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Sansui AU-101

Solid State Stereo Amplifier (1973-74)

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Sansui AU-101


The Sansui AU-101 incorporates many of the state of the art features of the more powerful AU-555A, including an all silicon solid state design, professional arrangement of controls and a satin black control panel.

Like all other AU series amplifiers, the AU-101's tonal quality has been perfected and proved not only by precision electronic measuring instruments, but also by repeated listening tests in a wide variety of environments.


Power output: 15 watts per channel into 8Ω (stereo)

Frequency response: 20Hz to 60kHz

Total harmonic distortion: 0.8%

Input sensitivity: 4mV (mic), 3mV (MM), 200mV (DIN), 200mV (line)

Signal to noise ratio: 65dB (MM), 75dB (line)

Channel separation: 45dB (MM), 45dB (line)

Output: 200mV (line), 30mV (DIN)

Speaker load impedance: 4Ω to 16Ω

Semiconductors: 18 x transistors, 4 x diodes

Dimensions: 407 x 115 x 278mm

Weight: 5.9kg



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re: AU-101

Thank you for allowing me to restore this 45 years old delicious little amp.The high-resolution service manual was very helpful!
I took the opportunity to make some improvements after full re-cap and deep de-ox, disassembling switches and potentiometers: a bigger filter cap, and i replaced the 3-positions input switch with a 5-positions model to increase the number of inputs: no new holes on the rear panel, just some cables with RCA female plugs going out. It sounds good, and i like its nice, minimal look. So, i also made a pre-out output to connect a more powerful final amp in the future.

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re: AU-101

Thanks for all this info and particularly the hi res service manual and schematic.
Easy to read and far better than I could find elsewhere!

Apart from other suggestions offered here, I would definitely up the main filter cap to 4700uf or 10000uf if you like.
The speaker coupling caps I would take up to 4700uf too.
Always best to have the 3db cutoff point well below (about 10 times) what you really need to prevent any phase distortions.
For better base, other coupling caps can also be increased if necessary, also emitter bypass caps.
Quite a good article about it here..

re: AU-101

After selling this amp back in 90ties ,i started looking for it in 2016 and finally found one which is faulty .Hopefully i can get it working again.

update 2017.Got this working again..culprit was the rectifier unit.this amp has a really good quality sound for its low power rating.

re: AU-101

Thank you very much for the downloads!

re: AU-101

hi! really nice, thanks a lot!
have a good day ;)
Eric from France

re: AU-101

Muito obrigado!
Acabei de comprar um exemplar deste amplificador, pifado. Estes manuais e esquema técnico servirão, acredito, para um técnico consertar o aparelho.
Thanks a lot!

re: AU-101

Thank you for posting this information. I just received this unit at the op-shop and wanted to restore it, a lot of crackling from the pots. It sounds really nice if you don't touch the controls.

re: AU-101

Vraiment MERCI pour la mise à disposition de ces documents d'une autre époque et qui de plus sont de qualité...que c'est agréable d'avoir des schémas lisibles!

re: AU-101

Thanks, From Batam Island Indonesia..

re: AU-101

Re the AU101 during the 70's I must have repaired ~100 of these, the biggest problem is with the output transistors type 2SC1061 (also used in a Rotel amplifier). After driving the amplifier hard for about 10 minutes they would suffer a large increase in distortion if allowed to cool down the amplifier would recover.
It was our normal practice to replace the 2SC1061 transistors in both channels regardless of the fault reported by the customer.
Our preferred replacement was the TIP 41C (a bit over rated for the job but they never let us down) then adjust the quiescent current in the output devices to 20~25ma.

re: AU-101

Hi caskman,
Perhaps you can point me in the right direction.
My Sansui AU 101 Amplifier has suddenly failed. The power light comes on but there's no response from the stylus. I have checked the "Quick acting fuses" and they are O.K. Can you please suggest what else could be wrong? The only thing that happened recently which may have a bearing is a record sleeve was left on top of the amplifier by mistake.

re: AU-101

I rescued my 101 from a skip, it had wire from phono earth to earth on plug? Took this out as didn't look to clever! Is this good practise?
I was using jbl control 1 8ohms speakers of which sound was good but lacking bass end.
I bought a sub from boot fair, a cinema system Sony SS-WS83 1.5ohms (i think) of which had grey and black clip in connectors. I ran leads to 1 channel doubled up with speaker leads.
I have had many amps etc.. And have ears like hawks so notice any nasty tones. The sound was unbelievable, great tonal contrasts, with the subtle depth coming from the sub. Couldn't belive it my mission was complete. My ears satisfied..
Until I tried to see how much this set up could take as seemed faultless throughout, I ran at mid volume pretty loud for around an hour. Then noticed very slight scratchy speaker noise from left channel. Swaped channels, speakers were ok. I took it down to an old skool electronics shop. I described the problem. 2 Weeks later fixed, I picked it up with a bag of capacitors etc he had replaced. £50 although didn't cost me anything and was itching to warm it up again.
Noticed the balance seemed all over, but speakers seemed to have equal sound in middle position.
After 3 hours of NORMAL play without sub the scratch is back! on left channel.
Any ideas? Took it back today...
When connecting sub is it best to connect to both channels rather than 1 (or not at all)?
I have no knowledge of internal electronics, although have just replaced usb connector on my midi keyboard with sucsess.. yipee
I would appreciate your help

Slippers (ampless)

re: AU-101

That will be one of the small signal driver transistors going bad.
they get the black oxidisation up the legs and this gets into the PN Junction.
those transistors will have to be replaced. Sad, but it happens on quite a few of these old Sansui amps. You probably cant get the original transistors, You will have to use a substitute.

re: AU-101

Thank you both for the contribution :)

re: AU-101

Bought the AU-101 when it first came out! Retrieved from storage - need to restore - lost manual - yours should greatly assist - many thanks.

re: AU-101

Thanks a lot for the schematic: a little help for our planet.
I wish to add a little contribute: in my amplifier (s/n 821032220) the bias circuit is made by 1 double diode and 82 ohm resistor in series.
I made the following replacement:
VAS = BC140
drives = BC302 + BC303
Output BJT = TIP31A
Finally, I read:
Iddle current = 10mA

Best wishes

Sansui AU 101

Thank you very much for the service manual. A friend gave me a very beat up, however pristine working example that I had gave a thorough cleaning, replaced the wood sides with custom and taking it tomorrow to tech for thorough cleaning/servicing. A very warm sounding little vintage gem here..

Manual for Sansui AU101

Thank you for the manual.

Thank you...

Best regard from indonesia..

Thanks! My AU-101 has been

Thanks! My AU-101 has been gathering dust and its time to get her fixed up :)

you guys rock!

you guys rock!

Thank you

Just dusted off the ol'amp and want to clean it up. Nice to have the specs on hand as I lost the original many moons ago. I have had this since new and it always seems to blow away the new ones I buy(which only last a few years nowadays). Mine has the all black back and the wood sides. It's has driven many many eight tracks, cassettes and record players over the years.


Thanks a lot !

From France !

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Sansui AU-101 manual

Thank you very much for this one.
The main schematics can be a bit difficult to read in places, but very helpful nonetheless.


Thanks for the service

Thanks for the service manual.
Great contribution!

Sansui AU-101 manual

Thank you for the manual.

Sansui AU-101 Manual

Many thanks for the download

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Great service.... the manual

Great service.... the manual downloaded:-)

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