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  • Sanyo Products 1971-1972

    10-T120U, 10F-821N, 10F-892, 10FA-849Z, 10G-831A, 10GA-826, 10HA-896, 11HA-857NLZ, 13GA-B77, 16HA-861L, 5TC-1U, 6C-337, 8S-719, 8U-725LA, CA-76P, DS-50T, DS-93K, F-8061V, F-8064V, F-8407A, F-8562V, F-8564V, F-8605A, FT-4001, FT-4002, FT-822, FT-880, G-1117AD, G-1317AD, G-1517AD, G-1601NS, G-2312EZ, G-2602EZ, G-2602K, G-2605, HS-804, M-138, M-48M, M-760, M-765E, MR-115, MR-408, MR-410, MR-411, MR-4110E, MR-414, MR-4141, MR-416, MR-58P, MR-60, NBP-01, RP-1711, TH-632

    Year: 1971-1972

  • Sanyo Products 1974-75

    6CA T45, DCA-250, DCA-650, DCX-2000K, DCX-3000KA, DCX-3100K, DCX-3300KA, DCX-4000K, DCX-6000K, DCX-8000K, DXT-5401K, F 8119A, F 8468, F 8588, FSP-07, FSP-401, FSP-81, FSP-856, FT-1100, FT-4020, FT-4021, FT-4022, FT-4023, FT-4026, FT-4027, FT-4028, FT-4030, FT-4033, FT-4034, FT-4060, FT-433, FT-816, FT-819, G-1126, G-1526, G-2219, G-2319N, G-2519, G-2612N, G-2613NK, G-2615N, G-2915NK, GXT-4511H, GXT-4512K, GXT-4514K, GXT-4521H, GXT-4551H, GXT-4615K, GXT-4620K, GXT-4640K, GXT-4650K, GXT-4902K, M-139D4, M-1540X, M-2250, M-2402F, M-2420F, M-2422F, M-2430F, M-2444K, M-2450F, M-2468N, M-2470N, M-2480K, M-2519, M-2522, M-2523, M-2533, M-4230, M-4430F, M-4505, M-5400F, M-9200K, M-9800T, RB-9080, RD-4050, RD-4260, RD-4350, RD-4541M, RD-4545, RD-4600, RD-8450, RD-9600, RM-5020, RM-8401, RP-1150, RP-1250, RP-2704, RP-2710, RP-3118, RP-3357, RP-4450, RP-5150, RP-5330, RP-6000, RP-7331, RP-7411, RP-8251, RP-8300, RP-8550, RP-8700, SPT-1100, STD-110, SX-700, SX-800, SX-801, SX-807, TP-1000, TP-625, TP-700SA, TP-725, TRA-9908, TRC-1200, TRC-2000, TRC-8000

    Year: 1974-75

  • Sanyo Products 1975

    10T-152, 12T-222U, 17T-703, CTP-3201, CTP-4201, CTP-5202, DCA-200, DCX-2000L, DCX-4000L, DCX-6000, DCX-8000, DXT-4540KL, DXT-5500L, FMT-200, G-2612, G-2615, M-2420LE, M-2430, M-2440, M-2450, M-2480, M-2508, M-2522, M-2525, RD-4055, RD-4600, RM-5320, RP-1250, RP-1632, RP-5150, RP-5210, RP-7332, RP-8110, RP-8252, SE-250, SPT-1100, SX-750, SX-807, TP-1000, TP-92, TRC-2000

    Year: 1975

  • Sanyo Products 1978-1979

    Betacord, CTP-1201, CTP-3207, CTP-3208, CTP-4203, CTP-5203, CTP-6212, CTP-6213, CTP-6215, DCA-301, DCA-311, DCA-401, DCA-411, DCA-611, ET-11, F-8088V, F-8703, FMT-301, FMT-401, FMT-611, FSP-82, FT-4060, FT-4310, GXC-7060, GXL-7015, GXT-4580, JCK-2100K, JCX-2250, JCX-2300, JCX-2400, JCX-2600, JCX-2900, M-1700, M-2564, M-2580, M-9930, M-9970, M-9994, RD-401, RD-4028, RD-5030, RD-5055, RD-5270, RD-5600, RD-611, RD-7058, RM-6000, RP-5110, RP-5111, RP-6160, RP-8700, RP-8880, RPM-6800, Rack 11, Rack 5, SP-710, SX-160, SX-170, SX-322, SX-401, SX-422, SX-622, SX-635, System F5, TP-1005, TP-1010, TP-1012, TP-1020, TP-1030, TP-636, VC-1400

