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Sanyo Video TV HiFi Portable


  • 12T 260U, A-10, CTP-3209, CTP-3242, CTP-4204, CTP-6216, CTP-6217, CTP-6218, CTP-6219, CVP-9200, D-10, DCA-203, DCA-303, DCX-233L, E-800, ET-3510, FMT-203L, FMT-303L, HM-661, JA-2503, LA-42, LA-44, LG-42, M-1150, M-1700, M-2402-2LE, M-2402-3FZ, M-2441, M-2502, M-2511, M-2555LE, M-2564, M-2566E, M-4100, M-4200LU, M-4500, M-5000, M-5850, M-6600, M-7700F, M-7800LE, M-7900, M-9923, M-9930, M-9975, M-9990, M-9998M, M-X820, M-X920L, MA-30/10, MA-30/20, MG-44, Plus A35, Plus C20, Plus C55, Plus D20, Plus D60, Plus D65, Plus D80, Plus E22, Plus E33, Plus N33, Plus N55, Plus P20, Plus P55, Plus Q25, Plus Q40, Plus Q50, Plus Q60, Plus T20, Plus T35, Plus T55, Plus-10, RD-2016, RD-203, RD-2503, RD-303, RD-5015, RD-5503, RD-XM1, RP-1280, RP-1900, RP-5040, RP-5055, RP-5115, RP-5445, RP-6160, RP-6700, RP-7160, RP-7445, RP-8260, RP-M6900, RP-M6950, SPT-1100T, SX-160, SX-170, SX-622, SX-M5500, SX-M8000, Slim 5, System 2016, System 203, System 233, System 303, System 5503, System Mini 10, System Plus 20, System Plus 35, System Plus 55, T-10L, TA-44B, TG-44, TP-1014, TP-1024, TP-20, TPM-2140, TRC-5800, VCC-350P, VCC-545P, VRF-300P, VTC-3000P, VTC-5500P, VTC-9300P

    Year: 1980-1981

  • A-75, C-33LET, C-44LET, CEP-1744, CEP-2144, CEP-2564, CEP-2566TXA, CEP-2864, CEP-2866TXA, CEP-3005K, CEP-3015KV, CEP-3034K, CEP-4046K, CEP-6016KV, CEP-6046K, CP-08, CP-12, CP-6155, CP-7150, CP-75, CPM-1000, DW-38, DW-73, DW-75, E-38, EG-6155, HiFi System 6050, HiFi System 6155, HiFi System 7110, HiFi System W38, HiFi System W40CD, HiFi System W73, HiFi System W75, JA-6050, JA-6115, JA-6125, JA-6155, JA-7110, JJ-P4, JT-6050L, JT-6125L, JT-6155L, JT-7120L, M-1112, M-1120, M-1730F, M-1790F, M-5430, M-9709L, MCD-200L, MCD-500L, MGP-11, MGP-22, MGP-27, MGP-500D, MGP-800D, MGR-150, MGR-62, MGR-77, MGR-850D, MGR-87, MS-30F, MS-350L, MS-450L, MS-500N, MW-166L, MW-170L, MW-227L, MW-255L, MW-703L, P-38, P-73, P-75, RB-73, RB-75, RD-W6050, RD-W6105, RD-W6125, RD-W7110, RM-5008, RM-6400, RP-1280, RP-5065, RP-7161, RP-8800, RPM-C5, SX-1100, SX-330, SX-340, SX-550, SX-660, SX-M38, SX-W40, T-75L, TP-6050, TP-6105, TP-6125, TP-7110, TP-W40, V-38, V-73, VHR-3100G, VHR-3310G, VHR-3700G, VHR-D500G, VM-D1P, WR-66

    Year: 1987-1988



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