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Tape Deck Routing Switch

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Realistic Tape Control Center


Typically to record from one tape deck to one or more other units meant a tangle of cords and confusion. Your Realistic Stereo Tape Control Center ends that.

Now, by only rotating several knobs, you can designate one or more decks as dubbing recorders without the inconvenience of any reconnections.

You can also record a program source from your amplifier to one or more decks at the same time.

Finally, an equalizer may be inserted in the system for even more control. And, it adds all this flexibility without using another AC outlet.


Channel separation: 70dB

Crosstalk: 70dB

Total gain: 0dB

Dimensions: 155 x 57 x 110mm

Weight: 360g



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Reviewed Jun 04th, 2014 by periphix

Bought one of these about a quarter of a century ago.
It's come into use again, adding PC onto HI-FI system.
There is a ground hum loop on the audio system. A couple of 1:1 stereo isolation transformers are on order.
These will go on in/out to preamp, which is on the tape input.
I can then plug in two tape decks if required, anything on the HI-FI can then go straight onto the PC to fettle in Audacity, as well as playing the PC thro' the full system.
I have noticed a squirt of Servisol Super 10 switch cleaning lubricant every now and then, keep the switches in good order.
So glad I've got this after so many years.



re: Tape Control Center

Was looking for a user manual for the Realistic Tape Control Center. And I just found it. I bought this RTCC unit second-hand on eBay recently. Unfortunately, it lacked the instruction manual. I am not familiar with it. But although, perhaps, easy to figure out how it works, after all it's a passive gadget, it is better to know exactly how to use it, rather than fumbling in the dark.

Thank You

Thank you, frequentC, for the 42-2105 manual. Just what I wanted!

Realistic 42-2115 , amp to audio recorder in/out loop expander

Realistic Tape Control Center 42-2115 rotary switch type (1989)
just search this site to find
circuit diagram for the 42-2115 Realistic Tape Control Center
tape loop expander , connect tape , cd-recorder , dat , mini disc , pc audio-in-out
any recorder can be used ,
now found and uploaded manual for all to see
why not build one yourself from the circuit diagram

note flip switch version shown above is older type
Realistic 42-2105 Stereo Tape Control Center
manual is on this website !

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