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Digital Signal Processors (1998-06)

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Sabine Graphi-Q



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Reviewed Jul 17th, 2019 by Rbshreve2

The basic design dates to 1999. Think about Windows 98, and the Y2K worries. Digital signal processors were high-end gear and the Graphi-Q sold for around $1,200. Even at that price it was quite a value - a whole basic tools rack in a single two rack unit package.

Today there are certainly more reliable choices incorporated in professional packages that include whole sound boards with digital presets. So why are these legacy devices still actively traded on eBay?

This device offers entry level Digital Signal Processing tools that would fill a rack and cost much more if purchased separately. It is a 1/3 octive 31 band equalizer, followed in the chain by a high pass and a low pass filter, followed by an automated 12 channel feedback notch filter, followed by a full featured compressor, followed by a limiter, and then a digital delay to allow speakers distant from the stage to be synchronized with the sound eminating from the stage. Not too shabby for between $35 and $150 bucks.

You could think of it, coupled with the excellent user manual, as a lab course for sound engineering 101.



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