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Sansui QRX Receivers


Detailing the Range of Sansui Four Channel Receivers.

Many people would say that 4-channel stereo works so well because it has twice the number of speakers to deliver the sounds. The trouble with this logical answer is that it's only partially correct. The fact is that 4-channel sound is not just twice as good as conventional 2-channel stereo. It's infinitely better.

Conventional 2-channel stereo works on the principle that sound coming from the left and right speakers will interact to create the effect of presence missing from monophonic sound reproduction.

The left/right placement can also create the illusion of movement and direction in sound. The one serious drawback to this, however, is that 2-channel illusions are strictly 2-dimensional. They take place only along one flat wall or surface. And all of the sounds are direct, as well, with no ambience or reflected sound depth.

At a live musical concert, or in the midst of a crowd, our ears perceive a multitude of sounds from all directions at once. This is what is called a natural sound field. It has no flat walls since each listener is in the center of his own 360 degree circle of sound, made up of direct and ambient sounds.

This natural sound field can be recreated only by a multi-channel audio system. And that's what 4-channel is and does. It's as simple as a circle of sound and just as perfect.

It's a whole new approach to full realism in reproduced sound and Sansui's new QRX series of 4-channel receivers makes it work to full advantage for you.


QRX-3000, QRX-3500, QRX-5500, QRX-6500



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Reviewed Sep 12th, 2017 by kennystuelke




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