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Pioneer Stereo Components


  • Pioneer Stereo Components 1970

    C-5600, C-6000A, CS-05, CS-44, CS-63DX, CS-66, CS-99, CS-A500, CS-A700, JB-21, JB-22, JB-23, PL-41A, PL-A25, SA-500, SA-700, SA-900, SC-100, SC-700, SE-20A, SE-30, SE-50, SF-700, SM-100, SM-700, SR-202, SX-1500TD, SX-2500, SX-440, SX-770, SX-9000, SX-990, T-600, TX-500, TX-700, TX-900

    Year: 1970

  • Pioneer Stereo Components 1971

    3121, 3122, 3123, 3302, 9405, 9411, C-5600A, CS-05, CS-24, CS-33A, CS-63DX, CS-66, CS-77A, CS-88A, CS-99, JB-21, JB-22, JB-23, PC-35, PL-31D, PL-50, PL-A25, PN-35, SA-900, SE-20A, SE-30A, SE-50, SR-202W, SX-1000TW, SX-1500TD, SX-2500, SX-440, SX-770, SX-9000, SX-990, T-6600, T-8800, TX-900

    Year: 1971

  • Pioneer Stereo Components 1972

    CS-44, CS-63DX, CS-66, CS-99A, CS-A500, CS-A700, CS-E350, CS-E400, CT-4141, JB-21, JB-25, PL-12D, PL-41DC, PL-61, PL-A35, QA-800A, QC-800A, QD-210, QL-600A, QM-800A, QT-2100, QT-6600, QX-4000, QX-8000A, R-300, R-500, R-700, SA-1000, SA-500A, SA-600, SA-800, SD-1100, SE-100J, SE-20A, SE-30A, SE-50, SE-L20A, SE-L40, SR-202W, STP-2, SX-2500, SX-424, SX-525, SX-626, SX-727, SX-828, SX-9000, T-3300, T-3500, T-6100, T-6600, T-8800, TX-1000, TX-500A, TX-600, TX-800

    Year: 1972

  • Pioneer Stereo Components 1973

    CS-44, CS-63DX, CS-66, CS-99A, CS-A500, CS-A700, CS-E350, CS-E400, CT-3131, CT-4141, PL-12D, PL-41DC, PL-61, PL-A35, Project 100, QA-800A, QC-800A, QD-210, QD-240, QL-600A, QM-800A, QT-2100, QT-6600, QX-4000, QX-8000A, R-300, R-500, R-700, SA-5200, SA-7100, SA-8100, SA-9100, SD-1100, SE-100J, SE-20A, SE-305, SE-505, SE-L20A, SE-L40, SR-202W, STP-2, SX-424, SX-525, SX-626, SX-727, SX-828, T-6100, T-6600, T-8800, TX-6200, TX-7100, TX-8100, TX-9100

    Year: 1973

  • Pioneer Stereo Components 1974

    300, CS-44G, CS-500G, CS-630DX, CS-66G, CS-99A, CS-A700, CT-3131A, CT-4141A, CT-5151, CT-F7171, MA-62, PL-10, PL-12D, PL-51A, PL-71, PL-A450, Project 100, Project 60, Project 80, QC-800A, QD-210, QL-600A, QM-800A, QX-646, QX-949, R-300, R-500, R-700, RT-1011L, RT-1020H, RT-1020L, RT-1050, SA-5200, SA-7100, SA-8100, SA-9100, SD-1100, SE-205, SE-305, SE-405, SE-505, SE-700, SE-L201, SE-L401, SE-Q404, SR-202W, SX-1010, SX-434, SX-535, SX-636, SX-737, SX-838, SX-939, TX-6200, TX-7100, TX-8100, TX-9100

    Year: 1974

  • Pioneer Stereo Components 1977

    CM-1, CM-2S, CS-500G, CS-630DX, CS-66G, CS-700G, CS-99A, CT-4141A, CT-5151, CT-F2121, CT-F6262, CT-F7272, CT-F8282, CT-F9191, HPM-100, HPM-200, HPM-40, HPM-60, JT-2044T, JT-211, MA-62, Monitor 10, PC-Q1, PL-112D, PL-115D, PL-117D, PL-510A, PL-530, PL-550, PL-570, Project 100A, Project 60A, QX-949A, RG-1, RT-1011L, RT-1020L, RT-1050, RT-2022, RT-2044, RTU-11/2T, SA-5500 II, SA-6500 II, SA-7500 II, SA-8500 II, SA-9500 II, SA-9900, SE-205, SE-305, SE-4, SE-405, SE-500, SE-505, SE-700, SF-850, SG-9500, SR-202W, SX-1050, SX-1250, SX-450, SX-550, SX-650, SX-750, SX-850, SX-950, Spec-1, Spec-2, TAU-11, TX-5500 II, TX-6500 II, TX-8500 II, TX-9500 II

    Year: 1977

  • Pioneer Stereo Components 1980

    CE-30, CE-31, CE-32, CE-33, CE-34, CS-99A, CT-F1250, CT-F550, CT-F650, CT-F750, CT-F850, CT-F950, DM-21, DM-51, DM-61, DT-400, DT-500, HPM-150, HPM-500, HPM-700, HPM-900, JA-R101, JA-R102, JA-R104, JA-R105, JA-R106, JA-R2S, JC-51, PC-135, PC-145, PL-100, PL-200, PL-300, PL-400, PL-500, PL-600, Promusica 120, Promusica 80, RG-2, RT-701, RT-707, RT-901, RT-909, SA-5800, SA-6800, SA-7800, SA-8800, SA-9800, SE-2, SE-205, SE-4, SE-450, SE-550, SE-6, SE-650, SG-9800, SR-303, SX-3400, SX-3500, SX-3600, SX-3700, SX-3800, SX-3900, TX-6800, TX-7800, TX-9800

    Year: 1980

  • A-30, A-40, A-70, CA-100, CB-A500, CB-A900, CB-G50, CB-G90, CS-539, CS-549, CS-939, CS-949, CT-10, CT-20, CT-330, CT-40, CT-50R, CT-540, CT-70R, CT-90R, DT-530, DT-540, F-50, F-70, F-90, PL-230, PL-340, PL-640, PL-730, PL-88FS, PL-L800S, PL-S30, PL-S40, PL-S50, PL-S70, S-510, S-710, S-910, SA-530, SA-730, SA-740, SA-940, SE-L10, SE-L30, SE-L50, SE-L70, SG-530, SG-540, SG-90, SX-202, SX-303, SX-40, SX-50, SX-60, Syscom A30, Syscom A50, Syscom G20, Syscom G30, TX-130, TX-530, TX-540

    Year: 1983



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Reviewed Jul 02nd, 2019 by Marty J

I rate these hifi catalogs 9/10 because they were so informative and fun, to dream about the components I couldn't afford. I have several published between 1977 and 1981. I also have the silver book by Pioneer on high fidelity. All make great reading and good reference material. Thanks Pioneer, for getting me started in audio.



re: Stereo Components

That looks more like a 1981 catalog to me. But regardless, it is VERY much appreciated. Thanks for the upload!

re: Stereo Components

FWIW The date of the catalogue is on the last page - 24-9-1983 CAN (Canada). Also, it contains models that were introduced that year, such as the CT-90R.

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