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Proton 300



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Reviewed Jul 02nd, 2019 by Reelguy2014

I’ve had this radio since new and it’s fine. Maybe not the highest hi-fi because it is, after all, a table radio and doesn’t pretend to be anything but. Recently the mono-stereo switch has been a bit loopy but otherwise it’s been solid.

Reviewed Apr 14th, 2016 by hstearnsjr

Very nicely designed, powerful and sounds great.



re: Proton 300/301

I suspect the comment about "muddy" sound was for a unit whose tweeter or tweeter amp had blown. I am listening to a 300/301 stereo pair on my Mac playing classical music. I have been very impressed with the sound of these, given how old they are and the somewhat crude construction. Don't get me wrong, they're built like tanks, but that's the point- they appear to have been brute force engineered to achieve a result that could have been accomplished with a lot less heft. And the 'mute' function that cuts in if the music stops for even a few seconds and provides a healthy pop to let you know they're back is totally unnecessary and detracts from the experience.

But the sound is first rate. (For reference, my primary speakers are Martin Logan SL1200 electrostats and my primary headphones are Stax SR-30 electrostats. So I do appreciate high frequencies) I have listened to many Bose speakers, and while they generally present a pleasing sound, hifi they are not. These speakers provide plenty of high frequency detail, image depth and surprising bass. The FM tuner is quite good, but there are relatively few FM stations on the air these days that broadcast a quality signal. Most are oriented toward car commuter listeners, with heavy signal processing to allow the station to be heard above automotive noise.

If you can find either a 300 radio or a 300/301 pair in good working condition, grab them. With the aux input, they have tons of potential uses in addition to just being a truly great radio.

re: 300

I know this radio is almost universally admired and highly reviewed. It's certainly built like a tank; it's very heavy for its size and I like its no nonsense utilitarian style. It also has excellent bass and is quite powerful.

However, like many radios and even what we used to call "hi-fi" components of its era, it sounds muddy. Unless you turn up the treble (can't recall if it also has a midrange control) all the way up--and even then, but a bit less so--it sounds like someone is holding their hand over the speakers. A lot of people seem to like this type of no-midrange, and not much higher frequency, sound typical of the sixties and seventies, but I don't.

Some people have expressed opinions that it sounds better than the Bose Wave. While I have no particular love for Bose, their Wave radio (in my humble opinion) sounds much better. It has a nice, pleasing, balanced sound.

Just as an aside, the best table radio I've ever heard is the Cambridge 88 or 88CD.

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