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Realistic Minimus 7

Metal Cabinet Speaker System

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Realistic Minimus 7


The Minimus 7 is little only in size, not in performance - it's a real giant in concert hall sound.

The high compliance woofer element gives astounding bass and the dome tweeter produces crisp, clean highs.

Careful acoustic design matches the two dynamic elements with the enclosure and damping materials - resulting in amazingly smooth, broad frequency response.


Type: 2 way, 2 driver loudspeaker system

Frequency Response: 50Hz to 22kHz

Power Handling: 40W

Impedance: 8Ω

Bass: 1 x 100mm high compliance

Tweeter: 1 x 25mm dome

Finish: die cast aluminium cabinet

Dimensions: 180 x 113 x 110mm

Weight: 2.03kg



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Reviewed Sep 18th, 2019 by AudioGMan

One of the best products to ever come out of Radio Shack. I currently own two pair of the Japan made walnut veneer versions. One pair is mounted to my living room wall and used as my rear surround sound speakers. The other pair is hooked up in a bedroom to a Sansui G3500 receiver. I have also owned three pairs of the Japan made die cast aluminum versions. The 7s were a great value when sold new and even now that they are discontinued and have to be bought used. You will be hard pressed to find a similar sized 4” two way speaker that sounds just as good for the same dollar amount and with the same build quality. They’re not perfect though. The woofer runs wide open and the tweeter uses a simple coil and cap for a crossover. You can find countless crossover mods online but I don’t know why people bother with all that. In my opinion it isn’t worth the time, money, and effort to try and fix the shortcomings. Also because there just isn’t very much internal volume in the small cabinets and adding more crossover components just means using more of that volume and sacrificing the bass. Just use an equalizer instead. The wood versions have larger outer dimensions because they have to compensate for the fact that wood is not as dense as aluminum but they are very well built. The aluminum versions are very rigid, strong, and do not exhibit any ringing. Some say that the wood version sounds better but I hear no difference in the two. For what they are they are great little speakers. The spring terminals are not too bad. Although the 4” woofer does put out some impressive bass it’s still a 4” woofer so it can only do so much. At least it has a rubber surround so no foam rot to ever worry about. The soft dome tweeter sounds very smooth with good dispersion. Don’t expect to throw a party with just a pair of them or you’ll quickly blow them out. But in a bedroom or a small outdoor patio mounted under an eave they’re perfect. They will work even better as satellites crossed over at 100Hz or above and use a subwoofer to handle the bass.

Reviewed Jul 12th, 2019 by smpacheco

I have collected a few set of these over the years. A friend installed a set in a Chevy Nomad, and later in a '74 Mazda. I was always impressed with what the 4 inch drivers could pass in such a small package. So a set were put to test as back yard (under the eve) speakers. Surprisingly still good! Guess I'll keep 'em!

Reviewed Aug 25th, 2018 by Dkazoroski

I have a pair in continuous daily service since the late 70's.
Still going strong! One of the best background music speakers out there, but they can go to room filling levels and stay clean and non-fatiguing for hours on end.
It's a shame they are no longer made. Also sad that Radio Shack is gone now too. They had some pretty decent stuff back in the day.

Reviewed Jul 23rd, 2018 by Txt

The stock Minimus 7 is a decent speaker but it just cries out for a more sophisticated crossover. There are many plans and kits available online but I’ve found the easiest solution is the crossover upgrade for the Micca MB42. You’ll get an already assembled Zobel Network crossover design with a sharp 18db/octave alignment, and the job takes about a half hour. The results are stunning, low tones go to the woofer and highs go to the tweeter, and each speaker element does precisely what it was designed to do. I got a nice pair of M7s on Craigslist for $30, and with an additional thirty dollar investment in the crossover, I’ve got a pair of mini speakers that holds its own with anything made today.

Reviewed Mar 16th, 2018 by scootersage

These were rugged little guys. I used them in the late 70's as car speakers in Jeep Wagoneer's along with a little Realistic 40 watt booster. They came with a nice little bracket to hang them.

