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Reel to Reel Tape Recorder (1977-84)

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Pioneer RT-707


Magnificent musical performance, compact and efficient size, unfailing electronics, stress free mechanics. The RT-707 reflects Pioneer's stay ahead success in Hi-Fi by offering all the things you know you need in an open reel deck, and then some.

Design is 4-head, 3-motor, 2-speed (19/9.5 cm/sec), auto reverse (playback only), continuous play with pitch controllable AC Servo Direct Drive capstan. Format is quarter inch, 4-track, 2-channel stereo. Performance is 0.05% WRMS wow/flutter, 58dB signal-to-noise, 20 to 28,000Hz frequency response.

And the extras are 2-step Bias, 2-step EQ, ± 6% Pitch Control, Permalloy heads, independent mic/line with mixing, wide-throw VUs, auto reverse / infinite play and auto reversing index, electronic switching (logic circuit), Pause, REC ON/OFF switching for each channel, and lots more.

This new Pioneer Series 700 open reel deck sounds as good as it looks - the rich and dependable sound of the best old-fashioned decks, plus the technical advantages and conveniences of the new generation of Hi-Fi tape machines. Stay ahead in Hi-Fi with Pioneer.


Track system: 4-track, 2-channel, stereo system

Heads: 2 x playback, 1 x record, 1 x erase

Motor: 2 x reel, 1 x capstan

Reel size: up to 7 inch reel

Equalization: NAB

Tape speeds: 3 34  7 12 ips

Wow and flutter: 0.05% (7 12 ips)

Frequency response: 20Hz to 28kHz (7 12 ips)

Signal to Noise Ratio: 58dB

Total harmonic distortion: 1%

Crosstalk: 50dB

Input: 50mV (line), 0.25mV (mic)

Output: 0.45V (line)

Semiconductors: 67 x transistors, 47 x diodes

Dimensions: 480 x 230 x 356mm

Weight: 20kg

Accessories: PR-85 metal reel, connecting cords, head cleaning kit, sensing tape, splicing tape

Year: 1977


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Reviewed May 20th, 2019 by ryandria

Great deck!

Reviewed Oct 09th, 2016 by RTM

It's THE quarter track machine to own, along with the 909. The 909 took the quarter track format to the edge of the format's capability. But that difference isn't really worth arguing about. Truthfully, with GOOD tape, the difference between half track and quarter track (from about 1976 or so) forward began to become a bit ephemeral. To my ear (in this order) the RT-2022/44, 1050 (both 2/4 track) 909,707 and then the 1020's. (H/L). I own (or have owned) them all. In general, they're all (even still) undervalued in the marketplace. Unless they're something WRONG with the caps in your machines, you shouldn't experience much of a difference. IF there are leaky/swollen caps, there might be a conversation to be had. In my experience, the mod industry popped up to help repair folks once again peddle their wares. If you have the pocket change to spare (or IF there's a genuine issue) I say go for it. But out of all these machines (that I've owned multiple samples of some six or seven deep) NONE have had capacitor issues. I have had one or two with CSJ's (from having been stored/maintained /transported poorly), but no cap issues. YMMV. Grab 'em and GROWL!!!

Reviewed Oct 08th, 2016 by Namikis

Just sold my 8th 707. I have a habit of buying, restoring, and then giving up on them and then buying another one a few months later. A tip (that I was going to follow but avoided by selling): The 707 jumps into a whole new level of performance if you find one with in-good-condition heads and then have the patience (and/or money) to recap it with higher quality caps. A fellow audio geek in my area had one redone (wish I had bought it from him - he later sold it) and the deck was magical - the quality of recordings went up into 2-track league from my PoV. I may do that to the next 707 I buy. There are a boatload of caps there (will upload the list later for others to use here), so tenacity and a healthy Hakko 808 are a must if you are going to Nichicon your 707.

Reviewed Sep 26th, 2016 by konajoe

Bought mine off an old repair tech about 20 years ago. Paid less than $150 for it back then. It still works like a dream. Glad I had the opportunity to tell someone besides my wife!

Reviewed Mar 21st, 2016 by matthewnorth

I have owned 2 Rt707s for many years, very solid but was never convinced of the sound. recently I bought a new spool of LPR 35 tape and boy thats what it needed. if you want a good hifi reel to reel this is one of the very best.

