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Proton D-1200

Dual Mono Power Amplifier

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Proton D-1200


The Proton D-1200 high current amplifier has been carefully developed with complete emphasis on the quality of sound.

Whether adding to an existing audio or video system or as part of an all new system, you are certain to notice the clarity, detail and depth of performance which make Proton products among the best in the world, regardless of price.


Power output: 100 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo), 1800W into 8Ω (mono)

Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz

Total harmonic distortion: 0.02%

Damping factor: 250

Input sensitivity: 1V

Signal to noise ratio: 120dB

Dimensions: 420 x 110 x 365mm

Weight: 15kg



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Reviewed Jul 19th, 2019 by

Insane power amp. With a look that's retro 80's in a good way and timeless at the same time. This amplifier is very fast. And for synergy I prefer it 'above' my statement monoblocks with Alón speakers. This surprised me greatly! Back to the sound. This amplifier doesn't make any mistake soundwise. Layering/soundstage/bass/treble magic you name it. I was already in awe, but last week someone brought Diana Krall - Live in Paris. I'm not familiar with her work, cause it's not my genre. I was blown away. Suddenly my room was transformed into the live venue. Images where solid 3d. Never ever has that happened before. I know the recording is stellar, but I bow my head towards the D1200's

What also helps is buy 2. I have 2 D1200's with original switches on the back to make the double mono construction, 1 mono. It doubles the power! Sadly these versions are quite rare. But are awesome

Reviewed Jun 02nd, 2018 by

Seemingly effortless power, just asks for more. Extraordinarily heavy for its size, components packed in like sardines. Internal build quality not up to par with 70s Japanese gear. Needs to be mated with a good preamplifier to sound its best, such as a Proton or NAD unit. Meters can go flaky but come back to life with fresh solder. Cheap ON/OFF switch may need to be fiddled with.

Reviewed Apr 08th, 2018 by

Amazing clarity

Reviewed Apr 29th, 2017 by

The Proton D-1200 has enough power to amplify my IMF Studio Monitor Speakers. Still very satisfied with this piece of audio equipment!

Reviewed Mar 14th, 2017 by

OK, wery nice

Reviewed Sep 21st, 2014 by

I bought my first D-1200 in 1986, it had a few cold solder joints within the first year... common problem with mid 80's stuff. Only issue I've ever had and it's been used daily.
I picked up another of these in 2009 and now run them as mono blocks. (look for the units with the bridging switch on the rear). I also replaced the meter lamps with LED's... I love these amps!

Reviewed Jul 24th, 2014 by

Is good power amp in association preamp audio research sp9

Reviewed Jun 16th, 2014 by

I am not qualified to really review it, but am super pleased.

I bought a bunch of stereo equipment at a yard sale yesterday for $25.00. Guess what was in with it? Yup, a D1200. I didn't know the name Proton until I looked it up online. But I read up on it, found this site, cleaned it up, and it functions fantastically with the exception of fuse lamps.

I am running the Sony STR-DA30ES receiver (that was part of the yard sale stuff) as a preamp and then to the Proton. My old 2 channel Pioneer speakers have never sounded more clean, crisp, and smooth. And I am not even pushing the D1200, running it around 40-50% of the dial before I am afraid of toasting the speakers or bouncing the family pictures off of the walls. It caused the cd player to skip multiple times.

And there was other nice stuff there from Sony and Denon - guess they just didn't care anymore about it.

Reviewed Jul 03rd, 2013 by




re: D-1200

The king has returned !!

I had this whopper of an amp back in the mid 90`s and even though i didn`t have the the knowledge of a tecnician i felt comfident enougn with a soldering iron that i ventured into upgrading the speaker terminals which went smooth, so i decided to upgrade the internal wiring as well what a mistake because i obviously short circuited something in the process that resulted in my JBL 120 Ti`s demonstrating their bass throw lenght since the woofers recieved a full load in power and stood out what it seemed like 50 cm from the chassis, i almost died from the shock and of course powered the unit down immediately.

Amazingly the sturdy JBL 120 survived and i gave the D-1200 to a childhood friend of mine for free he managed to use his own skills in the elecro technician department to eventually locate and remedy the sabotage i inflicted on this baby, i decided he could keep it since i in the meantime had bought a different setup.

Fast forward to this year where i decided to venture into HiFi once again after over two decades of music from surround sound and MP3, i asked if he still had it an he replied yeah somewhere in storage where it had been for about 5 years, reluctantly he let me have it back and man ohh man the magic has been revived after sleeping for 5 years the amp turned on clicked and was ready to amaze, music as it should be with loads of headroom and dynamics bringing the musicians and singers to life in my livingroom with tons of depth and staging.

My 10 year old daughter just sat in the sofa and had an expression on her face that was priceless, i`ve never seen her sit still and listen for that long and now she`s bringing her friends over for a listening as well, a whole generation has been cheated to think that Ipads, Ipods and PC music is the limit but thanks to the majestic musicality that now endoves my domicile she`ll forever know what true reproduced music should sound like.


I love the headroom that the D1200 has in reserve! Makes the sound seem lively. I bought mine in 1988 along with Boston Acoustics A-150 series II. Not the best match due to the power of the amp, but they sound pretty darn good together. Especially if you like jazz or classical music. I also played a lot of rock, such as Pink Floyd, which sounds very good too. The midrange speakers were blown out once while a friend wanted to hear how loud my stereo would play his favorite CD. Thank goodness I had the warranty.

I bought a Sony V444ES for the surround sound capabilities. Sounds flat by comparison to the D1200 with the exact same system setup.

Sound & Power.

Pair the D1200 up with a pair of Optimus Mach 2 speakers the sound is down right amazing, stunning & powerful. I have my original D1200 paired up with my original Optimus Mach 2 in parallel with my original Optimus 45 (which totals up to a 4 Ohm load) driven direct with my Sony CDP-X229ES from it's variable line out sounds great, clear, open & life like.

These amps are very nice sounding & very underrated. They look great also.

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