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Pioneer BDP-23FD

Blu-Ray Disc Player (2009)

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Pioneer BDP-23FD


Disc formats: Blu-Ray, DVD, CD

Audio formats: PCM, DD, DTS

Line output: 0.2V

Digital Output: Optical

Video Connections: HDMI, Component, Composite

Dimensions: 420 x 83 x 287mm

Weight: 3.7kg

Year: 2009

Accessories: remote control

Price: USD $599 (2009)



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Reviewed Oct 24th, 2016 by tutor turtle

Pioneer is not keeping up with firmware updates. As studios fight the losing battle against pirates, they retaliate by revoking keys, necessitating yet another firmware revision. The player plays Blu-Ray discs beautifully... when it plays. After a blizzard of emails with Pioneer tech support, I'm getting nowhere.



re: BDP-23FD

Update: After weeks of back and forth with Pioneer tech support, the truth finally comes out; they will no longer support this model. At only 5 years old and a $600 MSRP purchase price, this model has been obsoleted by the the film studio's paranoia about piracy. Every few months the studios demand manufacturers of Blu ray players update their "keys". As a consumer, you have to download the latest firmware, or your newer discs won't play. At some point manufacturers find it too troublesome to support so many older products. And by older, it could be as little as three years old and be obsoleted. You could have dropped $1,000 on a player and in as few as a few years, it could be as useful as a doorstop. This is a condemnation not only of Pioneer, but other blu ray manufactures and the film industry as a whole. A lot lot of money has been wasted on equipment and media that barely makes it through the break in period before being intentionally obsoleted. I'm done playing the loser's game. I won't buy another player until this game ends. Streaming makes more sense.

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