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Pioneer SR-303

Stereo Reverberation Amplifier (1980-82)

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Pioneer SR-303


The Pioneer SR-303 is an all electronic reverberation amplifier which incorporates an audio-use delay element known as a bucket brigade device (BBD).

Unlike conventional mechanical reverberation amplifiers this particular unit is not in the least affected by external vibration or fluctuations in the reverberation effect.

Furthermore, the delay element features a C Mos IC semiconductor which contributes greatly to yielding such impressive characteristics as a high signal to noise ratio of 90dB and a low total harmonic distortion.


Input sensitivity: 150mV

Frequency response: 5Hz to 70kHz

Total harmonic distortion: less than 0.05%

Signal to noise ratio: 90dB

Reverberation time: 0-3s (effect 1), 25-100m/s (effect 2)

Output level: 150mV

Semiconductors: 8 x IC, 1 x FET, 14 x transistors, 16 x diodes

Dimensions: 420 x 99 x 336mm

Weight: 4.3kg


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Reviewed Jun 16th, 2019 by jimthemailman77

Bought as part of stack at garage sale for pennys. Works great and looks really,really cool. Didn't do much in small room but makes Punk and Ska come alive in garage.
I like it!

Reviewed Apr 16th, 2014 by maddurk

owned in the 80's, miss it, going back OLDSCHOOL...I'm oly getting 1/2 the music i pay for now !!!!!! Really fills up the spectrum !!!!



re: SR-303

Love this reverb.

pioneer sr-303

i have a pioneer sr-303 and lights are working but cant get any reverb out of it wondering do i need a amplifer or will this work with my pioneer sx-1050 thanks for any help........


I have an SX-980 hooked up to an SR-303, and I found that the 303 needs a fairly high line input voltage to get any results. I have it hooked up PRE-AMP OUT -> INPUT -> OUTPUT -> AMP IN with the receiver, and I found that connecting my TV cable box to the AUX input (to play the 50 or so music channels that come with cable) didn't get any response from the 303 at all. But when I connected a CD "jukebox" unit to AUX, that worked fine, and I got reverb and the light display. You mention the lights are working, so I wonder if in fact you do have a problem with the reverb. I'd recommend opening it up and spraying all the input/output, pots and switches with DeOxit. I guess you're aware that the REVERB TIME knob pulls out about 1/2" and is supposed to do something different? If you happen to know what that something is, I'd love to hear about it because I've never been able to detect any difference. Unfortunately the only manual available online is in Italian.

alizess1's picture

Connecting Pioneer 303 to Integrated amp

Dear deanclean,
All you have to do is connect a quad RCA patch cord from amp to reverb. ( or 2 double RCA cords ) In essence, you will be using your tape monitor as an "Effects Loop"!
1) Use tape "2" on integrated amp, in & out , or play & record
2) Use reverberation in and out on reverb unit
3) From reverb "in" (reverb unit) to tape "out" (amp tape 2)
4) From reverb "out" (reverb unit) to tape "in" (amp tape 2)
5) Turn tape 2 on ( amp )
6) Turn reverb unit on
7) Experiment with various sound controls
8) Have fun!


alizess1: Do you have any idea what the REVERB TIME knob is supposed to do in the "out" position?


Just noticed there is now an English version of the manual! Thanks anyway, now I understand it.

Thanks to all for all the

Thanks to all for all the great help and the wonderful archive of manuals.
Most of all, thanks for sharing............Peace.......Ron

Install SR-303

Not sure if anyone can help, but I just inherited my Grandfathers old stereo equipment including a Sony 5130, 1130 Integrated Amplifier, and The Pioneer SR-303. Im having issues hooking the reverb amp up to the sony amp. I have my computer working to play music through the 1130, but cant get the reverb amp to work on any music coming from the 1130 Amplifier. Any ideas?, and please let me know if this is in the wrong section. Thanks

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