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Rotel High End Series


RHA-10, RHB-05, RHB-10, RHC-10, RHCC-10, RHCD-10, RHQ-10, RHSC-10, RHT-10



re: High End Series

I have two RHB10 Rotel amps...The left amp has stopped working ie. it won't switch on!
Any ideas welcome please

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re: High End Series

Hi David,

Right- you prepared to take this thing apart?
Aside from checking the bleeding obvious, like a plug fuse, you should start by looking for an internal glass cartridge fuse (either 20mm or 1.25"), normally either in a rear panel or on the PSU board.
You are really going to need a basic (£5) test meter beyond this point.
VERY CAREFULLY with the lid off and no pets or kids about (put strong rubber gloves on if you're worried about the electricity, and don't hold the earthed chassis etc. but use only one hand)- check the VAC coming into the transformer.
You should see 230V across the input side of course, and whatever the output Voltage is on the output side (eg. 35VAC)- or it's dead.
Next, check the VDC coming out of the PSU board (which is probably seperate from the tranny), you would expect to see a ground (eg. chassis) to +ve rail output of about 24VDC or whatever. It will either be there or not.
If not, check the bridge rectifier (normally a square black thing 3/4" or so, otherwise a group of high power diodes). Here you would find a higher VDC of say 35V in and 24VDC (RMS) out. Other than that, there are probably not a lot of other major components in there apart from the smoothing caps, which wouldn't stop it coming on if failed (unless they shorted internally and keep blowing fuses.
If you find it's a bit complicated in there, you could take the other amp apart and do direct point-to-point circuitry comparisons.
So, if you have a power supply to the amp pcb, then it's something else- for later!
Let me know how you get on up to here.


Exeter, Devon

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