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Pioneer VSX-5700S

Audio Video Stereo Receiver

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Pioneer VSX-5700S


Tuning range: FW, MW

Power output: 105 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo)

Surround output: 105W (front), 25W (center), 25W (rear)

Frequency response: 5Hz to 100kHz

Input sensitivity: 2.5mV (MM), 150mV (line)

Signal to noise ratio: 82dB (MM), 98dB (line)

Output: 150mV (line), 1V (Pre out)

Speaker load impedance: 4Ω (minimum)

Video Connections: composite

Dimensions: 420 x 125.5 x 395mm

Weight: 10.7kg

Accessories: remote control

Year: 1990



re: VSX-5700S

My 1990 is dual voltage to use in Europe and US. I purchased it at the Air Force BX however the dual voltage changer on the back is now missing the switch (it flew off somewhere). Pioneer has not been able to locate the schematic to bypass the switch.Local shops need more info.
I have another switch from my non working Pioneer Laser disc but the color of wires and number of wires are different.
Any suggestions?


re: VSX-5700S

Hi Gary,

If you take a look at the service manual available here, you will see how the two transformers are wired. This is shown on page 7 at section D-10.

With the above information, any competent service department should be able to figure out how to hard wire and bypass the external switches so that you can use it for either the US or Europe.

If you take a look at the main power transformer you can see that there are essentially two transformers inside the one. Actually they are just the primary windings, but hopefully you get the idea. If the transformers are hooked in series, it will operate correctly on 240 volts (120 + 120). If the transformers are connected in parallel, the unit will work on 120 volts. The smaller transformer is just switched between one or the other tap for 120 or 240.

Hope this helps,


re: VSX-5700S

Currently, I only have 2 speakers. The speaker connections have 3 options: front, center, rear. Which of these 3 will work best for using just 2 speakers? The manual indicates the first set of speakers be plugged in to the "front" so I'll do that. I am using speaker wire that is copper and silver color. Which is the - and which is +?

re: VSX-5700S

I am unable to hear any sound coming from my phono input for my turntable. What am I doing wrong? Tuner works just fine, speakers are connected correctly, just no sound for my records...

re: VSX-5700S

My receiver does not tune to fm or mw. Not even producing sound when turn to fm. What could the problem?

re: VSX-5700S

Are you on tuner?

re: VSX-5700S

I can run my receiver from my memory and everything works including speakers but i have no display any suggestions would be a great help put 5700 in subject line so i don't trash it thanks

re: VSX-5700S

My 24 year old VSX-5700S has recently gone dark also. Only the red indicator on the volume knob is on.
Like yours, everything else seems to work.
But even before it went dark, the speaker relays sometimes did not make good connection when first turned on or a speaker button A or B was pushed. Usually the right speaker was weak until I turned the volume knob up and back a little. Then the speakers played fine. Maybe it is something in the circuitry and not the relays. The relays do make a mechanical click sound.
I really liked the display on this receiver which makes it very difficult to know what the settings are when you can not see them.
So if anybody has any suggestions we would appreciate them.

re: VSX-5700S

If you guys still have yours, I just bought one and it does the same thing sometimes, panel going black. I give it a firm bop on top of the receiver towards the front and it comes back on. Just don't hit it too hard.

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