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Polk Audio SDA-2

Reference Monitor System

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Polk Audio SDA-2


The principal design goals of the SDA-2 include the reproduction of a much more realistic sonic image. This is particularly important in separating one instrument from another and in recreating an accurate impression of the original hall (or studio) acoustics where the recording was made.

Traditional loudspeaker design has focused on frequency response, distortion, transient response, dynamic range, phase, impedance, etc., in an attempt to make the reproduction of music as free from colouration as possible.

Various other loudspeaker designs have used combinations of reflected and omnidirectional sound to create an illusion that the sound is not coming from the speakers themselves. While paying careful attention to all of the traditional parameters for good loudspeaker design, the SDA-2 goes much further in making the reproduced sound completely free of the loudspeakers themselves.

In doing so the SDA-2 eliminates the problems of acoustic smearing and difficult room placement associated with reflecting or omni loud speakers, while offering all the musicality and detail of traditional systems. In addition it literally opens up a new dimension in the reproduction of music.

The SDA-2 achieves these qualities through the application of technology based on a fundamental analysis of the recording process and the hearing mechanism. In order to create a convincing sonic illusion the loudspeakers must first be made to acoustically disappear.

The method used by the SDA-2 to accomplish this is deceptively simple and relies on the fact that a listener uses both ears to determine the direction of any sound. Specifically, a sound travelling to the listener from any direction other than straight ahead (or behind) arrives at the two ears at slightly different times.


  • Type: 6 driver loudspeaker system

    Bass Radiator: 1 x D-1200-A

    Midbass: 3 x MW 7500

    Tweeter: 2 x SL1000

    Dimensions: 12 x 16 x 39.5 inches

    Weight: 80lbs

  • Type: 3 way, 4 driver loudspeaker system

    Crossover Frequency: 150, 2000Hz

    Impedance: 5Ω

    Bass Radiator: 1 x SW121

    Midbass: 2 x MW6510 cone

    Tweeter: 1 x SL2000 silver dome

    Dimensions: 12 x 15 x 39.5 inches

    Weight: 60lbs



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