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Pure DRX-701ES

DAB Digital Radio Tuner (2002)

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Pure DRX-701ES


Type: Mono/Stereo DAB Tuner

Tuning Bands: FM, MW

Tuning Scale: Digital

Dimensions: 430 x 65 x 270mm

Accessories: remote control

Year: 2002



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Reviewed Jul 03rd, 2018 by maggie204

Bought this tuner new 15 years ago and still sounds superb today, it also looks amazing. No longer supported by Pure and even when it was the support was poor. No Bluetooth functionality or Wi-Fi connectivity which is a great shame, cannot even be done in retrospect, having said that it is rather wonderful to listen to.



dave_tutt's picture

re: DRX-701ES

Just as a guide to these tuners, there are many of them out there second hand at the moment. I have had at least three through the workshop this year all with the main smoothing capacitor dried up due to the close proximity of the 7805 regulator that is soldered to the PCB right next to it. Fortunately these three all recovered once the capacitor (2200uf 25volt but a 35 volt 105 degree one is best) has been replaced. Don't fit it so that it is the same as the original, i.e. hard down on the PCB. Lift it up on its legs and heel it over so it sits flat and away from the regulator. This will ensure it doesn't fail again since it is permanently connected to the incoming supply. Oh for proper mains switches!

Another fault is failure of the regulator which is a pig to get off the board but it can be done. Do the capacitor at the same time and it should come on again. I have had one that is in the workshop today with both failures and appears dead as you would expect. It didn't recover once the normal repair had been done. I am trying to find where the latch circuit that turns the thing on actually sits as I need to fix this in the next few days if possible but the owner has gone away to his Euro-home so I have a 6 week investigation if it doesn't work tomorrow. I'll update here when I find the fault.

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