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re: 42-2101

One of my favorite things about Hi-Fi Engine is being able to browse through manuals of things that interested me from childhood. Now, with electronics both a profession and a hobby I can see the bad and good looking at schematics, service information, my own experiences, and reviews of others.
Radio Shack's great thing was until relatively late compared to other companies was providing a schematic of the product.
Looking at this phono preamp, the time constants would absolutely be wrong and it likely would sound "tinny" or thin. It isn't a lost cause if you know how to solder and want to play, though. The 2SC1327 is a great choice for the transistors. Though the pin-out is different, I'd be creative and use the BC550C (Hfe 420 to 800) as a replacement but only if they're bad. The extra capacitor in series with the input should be a jumper. C01, 02 should be a low leakage current (Nichicon UKL1H4R7MDDANA) type. C5 and C6 should be 100pF NP0, C9, C10 needs to be 470uF. C13 and C14 should be 3300pF and better than 5%, R17, 18 should be 270k not 220k. C11, 12, 13, 14 should all be some type of film capacitor. The equalization accuracy will be much better with these changes.
If you're just beginning with electronics and repairs, like playing records, and have one of these, this is a great place to start. Just be careful around the AC power input!!!

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