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Pioneer SA-9100

Stereo Integrated Amplifier (1973-75)

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Pioneer SA-9100


The SA-9100 is Pioneer's finest professional stereo integrated amplifier.

It features an all stage direct coupled pure complementary OCL circuit, resulting in a super wide bandwidth and distortion free power, a unique 3 stage direct coupled equaliser, twin stepped tone controls for making critical bass and treble adjustments and level set volume and loudness contour controls to adjust listening preference.

Other features include 2-way tape duplicating and monitoring, 2 position high and low filters and 3 pairs of speaker output terminals.


Power output: 60 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo)

Frequency response: 10Hz to 70kHz

Total harmonic distortion: 0.1%

Damping factor: 70

Input sensitivity: 2mV (mic), 2.5mV (MM), 150mV (line)

Signal to noise ratio: 70dB (mic), 80dB (MM), 90dB (line)

Output: 150mV (line), 30mV (DIN), 2V (Pre out)

Speaker load impedance: 4Ω to 16Ω

Semiconductors: 63 x transistors, 30 x diodes

Dimensions: 430 x 138 x 341mm

Weight: 13.6kg

Accessories: connecting cord, hex wrench, polishing cloth

Year: 1974


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Reviewed Aug 11th, 2019 by the king

Bought this sa9100 back in 1975. Used it for may years till around 1995 and then went to a smaller unit because my wife conplained about all that audio gear took space, so bought a small mini kit and with time blue tooth ect and got used to the sound. Took this monster back out today with turntable, plugged her in with my mack 400 speakers and....... WOW!!! This amp is amazing! Cannot compare this to the new stuff today, its much better, great soft sound, bass , all you need is there! Great power also!

Reviewed May 01st, 2018 by greenflash

Last year I got a unit in eBay, which I restored cosmetically (I love its looks, the recessed lettering, the fully button-supplied front panel). Lots of inputs (AUX1/2, TAPE 1/2, two phonos) 3 pairs of speakers.. and much more. Recently I got a second unit while I recap the first one; the sound is powerful and authoritative, I love it, you can't go wrong with this mean machine.

Reviewed Feb 16th, 2018 by Hwoodsr

Haven't used it years. Going to find out if a digital/anolog converter will work on it...



re: SA-9100

i am new to this; i have a Pioneer SA 9100 that has left channel problems. Can anyone tell me how/if i can hook up my Citation 12 amp to the Pioneer and use the Citation power instead of the Pioneer? Thanks, Dan

re: SA-9100

This reply is late for you but relevant for others maybe. The SA-9100 has PRE-OUT/MAIN-IN RCA jacks.THere is also a switch next to them that says "Normal" and then "Separate" with some other options. Switched onto "Normal" it is used as an integrated amp. Switched to "Separate" You can use the jacks to use it as a power amp only or as a pre-amp only. You would hook your SA-9100 Pre-Out jacks to the Inputs on the Citation 12 Amp. Make sure the switch is not on "Normal"

AWM-025 Rev. C schematic

The Protection Board, AWM-025 is rev A on the downloaded SA-9100 service manual.
If you have a 9100 with a AWM-025 Rev. C (different design and layout), use the SX-737 manual on HFE.
SA-9100 and SX-737 use the same protection board.

re: SA-9100

Does anybody know how big the input capacity (pF) of the phono section is?

re: SA-9100

I'm trying to find the same capacitive load spec for my SA8100 phono. Were you ever able to find out?

pioneer SA-9100

My father compared him to Italy in 1971 and still works now.
has only burned a small capacitor.
now I'm reviewing and cleaning.
Thanks for publishing this book!


Thank you for these manual, I have found this amplifier in like new phisical condition at a flea's market and I'm enthusiast with its sound, the only issue is a little hiss on left channel, that becomes annoyng when listened at very low volume. The volume main and setup don't have effect on it, but the muting have effect, so I will look in preamplifier stages within these two controls. Thanks! Enrico from Italy


Thank you very much for the manuel, I have this baby since 1994, lost the manuel and now thanks tou you, got it back!
Great amp, great sound, love it!

Thanks again

Pioneer SA9100

Thanks for the service manual. Now I can try to figgure out why my rt channel dosnt work. If I crank up the volume way up it acts like it trys to play music in intermittant burst.

Original owner Pioneer SA9100

I like to know whether someone has determined how to resolve the right channel fading out and protection on problem when turned on briefly? I made the mistake and borrowed it to my brother for 10 years. He returned it this way.


Hello there.
Same problem. Great amp but I think they all have this problem. If you ever find out how to fix, please let me know

SA-9100 amp

I used to service the sa9100's when they were new on the market. everone ever sold had this problem - they would cook the output transistors (2sa679 and 2sc1079).
it's the drivers (2sd358 and 2sb528). they overheat and short out and take the outputs with them. poor design.
the coupling caps (.22/25v.) are also a problem. these should be changed. if you replace the drivers it will just
fail again. We also found that when the power is applied the surge also knocks them out. the protection circuit also is a poor design. this amp does have very good specs when it is operating. we were a waranty station for pioneer back in those days and pioneer was always sending us parts for these. could put it on a variac and bring up the power slowly to prevent the surge. hope this helps



I just picked one up for very little money and was excited to find such great info and reviews. But, my unit also has the right channel out and considering Jim's comment, should I bother spending the money to have it repaired?

SA-9100 amp

Thank you for the comment. i rebuit my right side and have intermittent protection notice on start. Afterward, it worked good using Aux inputs. I tried hooking up a phono, Dual 1229. The protection light reappeared as if something is going on with the phono preamp circuit. I am looking over the circuit now. Any information about the preamp circuit past problems and solutions will be helpful.


SA-9100 right channel


I burned my right channel listening records on a Dual 1229 , just like you. I've pulled out my RIAA from the Dual , so I was running on direct signal from an AKG P8 ES vDH Super Nova cartridge. If you find the problem with the RIAA within the Pioneer, please give me a piece of advice. Do you think is the Moving Magnet or Moving Coil problem ? The impedance ?

Kind Regards,

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