Reviewed Dec 19th, 2014 by guest

Little but M uch better sound than akai or teac

Reviewed Oct 02nd, 2014 by reelplayer




re: RT-707

I had Pioneer RT707 for years and the deck is giving me some problem with speed contro. when I pushed Start button the reel start and slowly speed up very fast and I have to pushed stop button. any one have the same problem. Please, help...

re: RT-707

My brother-in-law passed this real to real on to me, however I have no way of including it in to my current set up. I thought it was from the early 90s because of its high-quality so I was surprised that it was from the 70s. So I am in a quandary as to whether to sell it or to explore this new avenue. It appears to be in almost perfect condition. I did not have a manual or any paperwork so I appreciate the fact that I was able to download it on this site.

re: RT-707

Posted the list of capacitors as reference. Electrolytic capacitors have a limited lifespan, and "bulging" cases is only one indication of failure and not the most common, IMO. The dielectric may wear out increasing current leakage, and/or the electrolyte dries away, reducing capacitance. I just finished recapping a Revox B77 that had great looking Frako caps most of which were outside specs. The only way to know for sure is to remove the caps from the circuit and test them. After 40 years of service most of the caps in a typical RT-707 will be (at least) slightly out of spec. If you want to get your deck back to its full potential, invest in recapping by a qualified tech - the improvement in performance will be significant.

re: RT-707

My audio cord has 4 colors, red, white, black and white. Which connects to which? I had to move and unplug it due to a remodel, the reel to reel is very heavy and hate to try to pick it up to check the jacks on the back of it. Of course, I didn't write the connections down before unplugging it!

re: RT-707

What forum has troubleshooting info on the RT-707? I have a new to me 707 that is developing a lot of problems. An intermittent left channel issue now seems permanent. No sound, no signal at the meter. Giving it the scientific slap on the side caused the speed control to go crazy. That happened before, but it only lasted for a few seconds. Whatever is loose is REALLY loose now. No complaints, vintage gear that survived the UPS trip from California to Ohio. I'm sure it needs a thorough overhaul.

re: RT-707

I just want to say that hifiengine is great service. I needed manuals for my first toy RT-707 that I just bought without any documentation. I need some help to get started to fix a little problem with fast forward and stop and I got just what I need all service and instructions. Thank you very much. All that for free. Never happened to me before that I got something really for free. Thank you again.
I will post more about the problem and if I was able to fix it. Now I need to find some time to do it.

re: RT-707

I have a Pioneer RT707 tape deck that has been in storage for about 12 years. I hooked it up to see if my old tapes had survived the 12 years in storage in my garage. All the buttons and functions seam to work well with one exception. The tape speed seams to be too slow and varies as it is playing. Can anybody tell me how to fix this problem?
Thanks, chaslude

re: RT-707

I am looking for a "reel base stopper". It consist of a screw, a spring and a clamp. It holds the reel on. Any help? Thanks

re: RT-707 'reel base stopper'

Hi bswest.

Ever have any luck finding the hardware for holding the reels down? (I realize that it has been a while now...)

I acquired a RT-701 today, and it is missing the 'hold downs' for the reels as well.
So far (after lubricating the drive rollers), it seems to work well otherwise.

Though it has it's share of dueling scars, scrapes, etc., I'm really surprised as to how well it works so far, so would like to get it going properly.

Just as I've read/heard, amazing stuff these RT-701/707/901/909.

Cheers to all you reel to reel fans out there!

M. Colby
Albuquerque, NM, USA

re: RT-707

Can someone advise me where I can get a Pioneer RT707 original counter belt mailed to Canada?

re: RT-707


re: RT-707

Hola a todos: Es la primera vez que entro en este foro y expongo lo siguiente: Acabo de adquirir recientemente un PIONEER RT-707, la duda que tengo es que es un modelo americano, o sea, 120V; 120W, 60Hz, y me gustaria adaptarlo a la corriente europea, 220/240V y 50Hz, en principio pensaba que con solo un transformador normal tenia solucionado el tema, pero e conocido recientemente que el transformado solo es para el voltaje, pero la frecuencia no la transforma y podria tener calentamiento en los motores. Entonces lo mejor seria cambiar su transformador asi como cualquier otro elemento que influya en esto. Agradeceria me indicasen donde podria adquirir el transformador europeo, para el montaje. Saludos y gracias anticipadas

re: RT-707

I'm new to this site, and the reason for joining was that I got an Rt-707 and the only issue is when it gets to the last track or so the speed starts to diminish as if the reel was too heavy, and yes once in a while the tape gets of the guide, i push stop and goes back to normal, and the reels are 7", any help greatly appreciated.

re: RT-707

I had one for awhile and when it slows down it shows the thing needs cleaned.
All the guides and points that rub need alcohol swabbed until clean Qtips are showing.
Then it will work like new!

re: RT-707

I am having the same problem.

