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Sansui QS Regular Matrix

Professional Four Channel Encoding

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Sansui QS Regular Matrix


You can find out for yourself what many record producers have already discovered - that the addition of the simple to set-up Sansui QS encoder will give your albums the latest and most important technological improvement available today.

QS type decoding now called Regular Matrix by Japanese manufacturers, who have adopted it as an industry standard, is acknowledged by the most prominent experts in the audio industry as the most advanced matrix system available. Find out why QS is now referred to as the Discrete Matrix, the one that has so much separation that the listener can't tell the difference between decoded and discrete tapes.

Sansui encoding is fully compatible with two channel playback systems. It's broadcast ready now, and needs no special FCC rulings or spec changes for on the air use. Any FM stereo broadcaster can go quad right now by simply playing Sansui encoded discs at his station.

For the non quad listener, one disc does it all. When he plays back a Sansui encoded disc in conventional, two channel stereo he gets an entirely correct and balanced stereo program. The rear channel sounds are spread outside the two stereo speakers to give an additional depth and realism not possible with some other types of encoding. This means that it is no longer necessary to produce separate two and four channel pressings - one disc does it all.

There's no need to wait for special decoders to hit the market. There are already tens of thousands of QS regular matrix decoders in use in the US and the matrix is compatible with other types of decoders, which will produce a fully acceptable sound field from Sansui encoded material. The total of such decoders in American homes today is over a half million, so your QS regular matrixed records have an enormous, ready-made audience.

The Sansui QS professional encoder is easy to adjust and use. Your company can't afford to delay the decision any longer the decision to get on the quad bandwagon. And the experts agree, QS is the way to go, for now and for the future.



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