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Pioneer SG-9500

Ten Band Stereo Graphic Equaliser (1977-79)

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Pioneer SG-9500


The complex control functions of the Pioneer SG-9500 are not limited merely to the equalisation of a simple program source, but can also provide precise tone corrections for the playback equipment (turntable and tape deck), speakers and listening room.

Musical program sources can also be modified to improve the sound of technically inferior recordings or to tailor them to suit your personal taste.

The SG-9500 is a highly versatile audio component.


Output Level: 1V (6V max)

Gain: ± 0dB

Frequency response: 5Hz to 70kHz

Signal to Noise Ratio: 90dB

Total harmonic distortion: 0.04%

Control Range: ± 10dB

Frequency Bands: 32, 64, 125, 500, 1K, 2K, 4K, 8K, 16KHz

Semiconductors: 14 x IC, 2 x FET, 12 x transistors, 13 x diodes

Dimensions: 420 x 150 x 341mm

Weight: 6.9kg

Year: 1978


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Reviewed Mar 15th, 2017 by RTM

I own a LOT of EQ's. And this one is only outperformed by TWO. (The BSR 4000xr/3000/ADC525x/DBX's-they're all shared elements of the same design. In some ways the DAK nameplate versions actually outperform their DBX uptown MSRP cousins. (Possibly the only few of that company's products that can make that claim.) I've owned them all and nobody was more surprised than I was. The Pioneer's upside is its imperviousness to outside HUM/RF interference. It's quiet and the boost is linear so it doesn't get dramatically hotter the closer you get to the end points of the Faders. It's built like a tank. In my experiences the one channel out phenomenon has always been traceable to one of the (then new technology) ribbon cables being pulled/jarred loose. The 9800 might edge it as well, but that (and every subsequent) Pioneer EQ has the infamous function/tape loop switch failure issue. It's worth it to me to fix them, but if you don't like doing your own repairs, it's a fair criticism of an otherwise venerable design. What you won't get with any of these EQ's is hushed murmurs of naked envy when they're viewed by the easily monetarily intimidated. They're not rare, commonplace or expensive. Just good. If you find one at a reasonable price, grab it and don't look back.

Reviewed May 06th, 2014 by gschlautmann

its a typical pioneer of the time period. solid and beutiful to look at. there are likely many equalizers that equal or surpass this units abilities but this one wont disapoint you unless you want flashing lights or maybe a questionable pink noise generator. not outstanding but very solid.



re: SG-9500

I have a pioneer sx 850 and a sg 9500, but need help connecting them properly. Any help would be appreciated.

re: SG-9500

Sorry, correction: I meant to say they're not rare or expensive, but fairly commonplace. They're hard to hurt. This was Pioneer's pre-Elite era peak. They're praised highly for a reason. The only thing that hurts their collector's value is their plentitude. They sold like Crazy......

progman1964's picture

re: SG-9500

I just bought this Pioneer SG-9500 EQ and its sounds pretty good. I just do not think it is hooked up correctly to my SAE P102 Preamp. Can someone please help me? Thank you


SG-9500 - No Left Channel

Has anybody experienced one entire channel going out?

re: SG-9500 - No Left Channel

I have same prob. Did you ever fix it?

pilot lamp

I also have a SG-9500 and the RG-1 that need pilot lamps, would like to buy a couple..seem to look the same...anybody know where to buy please let me know...Thanks..Bill

pilot lamp for sg-9500

just bought one, i need lamp also. was told it was an 8 volt, 50 milliamp by seller( i did think it strange he knew.lol) NOw all i (we) need is a source..if you find one would you please contact me

Pilot lamp

Can anyone give me the number or a compatible bulb for the pilot lamp on the SG-9500? It's a very small lamp with two leads coming right out of it. Appears to operate on a low voltage of 6 or 8 volts.

Pioneer SG-9500 Equalizer

I am trying to repair this unit as was looking for either a service manual or the schematic. Does anyone have one in PDF format?


My best regards! I have a problem with equalizer Pioneer SG-90, someone have schematic diagram?

Thanks for you help...


Thank you so much for posting this information! For a beginner in all of this, I really appreciate it!


sg 9500

tank you for your help, its very appreciate !

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