re: RT-707

Hi all

Am new to this site and know little about reel to reels. I had an RT-707 about 30 years ago and have no idea what happened to it. Anyhow I have just bought one off ebay. It doesn't have any reels. Will it accept all 7 and 5 reels or are they specific to Pioneer? Also I have no idea if it has any of the reel clamps, are they still available? Best wishes Dave

re: RT-707

First you should get the users and service manual from here.
It wiil accept any 7" or 5" reel. If you want the original 7" metal reel you can find it on the Bay. Pioneer PR-85

No Belts

The Pioneer RT-707 (as well as the RT-707) does not use belts. They use direct drive motors to spin the reels. The "only belt" used in these is the "counter belt" which is small and really is not hard to replace, just have to move alot of things just to get to it.
As for any of the other problems, well may I suggest that you first download the "Service Manual" then proceed from there. For parts, well just search the internet there are a number of places that sell "used parts" but I seriously doubt that you will find brand new parts, if so they would more than likely be NOS.

Left channel output not working

I have a 40 year old Pioneer RT 707. It's still working but has a few issues. I am going to refurbish it. Can anyone give a basic idea of how to fix the left channel output. Also like to know where you can get parts for these machines. Belts etc.

Rob - West Australia

The Pioneer RT-707

Thank you so much!

RT 707 problem

I have a Pioneer RT707 that all of a sudden has a problem with its rewind spindle not stopping when it is in Fast forward mode, and stop is engaged, resulting in the tape unwinding off the spindle. Is there some kind of brake adjustment for the rewind spindle?

Any help would be appreciated.


I owned an RT909 years ago, & traded it in to the store where I bought it,
after I discovered that the brake hubs were made of plastic.
It's not a matter of if, but when you'll have a brake problem.
You'll have to open it up, secure the screws on the hub, and you may not need to adjust the brakes.
Check both hubs for loose screws.
I went back to Akai, the mechanisms are more reliable.

Pioneer RT707

I've been after one of these for ages and got one on Sunday. There were no tapes, manuals or even leads, so this site was exactly what I needed and it solved a problem I was looking into in one reading.

Thanks very much, I'll be back!


Kim Siddorn

Manual availability

Thank you. It wasn't easy finding this website using the usual search engines. The effort was worth it. Thanks again for the manuals. I will return here again to explore.

Bias and equalisation settings

As an advance question before my RT-707 arrives, does anyone have experience of using Quantegy 478 low print through mastering tapes?

I have several of these tapes and would like to know what are the preferred settings. Obviously I can try different settings, but if I could benefit from anyone's experience, this would be preferable.

Quantegy used to be Ampex, as I'm sure everyone knows, but the type 478 is not listed in the 707 manual.

Any thoughts most gratefully received.

Many thanks,


Thanks for a wonderful service

I have just purchased my first RT-707, and am currently awaiting delivery. I am extremely grateful for the downloads which I am sure will prove very useful in the coming months and years, particularly as I am a professional electrical/electronic engineer.

I have been looking for such a machine for a long time to complement my Marantz audio equipment, and this, apart from the 909, seems to fit the bill perfectly - the 909 is a little too large physically for me to accommodate.

The 707 is very similar in appearance to the Marantz equipment and fits perfectly into the special teak cabinet I originally had made for my audio equipment. For those of you who might be interested, the Marantz items, all from the same 1978-1980 era as the RT-707, are as follows:-

2130 Tuner
CD94 CD Player
5030B Cassette Deck (2 off)
EQ140 Graphic Equaliser
1300DC Integrated Console Amplifier (300watts)
6270Q Turntable

So, once again, sincere thanks to Hi Fi Engine for providing such a fantastic and useful service.

With kindest regards to all


Direction button is stuck

The direction button is stuck. This is a mechanical problem , can anyone help ?

Thank you

RT-707 Counter Belt Replacement

First of all I am so glad for the downloads of the manuals. It's great! However, in looking at them, I did not really see a place where it gave step by step instructions on replacing the counter belt. Does anyone have these details and or any photos on how to do this. Thanks.

rt-707 counter belt

I still have the step by step instructions with illustrations from when i replaced mine. Will send to your email on request.

Rt-707 Belt replacement

Hello; I have just found this forum while looking for step by step instructions for belt replacement on the R T-707. I would appreciate the assistance.