Reviewed Apr 27th, 2017 by TexasBigEars

One of the highest quality, truly high-fidelity, used speakers you can buy, especially since the advent (pun intended) of powered sub-woofers and sub-woofer outputs.
Why? Because they have high quality tweeters - what is missing from almost all sub 5-figure speaker systems.
Get a pair of these greats, hook them up to your receiver, and play them at a reasonable (not loud) for, at least, two weeks continuously to let the x-over caps and the driver suspensions rebreak-in; and then you'll have a quality speaker system that's almost impossible to beat... if you want a music reproductions system.
Add an 8-inch (so that it can keep up with the mid-range) powered sub-woofer, cross it over at 120 Hz, and then experience all of the music for the first time!
It ain't a Staged DRM, but it is heavenly good!

Reviewed Nov 27th, 2016 by Invictus50

I had to join HI FI just to post this review. I always loved these little speakers which I bought in the 70's or 80's can't remember. Anyway, I've been using Yorkville Sound YSM-1 cabinet speakers on my system and was very unhappy when I lost the woofer on one of them. I dusted off these tiny cast aluminium speakers and hooked them up - and - I was amazed! I live in a church with a 25 foot ceiling and the place is filled with clear uncolored sound. Amazing.

Reviewed Mar 10th, 2015 by vickiehifi

I'm surprised that this little iconic speaker has not been reviewed before... maybe it is like a little guilty pleasure? Like enjoying a reality show on tv (Honey Boo-Boo?) but afraid to admit that to your friends? I've always liked these for their size and minimalist design. These were used in many restaurants and stores, mounted high in the corners and I always thought they had a pleasant, open sound, especially when placed as described. I recently bought a late 70's pair of these, and I did mod them with new woofers and a redesigned crossover and low pass filter that is being sold on Ebay. The improvement over stock is significant. No speaker this size is going to have much bass presence, but from about 100 Hz upward, the lower registers come through quite clearly. The Realistic soft dome tweeters are surprisingly good, and sparkle through clearly after performing a crossover mod as I did. The stock circuit didn't do much, still in their stock form these speakers were pretty good for most people. Worth the upgrade for the enclosure design, size and decent tweeters. If you have an old pair or can pick a pair up cheap at a garage sale, they are worth the time and expense of upgrading.



re: Minimus 7

Well , i grew up while these Radio Shack stores were in business back in the days 70's -80's 90's . So, for Y'all out There, , Minimus 7 or any Minimus or Maximus stuff was in fact, just above « Crap » and bellow anything else out there.. I Just Can't believe what i'm reading ... We called the stores « Radio Scrap » in Canada .. and if you absolutely want something made of metal that is truly a hi-fi speaker and worth it, try the previous Technics sb-fi .. Also, anything from Mission in the 80's .. loll .. Nostalgia affects all of us .. but seriously .. i,M reading some $600 little bookshelf's that « could » measure up ??? ... Good luck with all that . i wouldn't pay more than $20 a pair n Mint Condition, and even then , i couldn't find a way to use 'em .. .. Radio Shack Stuff wasn't great y,all ! It was re-branded crap with a higher profit margin .. that's what it was . ;)

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re: Minimus 7

when did you last hear a pair?

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re: Minimus 7

I've got three pairs of these things- one japanese, one korean & one malay, & I have to say I can't hear any difference, so there's an end to that snobbishness! :-)

they are astonishing. I have a pair of them sitting on top of some tannoy system-8 NFMs & I have to keep checking which speakers have the cables going to them. they produce more bass with more authority than they have any right to do. & this is with the stock drivers. see a pair, grab them.


I'm up to seven pairs now, & some spare drivers. these things are really punching above their weight, & are great for late-night listening. my 'big' speakers are tannoy cheviots, but I also have DC200s, NFM8s & a pair of genelecs a bit bigger than the minimus 7s. the minimus are just so nice to listen to, & you never feel that there's anything missing. the staging & image are solid... again, even for a boxed new pair, you won't generally have to go much above £50, because they're sleepers. great nearfields, good all-rounders, perfect surrounds or car speakers, kitchen, bedroom... I have them in my main listening room, running off a bryston 2B as a b-circuit on my main system.

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