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PS Audio IV

Stereo Pre Amplifier

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PS Audio IV


Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz

Total harmonic distortion: 0.01%

Signal to noise ratio: 80dB (MC), 88dB (MM)

Output: 16V (Pre out Max)



re: IV

Schematic included in the Owners Manual only shows the power supply and phono stage.
Someone please post the service manual or schematic of the line stage and power-on timer sections. Thanks.

re: IV

Hi mates, I own a ps-audio preamp v 4.6, and the phono section the right channel I hear dirty and trebel less.

I just wondering if anyone of you have the service manual or if changing the olds capacitor and some resistor it's ok.

I need input please.

My best.

re:PS Audio IV service manual or schematic

I am looking for a service manual or schematic for the PS audio IV and 5.0 preamp. Please help.
Thanks, Bob

re: IV

Anyone has the manual/instruction for PS Audio 4.5 preamp? Thanks.

re: IV

I'm running an Audio Technica AT120E phono cartridge, but I don't know if it's a moving magnet or moving coil design. My guess is MM.

I tried both settings on the PSIV and got poor results. (A Carver phono preamp works great.) Am I missing a clue here?



re: IV

The IV resistive loading is 100K for the MM setting. There are sockets on the board to add resistors in parallel. Use 90.9K 1/4W metal film. Puts the loading at 47.5K. The 120E wants to see about 200pF of capacitance. Some of the earlier IVs had 50pF on the inputs, later it changed to 150pF. Combined with your tonearm cable capacitance, it might be too high. I've owned a couple of IVs and the later IVHs. They're excellent phono stages with ruler flat RIAA.

re: IV

The Audio Technica AT120E is a moving magnet.
Funny, I sold my MOON phono pre-amp because I was very happy of quality from the PS Audio

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