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Rotel RSP-960

Surround Sound Processor

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Rotel RSP-960


With the introduction of Dolby Surround Pro Logic, we are now capable of listening to soundtracks with the excitement and emotion of modern cinema theaters.

Dolby Surround decoders are designed to work together with specially encoded audio soundtracks (Dolby Stereo movies or Dolby Surround video productions) which include a specially recorded center speaker signal.

This adds to the conventional front and rear speaker signals, giving an added front-to-back dimension and a continuous left-to-right dimension, enabling the listener to feel he or she is a part of the sounds and images being heard and seen.

The RSP-960AX surround sound processor combines the ability of listening to Dolby Surround Pro Logic recordings with full or partial effects (depending on the speaker systems used), with the opportunity of also listening to other programs in any one of three simulated surround modes: Jazz Club, Concert Hall and Stadium.

There is also an additional Stereo button, which bypasses all surround modes, and creates a 'stereo' sounding effect for monaural sources, such as old soundtracks or records.

Six components may be directly connected to the RSP-960AX via the following inputs: Line, Tape, Laser Disc (LD), Video 1, Video 2 and TV Monitor. If the LD, Video 1, Video 2 and TV Monitor components are S-video compatible, they can be connected to the high grade S-video connectors (transcoders), which provides far superior picture quality.

Three Dolby Pro Logic modes can be experienced:

Wide Center mode (assuming 3 identical full range front speakers), creates the 'widest' frequency response in the center as well as the left and right speakers.

Normal Center mode removes the low bass frequencies from the center speakers.

Phantom Center mode creates a 'phantom' channel between the front speakers, when there is no center speaker.

The Level Check button allows the adjustment of the speakers' output levels. The Delay Time button gives a choice of listening to soundtracks with either a 20 or 30 millisecond delay time, depending on the size of the room and distance of the speakers. The Bass Equalizer button increases the low level frequencies up 8 dB for the whole speaker system.

The RSP-960AX comes with a comprehensive remote control unit, the RR-907, which duplicates all front panel functions, as well as including a Mute function.


Video Connections: composite, SVHS

Dimensions: 440 x 92 x 329mm

Weight: 6kg

Accessories: remote control



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