    Year: 1978-1979

  • Sanyo Products 1980

    E-310, E-555, E-7, E-70, E-80, MR-034B, MR-034S, MR-1020B, MR-10B, MR-10S, MR-1750, MR-1800B, MR-2200, MR-50S, MR-555R, MR-555S, MR-81B, MR-81S, MR-82B, MR-82S, MR-A100B, MR-A100S, MR-A120, MR-A5LL, MR-G301, MR-G380, MR-TT14S, MR-U33B, MR-U33S, MR-U4 mkIIR, MR-U4B, MR-U4S, MR-V8MB, MR-V8S, MR-X801B, MR-X801S, MR-X850, MR-X910S, MR-X920, RL-1140, RP-01S, RP-02B, RP-02S, RP-1280R, RP-1280W, RP-1390W, RP-1700, RP-2200, RP-5055S, RP-5111B, RP-5111S, RP-6260, RP-O1B, RP-O6S, RPM-03S, RPM-117G, RPM-117WG, RPM-6800B, RPM-6800S, SX-9950

    Year: 1980

  • APC-301, APC-307, CW-1, DCM-955, E-002, E-310, E-55, E-555, E-7, E-70, E-80, HM-2, HM-3, HM-4800, HM-770, HM-8, HM-930, HM-930R, HM-940, HM-960, M-H20, MR-034, MR-1800, MR-2200, MR-333, MR-555, MR-777, MR-88, MR-A100, MR-A120, MR-A5LL, MR-C1, MR-G1, MR-G302, MR-G305, MR-G380, MR-H10, MR-P6, MR-S1, MR-SS1, MR-TT14, MR-U4, MR-U4 mkIII, MR-U4SL, MR-U4SX, MR-V8, MR-X20, MR-X3, MR-X5, MR-X801, MR-X850, MR-X920, PAT-4800 mkII, REM-2, RK-31A, RK-32, RK-35, RK-36, RK-37, RK-38, RK-39, RK-40, RL-1140, RM-5100, RP-01, RP-02, RP-06, RP-1280, RP-1390, RP-1700, RP-2200, RP-5055, RP-5111, RP-6260, RPM-03, RPM-117, TL-50A, WM-20, WM-30, WMR-CM, WMR-D25

    Year: 1981



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Reviewed Sep 22nd, 2012 by SRWilson

Neat little nostalgia trip there. The portable radio with a powerful 4500 mW biamped sound system was notable. As was the all-in-one attache style portable stereo. The one that was AM/FM/cassette/8-track/phono. And ran on batteries. I can't imagine it played too loud, though back then they paired pretty efficient speakers with those things. I have a Panasonic radio/cassette from that era that really cranks!

Over to the higher fi, this was the transition between stereo and 4.0 quadraphonic. They had SQ matrix and I'm sure another matrix setting would do SQ. (While CBS licensed their system to manufacturers, Sansui just about gave theirs away. Not everyone labeled a QS decode as such though.) They didn't license CD-4 from JVC, but had the provision for an external decoder. They had several cassette decks, some with Dolby. Par for the course in this era was an 8-track deck. This looked suspiciously like the Wollensak decks, one of which would later on would be one of the first to include Dolby in a home machine. A reel to reel machine rounds out the lineup. This is the most expensive item in the brochure at 198,000 yen.

They also had products for the home, even a few cookers. These were popular in Japan as Rice cookers. Sony's first product was a rice cooker.

Sanyo. We make (almost) everything.

Thank you for sharing this, it was fun to go over!





I can't find a manual for this system anywhere.

Sanyo catalogue

Nice catalogue, thanks for uploading, but I think its' about 1973-4

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