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Sansui HiFi Buyers Guide


Thirty years experience as high fidelity specialists stand behind every piece of equipment in the Sansui range.

Thirty years in which Sansui has acquired an enviable reputation for unvarying quality and advanced engineering design. Our initial product, a power transformer designed to meet exacting performance and reliability specifications, established the standards against which every subsequent Sansui product has been measured.

Consistently meeting rigorous quality standards has repeatedly led us back to re-think the basic design of electronic components and electro / mechanical systems in terms of the specific role each plays in the accurate reproduction of music.

The result of our fresh approach has been a series of innovations placing Sansui, year after year, in the forefront of state-of-the-art audio engineering - attested to by an impressive list of world wide patents and the high esteem of Hi-Fi experts and enthusiasts everywhere.

Developing expertise in manufacturing techniques alongside advance design has consistently enabled us to rapidly incorporate the latest technology into our full range of equipment.

From the moderately priced, to the top of the line components, you can always be certain you're getting the highest reliability and accuracy in sound reproduction for your money.

No mass-market TV, portable radios or kitchen appliances - we concentrate our efforts and abilities exclusively on quality Hi-Fi audio equipment.


  • Sansui HiFi Buyers Guide 1975-1976

    331, 441, 551, 661, 771, 881, 8080, 9090, AU-11000, AU-20000, AU-2200, AU-4400, AU-5500, AU-6600, AU-7700, AU-9900, ES-100, ES-200, ES-30, ES-50, LM-110, LM-220, LM-330, QA-5000, QA-7000, QH-44, QRX-7001, QRX-7500, RA-700, SC-3000, SC-636, SC-737, SH-15, SH-5, SP-1200A, SP-3000A, SP-3500A, SP-5000A, SR-212, SR-313, SR-525, SR-717, SS-10, SS-2, SS-20, SS-35, SS-50, TU-4400, TU-5500, TU-7700, TU-9900

    Year: 1975-1976

  • Sansui HiFi Buyers Guide 1976-1977

    221, 331, 331L, 551, 5050, 6060, 7070, 8080, 9090, AU-11000, AU-20000, AU-2900, AU-3900, AU-4900, AU-5900, AU-6900, AU-7900, AU-9900, BA-3000, BA-5000, CA-3000, CS-3003, ES-200 improved, ES-30, ES-50 improved, FR-1080, FR-5080S, LM-110, LM-220, LM-330, QA-5000, QH-44, QRX-7001, RA-700, SC-2000, SC-2002, SC-3000, SH-15, SH-5, SP-4000A, SP-4500A, SP-5000A, SR-222, SR-525, SR-929, SS-10, SS-100, SS-2, SS-20, SS-35, SS-50, TU-3900, TU-5900, TU-7900, TU-9900

    Year: 1976-1977



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