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Pioneer SD-1000

Stereo Display Unit (1971-72)

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Pioneer SD-1000


The serious audio enthusiast who has long sought a precise method of scoping and testing his stereo components, with the objective of achieving ultimate sound performance at all times, will find Pioneer's new Stereo Display, Model SD-1000, to be the most complete instrument of its kind for this purpose.

Here, in one attractive, sensitive unit, is the capability for observation of the various stereo wave forms and a means of measuring the various characteristics possessed by all audio instruments, including amplifiers, tuners, speakers, cartridges, tape decks, etc.

From every technical point of view, the Model SD-1000 is an advanced and truly versatile instrument. You may, for example, use the Stereo Display to observe and analyze the wave forms of the new 4-channel stereo systems while at the same time measure the sound field characteristics of your own listening room.

You can observe a stereo display, measure a voltage level, measure a phase shift by means of a Lissajous pattern, measure stereo sound by observing a difference in level of output signals, even check the frequency response of a cartridge while playing a stereo test record.

Much more, too. Pioneer's Stereo Display installs easily and with its handsome design will complement your existing stereo equipment. Most important, an investment in this unit will be an investment in unparalleled sound quality.


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Reviewed Jul 20th, 2017 by RTM

The first version of their Classic (and rare) Test Instrument. It incorporated an Oscilloscope with Waveform/Lissajous/FM Multipath display options and combined that with dual (V/H or L/R) level meters. It does not have quite as versatile a Quad display/analysis feature as its next gen version, the SD-1100, but it's a classic design and is a highly useful (and attractive) test instrument. The Level Meters are in the pre-Silver era color scheme of Green/Orange with a Black Fascia. In my research I've found it to be even more rare than the 1100. Though because of the dedicated 4 channel capabilities and low level RCA rear inputs, the 1100 is probably the more desired/useful model. I have one of each and it's hard to choose one over the other. They're both useful for measuring/comparing almost any characteristic of an audio component. They can and do make your system sound better, if you decide to use it to measure its parameters. Otherwise, it's just outright beautiful and informative to watch. Nothing wrong with THAT either......HIGHLY recommended.



re: SD-1000

Update: The ad I saw was poorly scanned and read 1976, not 1978. It was a print ad, and not a corporate brochure. Here's one interesting question that I've been trying to answer: The 1100 is in most of the later editions of "Understanding High Fidelity. (Including all of the revised editions.)

But no copy of UHF that I own (I lack three, if I've understood the article about them correctly) shows a 1000 anywhere. It seems like this might've only been commonly available in 1970 or 1971. I don't know this to be the case, as there's not a lot of evidence for or against. If somebody knows for sure, please post an update. Thx.

re: SD-1000

The SD-1000 is in the 1972 Hi-Fi Stereo catalogue and price list (2735 Dutch guilder!). The date on this page has been revised down due to an error in the catalogue database, also now fixed.

re: SD-1000

Thanks for that update! VERY interesting news......I appreciate your help!

re: SD-1000

Update: I'm expanding my plea for someone to upload a clean, color .pdf of the SD-1000 Owner's Manual to the HFE database. I'd be fine with the one I uploaded-as a stop gap-to be deleted in favor of a better copy or scan. The 1100's OM .pdf-quite fine in terms of quality-hasn't hurt the market for printed originals -when they show up-or even photocopies for that matter. But I do think it hurts the value of the machines themselves if good manuals aren't available. If someone has a clean original, please consider scanning and uploading it. I did what I could to clean up the one that's here now, but it's not equal to the quality that I think the 1000 deserves. If I had an original, it'd be up already. TIA.

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