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Sansui Collection


  • Sansui Collection 1987

    AT-700, AU-X201i, AU-X301i, AU-X501, AU-X701, AU-X901, B-2102, B-2301, C-2102, C-2301, CD-X301i, CD-X501i, CD-X510M, CD-X701i, D-W11, D-X301i, D-X301iR, D-X501, D-X701, DM-3, DM-5, DM-7, EM-5, EM-P2, FX-W32R, FX-W52R, MS-33, PM-C50, RA-1000, RZ-1000, RZ-3000, RZ-5000, RZ-7000, S-X1200, S-X900, SE-77, SE-80, SE-88, SE-99, SP-100i, SP-Z770, SP-Z990, SS-L33, SS-L55, TU-X301i, TU-X501, TU-X701, VX-99

    Year: 1987

  • Sansui Collection 1989-1990

    AU-X111, AU-X201i, AU-X301i, AU-X501, AU-X701, AU-X901, AU-X911DG, AV-77, AV-C10, B-1000, B-2102, B-2301, C-1000, C-2102, C-2301, CD-V1000, CD-X105, CD-X301i, CD-X311, CD-X501i, CD-X510M, CD-X701i, CD-X711, D-1000W, D-3000WR, D-W11, D-X111, D-X111R, D-X301i, D-X301iR, D-X501, D-X701, DM-3, DM-5, DM-7, EM-5, GX-11G, GX-9G, P-2000, RG-700, RZ-1000, RZ-3000, S-100XD, S-550G mkII, S-770G mkII, S-U770, S-U970, S-X900, SE-1000, SE-88, SP-100i, SP-X1U, SP-X2U, SP-X3U, SR-222 mkV, SS-L33, SS-L55, T-1000, TU-X111, TU-X301i, TU-X501, TU-X701, TU-X711, VX-99

    Year: 1989-1990



sansui RZ-3000

Hi! I'ma technician. I have a Sansui model RZ-3000 problem. The electricity went off and when it came back, the standby red light is on on the amp but when i plug it in the wall, i hear the relay goes on and than off. After the standby light is still on but when i press to switch the amp on, nothing. I don't know where to go, how to proceed even with the schematic that is not so good. Help please. Regards,


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