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Sansui T-80

AM/FM Stereo Tuner (1979)

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Sansui T-80


The Sansui T-80 AM/FM stereo tuner cannot drift out of tune because the FM stage has our patented Digitally Quartz-Locked System.

Once you tune and lock the FM station you want on this simple to use system, nothing can cause it to drift. No changes in voltage or fluctuations in frequency of your AC power supply, no sudden changes in temperature or humidity inside the tuner or in the environment. Nothing.

The Sansui patented system in the FM tuning section uses a digital control for its quartz-lock function. A reference (time base) signal from the quartz crystal is used to count frequency from the local oscillator (the device that does the actual tuning). If there are too many or too few digital bits to the count, the difference is converted to a correctional voltage, the local oscillator is told to go back on station, and your station is locked in until you move the tuning knob. If you turn the tuner off, a Re-Lock memory makes sure the station comes back fully locked when you turn it on again - even if you use a pre-set timer clock for recording while you are away.

The big Sansui advantage is that ours is a digital system. Others use an analogue phase comparator with quartz. But it can create radio-frequency signals which leak out, mix with the broadcast frequency you want, and cause degradation in tonal quality. Our digital doesn't.


Type: Mono/Stereo Tuner

Tuning Bands: FM, MW

Tuning Scale: Analogue

FM Tuning Range: 88 to 108 MHz

MW Tuning Range: 530 to 1600 kHz

Sensitivity: 1.9uV (FM), 300uV (MW)

Signal to Noise Ratio: 68dB (FM), 45dB (MW)

Distortion: 0.25% (FM)

Selectivity: 60dB (FM)

Frequency response: 30Hz to 15kHz (FM)

Output: 775mV

Dimensions: 430 x 147 x 251mm

Weight: 4.8kg



Sansui T-80 AM/FM tuner service manual

Many thanks for the service manual. I've checked over my T-80 and it's in perfect working order which is good for a 30 year old tuner. Build quality is good too and performance excellent. It cost me £2 at a car boot sale and it's in mint condition ! I've posted a pic of it in the Sansui gallery.

Regards ...... Howard

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