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Pioneer TX-950

Digital Synthesized Tuner (1984)

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Pioneer TX-950


Type: Mono/Stereo Tuner

Tuning Bands: FM, MW

Tuning Scale: Digital

Year: 1984



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Reviewed Jul 16th, 2015 by

esthetics, functionality and practicality



re: TX-950

Greetings to all.

My tx-950 has problem with leds for Tuned and Stereo. Those lamps are never light up.

I have checked everything from service manual, and every test point is in specs. Ony voltage problem is between pin 2 and 3, it should be 0v but I get 2.8v with trimmer all the way up.
Can anyone help me?


re: TX-950

I had one of these (AM/FM) for many years,and at the time it came out it wasnt as well regarded as older Pioneer tuners,but dear enough.Over the passage of time.I think its looks,quality of sound and build, is more appreciated.I did notice the push switches were abit fragile though,and I had to repair glue the whole L switch frame thing in.The switches werent contacting the 'tactile' switches on the board as when new.That L style of switch did give a couple of headaches on how to repair a broken one.Thanks.

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re: TX-950

I agree those L switches do not look like a good design for reliability.
I just finished Restoring mine with 27 new capacitors. The boards on these models are very cheap and traces will left and be destroyed VERY easily. However, this board has improved slightly since the TX-940 which is a real beast to work on. Circuit board are designed like they came out of a Cracker Jack's box. However this model (940) doesn't use the L switches. Luckily mine were ok. Both models sound pretty good in my opinion but not sure which sounds better will have to do a comparison since I own both. There is one odd part that looked like an electrolytic capacitor on the 950 labeled NEC 5.5 volt .001 F. It also had a piece of plastic built into it between the leads. I measured capacitance of 8.5 uf?? Not sure what it is? I doubt if capacitance could vary that much so replaced the original part and it works fine. The old large Receiver style tuners were built much better but they all are a very neat piece of audio history.

re: TX-950

0.001 Farad = 1000uf.
So that storage capacitor is BAD if it reads only 8uf.
It's for memory retention of the preset channels.

re: TX-950


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