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Rotel Products


  • Rotel Products 2004

    RA-02, RA-1062, RA-1070, RB-1050, RB-1070, RB-1080, RB-1090, RC-1070, RC-1090, RCC-1055, RCD-02, RCD-1072, RDV-1040, RDV-1050, RDV-1060, RLC-900, RMB-1048, RMB-1066, RMB-1075, RMB-1095, RQ-970, RSDX-02, RSP-1068, RSP-1098, RSS-900, RSX-1056, RSX-1067, RT-02, RT-1080, RX-1050

    Year: 2004

  • Rotel Products 2005-2006

    RA-01, RA-02, RA-03, RA-1062, RA-1070, RB-03, RB-1050, RB-1070, RB-1080, RB-1090, RC-03, RC-1070, RC-1090, RCD-02, RCD-1072, RDV-03, RDV-1050, RDV-1060, RLC-1050, RMB-1048, RMB-1066, RMB-1075, RMB-1077, RMB-1095, RSDX-02, RSP-1068, RSP-1098, RSS-900, RSX-03, RSX-1056, RSX-1067, RT-02, RT-1080

    Year: 2005-2006

  • Rotel Products 2007-2008

    RA-04, RA-05, RA-06, RA-1062, RA-1070, RB-06, RB-1050, RB-1070, RB-1072, RB-1080, RB-1091, RB-1092, RC-06, RC-1070, RC-1082, RCC-1055, RCD-06, RCD-1072, RDV-1062, RDV-1093, RHB-200, RKB-2100, RKB-250, RKB-650, RKP-200, RMB-1048, RMB-1066, RMB-1075, RMB-1077, RMB-1095, RSP-1069, RSP-1098, RSX-1057, RSX-1058, RSX-1067, RT-06, RT-1080, RT-1082, RVE-1060, RX-1052

    Year: 2007-2008

  • Rotel Products 2009

    DAB-T10HEP, RA-04, RA-05, RA-1520, RB-06, RB-1510, RB-1552, RB-1562, RB-1572, RB-1582, RC-06, RC-1550, RC-1580, RCD-06, RCD-1520, RMB-1506, RMB-1565, RMB-1575, RSP-1570, RSX-1550, RSX-1560, RT-06

    Year: 2009

  • Rotel Products 2014-2015

    RA-10, RA-11 v2, RA-12 v2, RA-1570, RB-1552 mkII, RB-1572, RB-1582 mkII, RB-1590, RC-1570, RC-1590, RCD-12, RCD-1570, RCX-1500, RDD-1580, RKB-8100, RKB-850, RKB-D8100, RKB-D850, RMB-1506, RMB-1512, RMB-1555, RMB-1575, RMB-1585, RSP-1572, RSP-1582, RSX-1562, RT-11 v2, RT-12, RT-1570

    Year: 2014-2015



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