Regards mills4135

RT-707 counter belt replacement

From what I can remember:
1) remove the face plate
2) remove the black shroud over the left drive platter (2 screws)
3) remove the center spring loaded pin from the left platter (flathead screw)
4) remove the left platter (3 screws?)
5) loosen up the two screws holding the tape counter so that you can pull it forward slightly
6) take out the old belt that goes into the pulley groove behind the tape counter, and the left drive platter
7) put in the new belt, you will need to fish hook it over the pulleys, watch out for the grease, and don't get them onto the belt
8) put everything back in reverse order

I may have left out a step or two, but this should get you started.


did you ever get a reply to this ? I have one with the same problem

strange problem with my tr-707

Hi everyone! I have a strange problem with my rt-707, and if anyone can help me I would be very thankful! I just got it and everything seems ok, but when I press play, playing from from left reel to right, the capstan works fine and makes the left reel spin but the right reel fails to spin and the tape just unwinds everywhere. This happens when reverse played also. Fast forward or backwards works fine so the reel engines cant be out. But when played the are simply still, no motion, I dont get it. I admit Im using a 5" reel left and 7" reel right (thats all I have right now) but that shouldnt cause a total malfunction right? just unproper running. If anyone knows how to help out it'd make me real happy!


I have seen it where the seller took off the two external rubber idler wheels to clean, and put them back on the other posts. One is smooth (or worn smooth) and the other isn't. I almost walked away on pick-up until I figured it out, swapped them at his place, then was satisfied and took it home. Still great (and I can't believe 30 year old commercial tapes still last and play well)

I seem to remember there is a

I seem to remember there is a mechanical pause on this deck, perhaps when activated this is the results?


Strange Problem


You might check to see if the brake is holding that takeup reel.

good luck

Pioneer RT-707

Just joined this site and just bought my second RT-707 and will make good use of this information.
Thanks to everyone who posts information as useful as this!

RT 707

Estoy muy agradecido, al disponer del manual de servicio podré reparar mi 707 y aprovechar su extensa respuesta en frecuencia. Creo que soy el unico que comenta en español...

jaimecel's picture

Comentario en español

Bueno, ya que lo dice pues yo tambien voy a comentar en español. La verdad es que aca en mi pais, Colombia es poca la gente que le da valor a estos equipos vintage.Yo tengo mi RT 707 Hace treinta años y aun funciona como nueva. Agradesco a HiFi engine por Prestar este servicio de manuales. Mucho tiempo los estuve buscando, ahora ya no me preocupare cuando tenga que hacer alguna reparacion.

Pioneer RT-707

Thank you so much for this information I have a Pioneer RT-707 and it needs some serious adjustment. Wthout your information manuals my unit would be dead and collecting dust. Now after doing the needed adjustments and repairs the unit is playing beautiful music again.

Thank you

Awesome, just awesome!

I have an RT-701 and have had no luck finding documentation for it, but since the RT-707 is similar I am hoping this will be helpful to me. I have a working unit and operation is not a problem for me, but I would like to have some guidance on cleaning and maintenance, so this will help a bunch.

Pioneer RT-707

Thank you very much for letting me down load the service manual. I appreciate it very much. I have got the RT-707 for 33 years and still going strong.

They told me to "Get Reel," so I picked up a Pioneer rt-707 !

Thank you kindly for the manuals, they are much appreciated.

All the best to you.

Many thanks . . .

for the manuals -- a most generous service. I just picked up the rt-707 from the scrap yard and all seems to be in working condition; just needs a bit of a clean. It's a handsome looking deck.

Thanks a million!

I will be picking up an RT-707 from eBay in the near future, and these downloads will be invaluable! Thanks for your efforts.

rt-707 pioneer awesom

I had forgotten how awesome these machines sound like; I'd just gotten mine from eBay, thanks for the manuals.

Thanks for the manuals

I always wanted a RTR since I was in an explorer post at a radio station when I was 14, some *cough cough* years ago. I picked one up this weekend at an Audio Karma swap meet - the Pioneer RT-707. Not a bad place to start in my mind. Sold a DAT at the same meet - nice karma - digital for analog. Thanks for the manuals. I sure would hate to do something stupid after waiting so long for one of these - and the manuals will help prevent that.

Pioneer RT 707

Thank you very much HiFiengine. You all are providing a great and invaluable service. Much appreciated. Bought a 707 just a few days at a yard sale for $20. with 18 metal reels loaded with rock and R&B. Works great but I'm a Teac guy myself. Might need to be tweaked, and the download will help, I'm sure. Can you believe it? $20. There's still bargains out there. Best to you all and thanks again.


download a manual

Thanks HiFiengine.com, You are a lifesaver. I bought a nice old Pioneer RT707 reel to reel. It's been so long (1972) since I've owned a reel to reel that I have forgotten how to thread the tape. Thanks again, Sincerely, Richard Albright

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