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Pioneer F-28

FM Stereo Tuner

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Pioneer F-28



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Reviewed Sep 16th, 2016 by RTM

This is Pioneer's ONLY (to my knowledge) modern era FM ONLY Tuner. Widely acknowledged to be one of the two or three top Tuners of all time. It's VERY sensitive. It's VERY Selective. And the audio is, in my opinion, certainly the BIGGEST attention getter. It doesn't sound very much like a broadcast receiver. There are a few downsides (and because of them I give the very slightest edge towards it's great grandchild, the F-93): First, there is no battery or capacitor powered memory for the preferred settings, so (particularly) you have to reset it every time you power it back up. The biggest inconvenience is for the selectivity switch. It always defaults to wide upon power up. The other is because of its unique Photo-sensor tuning arrangement, it has very limited ability to de-tune off of a station's center frequency. This takes away a lot of the presumed advantages of a traditional analog tuner. Otherwise, if you see one affordably priced, GRAB IT AND GROWL. Kenwood fans will love its (unique among '70's golden era Pioneer tuners) backlit white numerics/hash marks on a black background display and center located Flywheel manual tuning knob. It appears to have been a transition tuner in a number of ways. It doesn't humiliate its TX-9500II/9800 parentage. The differences are reasonably small and subtle. The sound is terrific (even by comparison) and the sensitivity and selectivity is equally great. But if you're trying to see around a strong local on top of you adjacent signal, then not being able to detune the station off of its center point can be an disadvantage. Otherwise, ENJOY!



re: F-28

Correction: The other "Series 20" tuner, the F-26 is also "FM only". Both are rare. Both are still the DNA from which all subsequent F- series tuners source, even though their executions aren't always sequentially updated. Arguably, that's a difference without a distinction in most scenarios.
In general, this (from the SX-1980 and the TX-9800) are the loins from whence all their later FM synthesized tuners sprang. Sorry for the error.
Happy listening!

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