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Sansui SP-X11000

4-Way Loudspeaker System

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Sansui SP-X11000


Mastering the art of speaker system design is a science.

The importance of technology is never overemphasized at the expense of craftsmanship and a good ear for good musicality at Sansui.

We are the only Hi-Fi, everything Hi-Fi maker, and the gigantic new SP-X11000 speaker system backs up that proud claim with real earthshaking authority.

There are no fewer than 8 individual drivers deployed in the system. Two of them are specially corrugated 17-inch cone woofers for well-damped, never muddy bass reproduction.

Twin midranges, twin horn tweeters and twin super tweeters contribute presence, texture and clarity over the rest
of the frequency spectrum, reaching far into the supersonics.

Sound definition in every frequency range is so good you'll never mistake a roar for a rumble or a twitter for a tweet.

No bookshelf system can possibly begin to offer the very wide range sound reproduction accuracy and excitement of the
massive Sansui SP-X11000.


Type: 4 way, 8 driver loudspeaker system

Frequency Response: 20Hz to 23kHz

Power Handling: 350W

Crossover Frequency: 1000, 6000, 10000Hz

Impedance: 8Ω

Sensitivity: 102dB

Bass: 2 x 432mm cones

Midrange: 2 x 165mm cones

Tweeter: 2 x horn

Super Tweeter: 2 x 49mm cones

Grille: real wood

Finish: simulated walnut grain

Dimensions: 610 x 968 x 295mm

Weight: 18.6kg



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Reviewed Apr 07th, 2017 by

I just was lucky enough to get a set of this puppies. Matched them to my 9090DB....and OMG!. The soundstage, power, transparency, accuracy, is simply superb. They were made definitively for each other! The more the power , the more the best they sound. The woofers start moving air (you can feel it) over 90 RMS...they are power hungry. The highs and midranges are absolutely accurate and distortion free. The low frequencies are powerful enough to push the air to your chest, legs and it will blow the walls. I rated them 9/10 because the (very) low frequencies are a little weak under 40 Hz...but in my case that is not a problem, since I have a pair of CV! E715 that go easily down to 26 HZ at 400 RMS peak. So the final soundstage is incredible! really happy with my 11000's. Their sound is the closest to the real analogue sound of the great 70's, early 80's and 90's. In particular Vinyl, Reel and cassettes sounds absolutely amazing. In general, music is richer and very enjoyable. THANKS SANSUI !



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