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Pioneer DC-Z72

Stereo Double Cassette Deck Amplifier (1989)

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Pioneer DC-Z72



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Reviewed Feb 21st, 2016 by casagemas

I'm a child of seventies, my first touch with Hifi was with those massive grey/silver/wooden stuff. First ones i got , were 80's black boxes.

I saw many Pioneer DC-series stereo sets on my friends/relatives house and of course in stores. Nowadays i've met many since i make sort of a small time trade with old audio equipment.

This pioneer system was many which we're sold during the 80's and early 90's. DC-Z72 was a lower price (i just don't like the word cheap) unit and in Finland it was usually sold with Finnish made uk-350 or uk-390 speakers. Those we're manufactured by OR in Finland. Well, about the system :

The unit has an amplifier,tape deck and in this model equalizer. Amp has 2x33 wats continuous power and the eq 5 bands between 100hz and 10khz. Rear has one power out socket, input/connection for the separate tuner/timer unit and a socket for pioneer PZ-series turntables and phono inputs for Video/Cd.
Remote between units is connected via 3.5mm stereo cable.
These pioneers are more narrow than standard hifi units (like 36cm) and are all around quite horrible plastic stuff. Front panels still look good and more expensive than they are. Sound ain't that bad, if you plug a pair of decent speakers. The 2cd player that was usually sold with these is ok. At least they seem to work pretty good after 30 years in use. Also the amplifier unit's also seem to last the test of time, tape deck not included. They are built poorly and even as a new they did not produce a decent sound. Well, if a C-Cassette can produce a decent sound. The turntable , in this case PL-Z82 is a lightweight plastic player with shure type35 stylus. The belt was missing so i could not test it at all. The remote control works amazingly well. You just point 'near' the unit and that's it, even some current day amplifier remotes don't work that well (?) Must have something to do with the large ir-sensor in the unit.

Listening to cd brings neutral bland sound and nothing really revealing. Power is enough for 6-8 ohm speakers with at least 86db sensitivity and maximum continuous power somewhere between 25-75 wats. I think that's the best combination.
At least with the eq you can improve the sound to be more, and sometimes too 'lively' . 8-D

Tuner(F-Z92L) is working well, receiving stereo stations good with an FM-Antenna, when plugging to a central cable system in a flat, constant hissing was heard, and i couldn't get rid of it.

Tape playback of the unit is like i said, lowsy. Though a little adjustent to the azimuth made it sound better.

You usually find these amplifier units with broken tapedecks and remote missing. At the time they sold these, they sold MANY. As i now look this system, with the turntable, it does not look so bad.
In it's era these were in the middle. It had all the cadgets of that time and you could even plug a pair of surround speakers. If you compare these units to any lower level Sony/Sanyo/Sharp/Toshiba systems with those horrible soft touch switches and stuff. It at least beated the lower end of it's competitors and, who wouldn't wan't a big stack of equipment in those days ? ;-)

Look/Appearance : 7/10
Usability : 7/10
Sound : 7/10

Overall : 7/10

Ps. And who cares ? Anothers junk, is anothers Nostalgia...



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