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Pioneer C-91

Stereo Control Amplifier

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Pioneer C-91


Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz

Output: 1V (Pre out)

Year: 1989



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Reviewed Dec 19th, 2014 by RTM

Discrete Dual Mono design with VERY high output (8V) and very low noise. Three PS's (L,R.Video) and the video inputs can be used for additional audio. (I use them for my large Tape deck collection). The Phono section was phenomenal at the time of its introduction is still stands up to many outboard Phono Stages now. It's Quiet.....Quiet...and more Quiet. The only downside is the tone controls are centered too high (Bass) and too low (Treble) to be really useful (The treble is overlook-able, it's the bass that is bothersome). They had it right during the SPEC era and changed it later, why....I will never know. So I run mine flat. WIDE dynamic capability. It retailed for $1300.00 new in '93 and I'd wager to copy it now would be five times that. I quite like it. They do NOT run especially cool, so make room for ventilation in order to ensure longevity. The Remote Control is essential for me. I control my Tuner (F-93) and my Tape deck (CT-93) through it.



re: C-91

I have a C-91 and need to get the left output looked at. I'm not getting any sound coming from it. The right out output is working just fine as everything else is. I think I crossed the RCA jacks by mistake into the M-91 Amp & shorted it out. Is this fixable? I have all the original Papers & even the box it came in as brand new with the 5 year warranty paper LOL. Is the service manual part of the owners manual or is it inside the owners manual. or I have to get it separately? I just hope its not to costly to get repaired.

re: C-91

Looking for the operating instructions manual - anyone out there with a copy that is willing to share?

re: C-91

Did you ever obtain the users manual for the C-91? I am trying to find one too and all I want is paper copy.

re: C-91

Good evening I to am looking for an owners/operating manual for my C-91 if you find one would it be possible to get a copy either from you or whoever you get it from,thank you.

I would greatly appreciate it…..Rick

service manual needed

hello everybody
by any chance is there somebody who has a pioneer c90 service manual??
if so can you help please??
urgently needed to restore it but without the service manual i cannot repair it cause of the exact voltages.

re: service manual needed

Check under the C-90 heading now. It's been added since.
Re: OM: I have one but I have to find it. I'll try to get it up before too long......

re: service manual needed

I own a Pioneer C-91 and hope you find and upload owner's manual as I also need a copy. Great sounding prea-amp though mine has issues with the solenoids that switch the inputs.

re: service manual needed

I apologize. I tried to upload my copy, but I have to get the software kinks straightened out with my scanner. I don't think I have the Adobe software to write .pdf's. I'm working on it....I haven't forgotten.....

Also, I had good luck with renewing the solder joints on these relays. I don't think the 91 is as vulnerable to that issue as the 90 was. I own two (have owned four and sold two) and while one had an output issue, the others have all been fine after a little TLC/Deoxit. YMMV, but I hope not. It's worth the effort.

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