stereo Reel to Reel Tape Recorder (1969)

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Philips N4407


Track system: stereo system

Reel size: up to 7 inch reel

Tape speeds: 1 78  3 34  7 12 ips

Frequency response: 40Hz to 18kHz (7 12 ips)

Input: 100mV (line), 0.2mV (mic)

Output: 1V (line)

Output power: 4 watts

Dimensions: 480 x 340 x 190mm

Weight: 11kg

Year: 1969



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Reviewed Oct 19th, 2016 by leemitchener

exellant machine easy to work on with reliable linkage operation no unreliable logic, and great sound quality when serviced and set up correctly.one of the best philips machines go get one today!!!!!!and ive used and serviced hundreds of reel to reel machines.



Allister Hadden's picture

Philps 4407 Reel to Reel Stero Player/Recorder

Just taking a quick look survey.
Bought on on E bay as a future project. PHILIPS 4407
Last Project .
(Akai 4000DB)cannot go any further .Speed off motor can not be adjusted .Seen many wiring diaphragms none the same as the one i have )Ref last note on Akai4000 DB . Mod .Speed .
The last project in workshop in a box marked 90% done . back on the shelf .


I was amazed on how easy it came apart .6 Screw takes off the top cover and you can get at the main belts . and another 4 you lift the rest off it out off the base . The main problem is that the drive and rubber components had turned to tar and where melted on the deck below them or what was under them . The hard part was getting the tar off with out plastering it all over place .(I.E.) the other components around them . The cleaning fluid i used was Cellulose Paint thinners . Remember it loves to melt plastic and other thing . But removed the tar in one wipe and then a second wipe with a clean clothe to remove the trace off the black . Carbon used in the manufacture off the belts .This Cellulose is twice as inflammable as petrol . If being used in a well ventilated area flashpoint 32 deg Cent . This is the best for removing this type off substance i found out over the last 30 years .

The speed change had jammed ,had to be careful not to break anything . If i had tried to use the leaver it would have broke. So went to the end off the mechanism ,were it lifted the belts onto the different size pulleys and freed it from that end .Then worked the leaver to move it when it was free moving .That saved any damage to the speed change leaver ,as it made from light plastic .

Well before i spend any money i have used rubber band or elastic as substitutes to see if it works and what i have to do or make substitute for .

Hope you have found some thing useful in the hints .As i did reading someone else remarks to a very simply problem . Yes to Simple to think about it . And after it why did i not think off that .Well that was a few days ago now have it working and just fine tuning it no service manuals .

All the belts replaced with substitutes. as near as possible to the original ones .

Main Drive Belt = BS156 o ring .
Capstan Drive Belt = BS 155 or BS156 0 ring Original was square
Play drive wheel rubber BS126 O ring
Fast forward drive = rubber Tyre of small Lego Wheel Fit the bush what is left as the rubber has perished off it . It make a bit off noise. Will do till i find a better substitute.

The ideal is to use common part that can begot easily and are cheap .yes a few $ for all off them plus change or a £1.00 for all off them plus a few Spares 3 more bands different sizes ,
and was back the next day for more =8 off that was the fine tuning £2.00 more getting expensive for drive belt ,( "O" Rings ) . Standard BS1806 Chart . This save the store-man a lot off trouble finding them Straight to the part using the BS number . Was in a General Engineering Shop . IE car parts and bearing seals .
The numbers Quoted you can use a number each way and it still will work .As I had a pile off them .I off course got them mixed up . Well getting drive belt for vintage tape deck from a car part shop never thought off it .
Now it working think the head alinement is out when playing stereo getting sound from other side . Or it could be the set i made it on Sony TC-270 or Akai 4000DB . I Know where i can borrow a master tape for alinement. That is the only way to do it ,as i have read about it . Only done head alinement on the cassette tapes decks many years ago . Always will to learn .
Hope it was worth your trouble reading . And you got some information that was useful to you . Every wee tip helps .???

MYR4A J du Preez's picture

re: Philps 4407 Reel to Reel Stero Player/Recorder

Thanks Allister for the info on the N4407. I replaced the drive belt with an O ring with107 mm diameter en 3mm thikness bought at an engineering shop. It works very well and I wonder how long wil it will last
Bets regads.

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