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Realistic STA-2080

AM/FM Stereo Receiver (1981-83)

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Realistic STA-2080


Tuning range: FM, MW

Power output: 80 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo)

Frequency response: 20Hz to 20kHz

Input sensitivity: 2.2mV (MM), 160mV (line)

Signal to noise ratio: 70dB (MM), 75dB (line)

Output: 140mV (line), 3.3mV (DIN)



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Reviewed Jan 22nd, 2020 by

Just welcomed home a completely serviced 2080 (new caps, alignment, calibrated, solder joints, bulbs, deep polished, etc.) from Crossed Paths Vintage in TX - they did an absolutely beautiful job. Sounds incredible, warm & rich, and the original front panel design & lighting (no LEDs) is gorgeous. Nice deep bass & crisp highs, which my JBL J216s bring out beautifully - to my ear, they're a perfect match for the 83wpc of the Realistic, great presence & depth even at relatively low volume levels. Turntable is a Technics SL6 in perfect condition - I love the linear tracking & auto functions, & it pairs up wonderfully w. the STA's phono state - very quiet overall noise floor. Lastly, the tuner section is top-notch - excellent AM/FM selection sensitivity & stereo separation. The crown jewel of my little system will always be the outstanding STA-2080.

Reviewed Dec 06th, 2017 by

This was my first piece of vintage audio equipment and it made me fall in love with music all over again. I found this receiver while cleaning out my mothers shed a few years ago..cleaned the face plate and the circuit board and it works WONDERFULLY. I have 4 speakers connected to it and it will blast you out of the room with the volume up 1/8th of the way.

Reviewed Nov 28th, 2017 by

As Radio Shack hasn't manufactured their own electronics in decades, they relied on outside vendors. In this time frame they bought and rebranded Pioneer and Onkyo. Having serviced both for 42 years, I can say with confidence this is a Pioneer unit. Which, in my humble opinion, is the better of the two.

Reviewed Jan 12th, 2016 by

I purchased my STA-2080 brand new sometime around 1981-82. An incredibly durable, powerful receiver. Had it serviced last May 2015 for the first time ever. Have it hooked up to an ADC Sound Shaper Ten EQ running through a pair of Pioneer HPM 900’s. Absolutely love it!

Reviewed Jun 09th, 2015 by


Reviewed Feb 13th, 2015 by

This is my favorite receiver out of many. It will drive two pair of Mach One's all day The manual says 'now you can listen to your music at concert volume'. How right it is.

Reviewed Aug 03rd, 2014 by

This is a highly under rated receiver. I have owned one for several years (replaced a Marantz 2220B) and find it up to the task. While not as warm as a Marantz, it is comparable to my Pioneer in the same power range. Excellent receiver and does the task extremely well. It is fed by a Paramount Pictures (OEM from SSI) 3200 surround sound system and drives the front channels. The rear channels are fed by a Realistic 960.

Reviewed May 16th, 2014 by

All the right features of the more expensive Pioneer and Sansui of the day. This thing kick butt! Drives my Cerwin Vega AT-12 all day long with no issues.



re: STA-2080

The STA-2080 was the last of the high power analog receivers sold by Radio Shack, 1981 thru 1983. Built by Tandy Electronics in Korea. Per buyer Bernie Appel, "Pioneer never had anything to do with it!". Pioneer built NOTHING for Radio Shack in this time period. They did build some receivers for Allied, but not Radio Shack. The 2080 is the best sounding analog receiver the Shack ever sold, bettered only by the digital STA-2200. The FM tuner is terrific and can be hot rodded into an excellent stand alone tuner. I actually used the tuner only in my home system and it sounded great. Also (subjectively) one of the most gorgeous receivers from Realistic, right there with the Foster Electric built STA-95/960. The 2080 would be my first choice among Realistic analog receivers.

re: STA-2080

I have brought my realistic sta 2080 whilst I was in high school and loved the sound and quality ever since however it's been in storage for 5 years and look to be in a need of a jump start . Is there a teck out there willing to give it a go ??

I'm in the Melboune Victoria area

Regards peter

re: STA-2080

Sorry there is no Realistic STA-2000D in HiFi Engine so ...

I have a STA-2000D and I like the power ( 75 watts/chanel)

The 2 sections :: pre-amp and amp separeted as I wish

The quality of sound from this receiver is like Pioneer receivers in sound, construction, quality in all like Marantz old receivers according to me (IMO) ...

re: STA-2080

On my review I left off the speakers. The STA-2080 is driving a pair of Yamaha NS-690s (I bought these in 1979, rebuilt 5 years ago) which sounds great. Rear speakers off the STA-960 are Polk T15s. On the surround sound I am using phantom mode for center speaker (center comes balanced through both front speakers). For subwoofer I am using a Polk PSW10. I used to have a Sony Surround System (STR DE895) - the vintage receivers have a much better sound.

re: STA-2080

Many thanks for posting the SM for the STA-2080. I lost mine and my output transistors blew on one channel.
Most likely cause is drifting (DC off set ) , my guess as the Amp was running warm the last few months despite of having a cooling fan forcing air through.
I have replacements on order and will recap, and check all other driver transistors too. Hope to get it going again as it is a great Amp which I have owned sine new in 1981.
Will keep you posted with the outcome.
A short video is on YouTube with the smoke cloud after replacing the mains 3.15 Amp fuse with a 4 Amps one. Not happy.

re: STA-2080

Real smart move buddy..

corvetteguru's picture

re: STA-2080

Great stuff!

I am an original owner of a STA-2080! I love it. Still jams after all these years. It is 32 years young. Bought it in the summer of 1981!!!!!!! Seems like a lifetime ago.

It seems as if the meter issue is quite common... no biggie... the book shows how to adjust.

I want to replace the various steel RCA plugs in the back with gold plated one. And also clean out the bass/mid/treble/volume pots, because every time you touch them, there is a crackle in the speaker.

I picked up a cheap HD radio tuner for it from Radio Shack, Auivo or something like that... retailed for some 99.99, and I got if for $29.99 on close out, new in box!!

Somewhere, I have the manual and schematics... I will find and upload.

Next up, speakers...

re: STA-2080

You claim that the power meter issue is no biggie and that the service manual shows how to adjust them.

However, can you (or anyone else) tell me where the heck VR701 and VR702 adjustments are??
I opened up the receiver's top cover and can't find them.

gyrene's picture

STA 2080

thank you so much for the service manual on this unit.
I wish I had something to contribute to the library.
This site is great.With out the schematics I have found in here I would not have been able to work on 90% of the units I have.
Good work,whomever.

thank you thank you thank you!!!

Been searching for this SM for years! Big shout out to the uploader!!!! P69

A BIG thanks

TO whoever posted this service manual here.

I've seen a slew of folks looking for this in the last year.

Two thumbs UP!!


This is a manual I havent been able to find for a long time. Thank you so much!!

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